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Mongol empire WS p1


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world history p1

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Mongol empire WS p1

  1. 1. Mongol Empire Andrew Maryanski
  2. 2. Genghis Khan • Ruthless warrior • Powerful leader • Ruled from 1206-1227
  3. 3. Genghis’ Life • His tough life made him into a warrior • His Mother was kidnapped • Changed his name to Genghis Khan instead of the traditional tribe name
  4. 4. Jin dynasty • Genghis took over north china around 1210 • Pushed farther down into western Asia • Also raided most of eastern Persia
  5. 5. End of Genghis’ Empire • Genghis died in 1227 • Split the land for his 3 sons • Empire crumbled under the sons
  6. 6. After Genghis’ death • The sons invaded Poland and Hungary • Plundered and destroyed Polish cities • Fought against the Templars in Hungary
  7. 7. Mongke Khan • Took over China once again • Took very long • Died during the conquering in 1259
  8. 8. Battle of Ain Jalut • Battle at the southeastern sea of Galilee • Mongols vs. Muslims • They won the battle but weren’t able to travel into Eygpt
  9. 9. Kublai Khan • Grandson of Genghis Khan • Tried to move the capital of Mongolia into Chinese territory • Conquered and destroyed cities
  10. 10. Ariqboke Khan • Brother of Kublia • Tried to steal his power • Wasn’t loyal to the Family
  11. 11. Civil War • Fought between Kublai and Ariqboke • Kublai's army easily defeated Ariqboke’s • Ariqboke’s army rallied to take back the capital in 1259
  12. 12. Campaigns under Kublai • He wanted conquer all of China • He conquered China and was the first non Chinese to rule China • Moved his empire to modern day Beijing
  13. 13. Marco Polo • European explorer • Traveled to Mongolia to observe Asia • Was called a man of lies after explaining all that he saw in Asia
  14. 14. Polo’s gatherings • He came back to Europe with many goods • He came back with things never seen • He brought back the magic black rock (coal)
  15. 15. Polo • He died in 1323 • He was severely ill • He was asked if there was more that he had seen in Asia and he said he didn’t even start saying how much there was