Legal document management


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Legal Document Management is an easy and smart way to capture, manage, retain and produce documents that helps in collaboration, communication and e-discovery.

Legal document management can help in:

- Saving time and money
- Improving staff performance
- Increasing customer satisfaction
- Preparing for e-discovery
- And much more

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  • Welcome to Docsvault
  • Paper is inevitable for legal industry, but chaos is not. If you find yourself saying no to most of the following questions, it’s about time you make a change. Are your documents easily retrievable? Is your firm prepared for E-discovery request? Does your staff have a hard time looking for information? Are your sensitive documents100% safe? Do you find it easy to manage communication in your firm? Are your clients satisfied with your services?
  • Legal document management is the answer.With Docsvault, you can:Make your documents easily searchablePrepare for continually changing regulatory environmentSpeed up e-discovery requestsMake all your documents easily accessible for authorized usersManage communication and collaboration effectively
  • Docsvault has all the essential features that legal firms need to manage their documents. With Docsvault features like integrated scanning, MS Office integration, quick search, version control, audit trail, document profiling and simple workflow, legal firms can: Save time and efforts Manage users and documents And improve staff performance and customer services
  • Whether you want to import files from MS office applications, scan paper files, view the audit log, version history or add tags to your documents, Docsvault’s simple interface makes it a breeze to perform routine tasks.
  • There are many benefits of using Docsvault. All these benefits means that:Your sensitive documents will be safe and secureYou will save money in terms of increased productivity and low overhead costsYour clients will be happier You will finally be able to go Paperless like thousands of law firms around you!
  • Docsvault can also allow you to follow all e-discovery processes like, capturing, managing, monitoring, retaining, securing and producing records.
  • We take pride in our affordable pricing and excellent support. For just $525, there is no reason to not implement a document management system in your firm any more.
  • Docsvault is used in over 3000 firms across the globe and is considered to be the most highly favored software in legal industry.
  • Contact us now to find out more about our legal document management software.
  • Legal document management

    1. 1. Document Management Solution for Legal Industry
    2. 2. • It is it difficult to find documents on time• Not prepared for e-discovery request or to meet regulatory compliance• Staff waste a lot of billable time just looking for information• Sensitive documents are at risk• Internal and external communication is slow and unorganized• Clients are not happy
    3. 3. Legal document management is the solutionLegal Document Management System is a smart way to managerecords, documents, emails and more in an easy and quick way.Docsvault is a leading provider of document management solutions andservices to law firms. It helps in: Document management E-discovery preparedness Document collaboration Faster communication And much more
    4. 4. User-group based security Refined search Version history Audit trail Direct import OCR Prevent unauthorized export MS Office Integration Drag and drop files Checkin / Checkout Active directory integration Quick email Folder template and sorting Integrated scanning Document Profiling Remote access Full text search PDF editor Version control Docsvault PDF Printer Document relations Windows Explorer Integration Email notification & alerts Backup and restore Concurrent Access with Overwrite Protection Time and efforts with Documents and users with Customer satisfaction and features like: features such as: employee productivity:• Integrated scanning & OCR • Version control • Document profiling• MS office and Windows • Folder template • Remote access integration, • Document relations • Quick email• Super-fast search • PDF creator & editor • Document routing• PDF editor • Overwrite protection • Task allocation
    5. 5. Audit trailBreeze-through scanning Document profiling Version control MS Office Integration
    6. 6. i. Integrated scanning and OCR add-on to make your digitized paper files instantly searchableii. Fine-grained security to keep your sensitive documents safeiii. Windows integration to make it simple and easy to use Docsvaultiv. Enhanced search tools to find what you need in secondsv. Folder sorting and folder templates to organize your data neatlyvi. Quick email and Outlook integration for quick sharing and communicationvii. Automatic back up to protect your data from external threats and preserve them for e- discovery purposeviii. Tags and profiling to keep your documents organized and data retrievableix. Easy import methods like Import button in Docsvault, drag and drop files and Windows Files Open/Save Asx. Track activities on all documents using tools like audit trail
    7. 7. Capture records Manage records Monitor records•Various import methods •Document profiling •Audit trail•MS Office integration •Version control •Email alerts & notifications•Integrated scanning •Email integration •Document reminderRetain records Secure records Produce records•Automatic import •System level rights •Comprehensive search•Email archiving •Export /import rights •Quick email•Automatic backup •Ownership overrides •Export to CD/DVD
    8. 8. Docsvault Small Business Edition Pricing 3 users $525* 5+ users $150/user Optical Character Recognition Add-on $399 Maintenance Subscription: Standard @ 15% annually Premium @ 20% annually Remote Installation Online support Online demo •Full installation of components Offline support •Ensure full functionality Knowledgebase Remote Training Remote log in Help manuals •Start up (Interface)Telephone support •Introduction to features Tutorials •Familiarization with functions
    9. 9. Get in touch!Write to us: 501 Scarborough Dr., Suite 375, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234Call us on: T 888-819-3035 / F 888-819-5965 Email us on: