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Docsvault for E-discovery


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Docsvault is an important tool for industries and businesses for E-discovery process.

Docsvault helps you manage, store, retain and analyse documents better so that you are better equipped for litigation, corporate investigations or regulatory inquiries.

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Docsvault for E-discovery

  1. 1. Are you prepared for it?
  2. 2. E-discovery, short for electronic discovery, is theprocess with the help of which litigants find ordiscover and produce documents stored in electronicform in response to litigation, corporate investigationsor regulatory inquiries.
  3. 3. Collection Production Management RecordsAnalysis Identification Preservation Review
  4. 4. Records CollectionGather electronically storedinformation from varioussources such as:•Tapes•Hard drives•Portable storage devices•Networks•Repository•Third party storage providers
  5. 5. Records ManagementA team of professionals thatfully understand the businessand the types of needs thatcan arise in future developand implement an effectiverecords managementprogram that can allow thecompany to meet all e-discovery purposes whilsteliminating all unnecessaryrecords.
  6. 6. Records IdentificationDetermine the scale, depth andspan of electronic records thatmight be needed by identifyingdiscovery purpose. Start with themost important information andfrom there identify the data thatshould be preserved.Consider previous claims anddefenses as well as industry-specific preservation disclosureand discovery demands.
  7. 7. Records ReviewRecords review is an intermittentprocess that needs to be carriedout at set intervals. Whilereviewing, you need to evaluaterecords for relevance, redactionand dispensation.Review process must be done bya person / team that has vastknowledge of the law and in-depth understanding of yourbusiness.
  8. 8. Records PreservationRecords preservation is the mostimportant aspect of e-discovery. Youneed to make sure at all times that allyour electronic records are protectedagainst destruction or alterations.Docsvault provides fine-grained securityto your records so that you can preservethem from tampering, leakage anddestruction.
  9. 9. Records AnalysisAnalysis involves examining relevantsummary information such as keytopics, metadata of records, associatedproperties and people and importantpersonal documents. Analysis needs to bedone only in response tolitigation, corporate investigations orregulatory inquiries and need not be doneon regular basis.Docsvault stores all associated metadataand links that make e-discovery easier.
  10. 10. Records ProductionYou need to produce all your electronicrecords to concerned recipients includingthe law firm, corporate legal departmentor e-discovery service provider. Theserecords can be stored in other systemssuch as automated litigation supportsystem or web–based repository.Electronic records can be produced in theform of CD, DVD, tape, hard drive,portable storage device, paper or otherforms.
  11. 11. Retain records Manage records Identify records•Various import methods •Document profiling •OCR•MS Office integration •Version control •Related documents•Integrated scanning •Email integration •Search by versionRetain records Preserve records Produce records•Automatic import •System level rights •Quick email•Collect folder •Export /import rights •MS Outlook integration•Back-up and restore •Ownership overrides •Remote access
  12. 12. Docsvault can ease e-discovery process for small businesses withthe help of its data record, retention and management features. Contact us Write to us: 501 Scarborough Dr., Suite 375, Egg Harbor Township NJ 08234 Call us on: T 888-819-3035 F 888-819-5965 Email us on: