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Living the life electric


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luncheon address for the 2013 Underhill Graduate Student Colloquium at Carleton University

Published in: Education
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Living the life electric

  1. 1. Becoming a Digital Humanist Shawn Graham, Carleton University, @electricarchaeo r_1294/download_1024x768
  2. 2. Excavation of the amphitheatre, Forum Novum, ca 1999.British Museum.Prima Porta Augustus, appearing for some reason on thiswebsite:
  3. 3.  Of course, google has the wrong Shawn Graham listed for my book.
  4. 4. (turns out, there’seven a song aboutliving out of asuitcase,
  5. 5.  What Teaching High School Teaches You
  6. 6.  Postdoc in Roman Archaeology, U Manitoba  ‘We don’t know what you’re doing…. but it sounds cool. So let’s see what happens next!’  Key conferences lead to key moments  Brock – game based learning  RWU – 3 person band, established our own liberal arts college  NCC – heritage inventory of Gatineau Park  It’s possible to eat, if you put enough things together
  7. 7.  1st Digital Humanities Workshop  Turns out, I was a digital humanist  Review of my project by senior figures in the field, advice given, received!  Leads to Electric Archaeology
  8. 8.  No definitions today. However, you might enjoy Elijah Meeks’ presentation, :
  9. 9.  Research blogging, data sharing, open access Builds presence Builds profile Builds contacts Opens your career to serendipity
  10. 10.  Civ IV Teaching HeritageCrowd Things change very fast in the digital world. Documenting what doesn’t work, and why, is of enormous value. Digital work ought to be Public work.
  11. 11.  What will yours be?
  12. 12.  Stop being afraid. Put yourself out there.  Blog.  Tweet.  Share drafts.  Toss ideas out there.  Fail gloriously, Fail in public.
  13. 13.  Let’s do some data mining and find out.
  14. 14.  (but you should also google alt-ac jobs too)
  15. 15.  (explore the corpus for yourself here: )
  16. 16.  Use network analysis to identify the words doing the heavy lifting  Extract all pairs of words, and turn into a network  Fortunately, this is what computers are made for. Look for patterns of similar linkages (ie, identify subnetworks) Look for words that connect the entire corpus together (betweenness centrality)
  17. 17.  Three major groups emerge.  Group 1, with words with highest betweenness scores CSS MODS (Netadata Object Description Schema)PHP XHTMLDigital University LibrariesRuby CLIR (Council on Library and InformationMETS (Metadata encoding and transmission Resources)standard) University of AlbertaUnited States North AmericaPython DrupalMLS (Master of Library Science) XMLNew York MARCMySQL Duke University
  18. 18. Human ResourcesLondon DepartmentUK Computer ScienceCV BCE Head of SchoolDublin Faculty of HumanitiesEurope European University of AmsterdamIreland MAICT ItalyDepartment of DigitalHumanitiesDepartment ofHistory
  19. 19. CRC (Canada Research CanadianChair) Quebec ETCL (Electronic Textual CulturesCanada Laboratory, U Victoria)Waterloo MontrealTEI (Text Encoding ConcordiaInitiative) University of WaterlooSSHRC DHSI (Digital Humanities Summer Institute StratfordVictoria Faculty of ArtsCanada Research Chair Stratford CampusSkypeDigital HumanitiesSummer InstituteUniversity of Victoria
  20. 20.  Technique decomposes each advertisement into a series of 10 bins of constituent words, based on a Bayesian probability Ie, it imagines that if all you had were 10 bins of words, you could write the first advertisement with 40% bin 1, 23 % bin 2, 12 % bin 3, and so on. Thus, each bin represents the constituent ‘topics’ or ‘discourses’ .
  21. 21. . technology learning programs communication education students design based include technologies2. research media studies candidates information university professor faculty candidate interdisciplinary3. research humanities college relevant work post candidate project international successful4. digital library collections university management preservation archives special knowledge standards5. humanities data year html postdoctoral social fellow visualization hastac project6. digital libraries experience development services projects systems web support data7. university digital research graduate teaching humanities program department position english8. experience position work degree required information job years open related9. applications history digital unregistered html converter department version application total10. project skills version converter knowledge ability working html unregistered including
  22. 22.  Get on Twitter. Follow DH’ers whose work intrigues you. Get in touch. Share often, share widely. Don’t be afraid to open the black box and look inside. Learn a couple of techniques. Go to a THATCamp.
  23. 23. It’s a way of looking at the world, the tools we use to do that, and the way those tools affect what we see. So remember: …but….