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Portfolio Web Developer


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Web Developer Sergio Enrique Vargas Garcia

Published in: Career
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Portfolio Web Developer

  2. 2. NEWLYWISHES.COM I designed all the web structure, working on the Symfony2 Framework, using different tools as Twitter's Bootstrap, Twig, Doctrine, jQuery, etc. I delegated work to the system administrators, front-end and back-end developers.
  3. 3. ALMOMENTO.MX The Mexican Information Agency News “Al Momento” a member of the Information Gathering Group, offers integral news services in three formats: text, audio and video, in a timely and accurate manner. It is based on Wordpress, using Bootstrap 3.0, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, less and PHP.
  4. 4. AGARTI.COM.MX Agarti is a full webpage that I developed on the CMS/Framework Zikula (Just like Drupal or Joomla, but more customizable by a backend developer). So I could made the plugins the customer wanted. Those consist of two modules that can make work a system that shows a catalg such as an ecommerce store and with the option that in order that the customer want to know the price of a producto, the webpage shows a small form that ask for the user and mail so the can recibe news and offers if they accept the terms. The page was developed on Zikula, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, Google Analytics, Smarty template engine, MySQL. Now we are updating the page, and it will work on the Framework Symfony with PHP, Twitter's Bootstrap, HTML5, CoffeScript->Javascript, LESS->CSS3, Doctrine ORM->MySQL, jQuery, Twig template engine, YAML.
  5. 5. MSPMOVIL.COM It is a complete webpage I built on Wordpress with a Theme based on Twitter's Bootstrap Framework, using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript-jQuery. The customer wanted a realtime chat, so I used the Zopim API to implement it. Many pages are full customizables powerd by a plugin that I developed in PHP. The all page has Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and recibe feedback from Google Analytics. This is a big mexican company that offers mobile devices to recibe orders from shops or check stock, also develop mobile software, and has many customers such as Nokia, Roshfrans, Café Punta del Cielo, Telcel, IBM.
  6. 6. PARTYGIFT This is a new webpage I am working on, it is going to be built on the Symfony2 framework using tools like Doctrine ORM and Twig template engine. I am using the same reusable bundles (plugins) that I coded for NewlyWishes.
  7. 7. SERGIOENRIQUE.COM Please visit my website for more information and contact.