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Best Practices in Healthcare Social Media #doctors20


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Do you know best practices in Healthcare Social Media?

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Best Practices in Healthcare Social Media #doctors20

  1. 1. Press Release - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Doctors 2.0 & You to feature Best Practices for Social Media and Apps per Medical Condition, as well as original research pieces. 400 + international attendees to convene in Paris, June 6-7, 2013.Paris, March 7, 2013 - Doctors 2.0™ & You will innovate for its 3rd edition • All Social Media and Web or Mobile Applications will be presented in light of specific disease conditions • Several original research studies in social media will be conducted for the conference. Please answer our new global survey on physician/patients/web. • 1st day parallel sessions offer wide choice. • Crowd-funding campaign through March 18, 2013 is supporting patient travel scholarshipsAccording to Denise Silber, president of Basil Strategies, digital health agency andfounders of the Doctors 2.0 & You conference series, "With Social Media and Mobile Apps,its time to talk about Health in the Present. Everyone knows that digital is here tostay. Our attendees, from all walks of healthcare, need to take home concrete lessons. SoDoctors 2.0 & You will feature clinical experience in real-world conditions, best practices,and research data, on nvarious facets of social media: communities, blogs, web andmobile apps, serious games, big data..."The program to-date includes Cancer and cancer pain, Cardiovascular disease andprevention, Dermatology, Diabetes, Eating Disorders, Epilepsy, Fertility, Family Medicine,IBS and other GI, Kidney, Rare Disease, Rheumatology and Trauma, Thyroid disease,along with medicines and pharmacovigilance.400+ attendees (healthcare professionals and patients, pharma, hospitals,government, payers) will meet at the Cité Universitaire Internationalecampus on the edge of Paris. Live tweeting on #doctors20 hashtag will beensured by chief curators on both days in English, French, and otherlanguages. Stanford Medicine X renews the partnership "Paris to Palo Alto" package, enabling participants at both to get a $500 combined reduction. Says Medicine X founder, Dr Larry Chu, "Doctors 2.0 & You truly carries great potential for the future of healthcare. I am very proud to work closely as partners."The 60 confirmed speakers, Healthcare Social Media and Tech Leaders from Europe,North America, Middle East, and Asia have been selected through an application processincluding input from Doctors 2.0 & You advisors, Dr Berci Mesko and Michael Seres,epatient, both keynotes.
  2. 2. Research undertaken for Doctors 2.0™ & You includes: • ISMOR (Insulin Social Media Original Research) with partner LexisNexis BIS. 200 social media diabetes sources from France and the UK, and in particular, "insulin" are examined in ISMOR. • CVDSM (Cardiovascular Doctors Social Media) with partner Creation Healthcare. Amongst others, CVDSM analyzes conversations online between HCPs mentioning cardiovascular drugs, such as statins, beta-blockers and calcium channel-blockers over the past year. • Research on Doctors 2.0 & You Twitter hashtag #doctors20 twitter visualization techniques will be presented by Symplur, creators of the healthcare hashtag project. • More new data: Renaloo kidney patient association will present results on internet versus non-internet patient users. Pierre & Marie Curie University will present health on the internet in Generation Y. Doctors 2.0 & You will present its own physician patient social media survey...Animations include the Start-up Contest, the Poster / Infographic Contest, Exhibitors,Demos, networking breaks. According to Dr Berci Mesko, chief advisor to Doctors 2.0 & You, "It is essential that patients have their voices heard both on the Internet and at medical conferences such as Doctors 2.0 & You, which is the best in Europe. I cannot waitto return."And Chief Patient Advisor Michael J Seres says "Ive not yet been and already I know thatthis is going to be the best conference in Europe this year. I cant wait to networkwith what promises to be an incredible group of diverse attendees."Keynotes include: Yossi Bahagon, (Israel), Mark Davies (NHS, UK), Berci Mesko(Webicina, HU), Jacques Lucas (Order of Physicians, Fr), Michael Seres (ePatient, UK),Denise Silber, (Basil Strategies), Jurriaan van Rijswijk (Games for Health Europe, Nl)Kerry Sparling (ePatient, SixUntilMe US)....REGISTER HERE NOW.About Doctors 2.0™ & YouDoctors 2.0™ & You, organized by Basil Strategies digital health consultancy, is the onlyinternational congress devoted to the understanding of how physicians use NewTechnologies, Web 2.0 tools, Social Media to communicate with colleagues, patients,payers, pharmaceutical companies, public agencies. The 3rd annual congress will takeplace in Paris on 6-7 June 2013.http://www.doctors20.comAbout Basil StrategiesBasil Strategies is the digital health consultancy, founded by Denise Silber, in Paris,France to help healthcare industries and organizations develop their Digital and SocialMedia strategy and web offering. In 2011, Basil Strategies initiated the Doctors 2.0 & Youconferences, an annual event and a year round movement., +33 1 45 04 58 51