IKKIR Foundation Newsletter July 2012


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IKKIR Foundation Newsletter July 2012

  1. 1. 818.482.1824 IKKIR FOUNDATION TODAYIKKIR Foundation IKKIR Foundation July 2012 IKKIR Foundation July 2012 Volume 1, Issue 1 IKKIR FOUNDATION IKKIR (INSPIRATION- KINDNESS- FOR-KIDS-WITH- INFORMATIONAL-RESOURCES) WAS ESTABLISHED TOPROVIDE ASSISTANCE AND RESOURCES TO TEENS ABOUT SUICIDE, SUICIDE PREVEN-TION, AND OTHER SPECIALIZED INFORMATION. OUR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION PRO- VIDES INFORMATION SPECIFIC TO TEEN SUI- CIDE PREVENTION PRO- GRAMS AND AGENCIES THAT HELP TEENS AT- RISK. IKKIR SPONSORS OTHER FOUNDATIONS, ORGANIZATIONS AND SCHOOLS TO PROVIDE INSIDE THIS ISSUE SUICIDE AWARENESS AND IKKIR Foundation ............................ ...1 PREVENTION. WE CARE How IKKIR Emerged ....................... ...1 Suicide Reactions……………….………….2 Fundraising....................................... ..2 Scholarships………………………………...2 Depression…………………………………...3 Warning Signs…...…………….…………..3 Suicide and Race……………….…...…....3HOW IKKIR FOUNDATION EMERGED Counseling …..………..……………...…...4IKKIR Foundation emerged from the love of an Aunt for her niece. This foundation is established Suicide Awareness………………………...4to deal with the devastation, pain and guilt SUICIDE SURVIVORS feel who lose someone due to Schools………………………………………...4SUICIDE. The name IKKIR Foundation was inspired by Rikki’ and by her voice, laughter, joy and How to Cope with Stress..…….………...5light she brought into my life. A Story of Survival……..…………..….…. 5Her light continues to shine brightly as we bring AWARENESS to DEPRESSION AND SUICIDE. You are Not Alone……………….………...6Rikki’s legacy continues as we strive to bring inspiration and testament of what true love and life- Special Points of Interestlong commitment to helping others can do. This single act is in honor of Rikki’ who was a helper to  IKKIR FOUNDATIONpeople who were in need. She was selfless. Rikki’ suffered from depression.  WHAT WE DOIKKIR Foundation ADVOCATES for teenagers who are at-risk of SEVERE DEPRESSION, or SUI-CIDAL or AT-RISK. The site is also for suicide SURVIVORS, families who are dealing with the loss  DONATIONSof a loved one resulting in SUICIDE, and to promote SUICIDE AWARENESS, TEEN SUICIDE  SPONSORSPREVENTION, and help AT-RISK YOUTH. For more information and DONATIONS, visit ourwebsite at www.ikkirfoundation.org.  PARTNERSHIPS
  2. 2. IKKIRFOUNDATION.ORG SUICIDE REACTIONS: WHAT WE KNOW. There are many reasons why someone questions. Save a life or your life today would commit suicide. Some people may and ask for help. Tell a friend, family feel that it is unlikely that a friend, family member, pastor, counselor, doctor, psy- member, or classmate would commit sui- chiatrist or professional. You can also call cide. Even when the suicidal person has the suicide hotlines on our website or mentioned it or made intimations about other websites available. Whatever you do committing suicide, one should be aware seek help. Help is just a phone call or of the consequences. If you or someone prayer away. You are not alone even when you know tells you they want to or plan to you feel alone. There are people who care commit suicide, you should contact a pro- and want to help. fessional or suicide hotline immediately. Call us today or visit our website at: Do not underestimate or think the person is not serious. Even when the person is WWW.IKKIRFOUNDATION.ORG seemingly an easy-going outspoken or lawree29@ikkirfoundation.org happy-go-lucky, take the extra step to ask“Some people may feel that it is unlikely that a friend, family member orclassmate would commit suicide.” IKKIR TODAYWe are establishing local and nation- FUNDRAISINGal networks in addition to providingresources, educational materials, Today, we are searching for ideas to help raise funds to support our cause. IKKIRfundraisers and educational materi- Foundation will be working with various organizations, churches, schools, groups and organizations.als. We help at-risk teens and fami-lies of teenagers who committed Funds will be used to help support our Internet radio station, website, and scholar-suicide. ships for the at-risk youth who want to attend college.The goal is to provide suicide pre- We are an online resource for the community and local organizations. We are a non-vention and awareness to the com- profit organization and therefore all funds are through donation. We are looking formunity through education, re- sponsors who support our vision.sources, shared partnerships andschools. These funds will help at-risk teens between the ages of 14-18 receive scholarships. We network with organizations who share our vision.For more information about ourorganization please visit our website: SCHOLARSHIPS www.ikkirfoundation.org Lawree29@dpolegal.com IKKIR Foundation Scholarships was established to help businesses, organizations, groups, and individuals who share our dream of sending teenagers to college. We want to help well-deserved teens realize their dream of education through arts, entertainment and special interests related to our organi- zation. Many teens have a dream of attending college like Rikki’. She never re- alized her dream. This organization will support the dreams of other teens. It is our goal to keep Rikki’s spirit alive by helping others based on our organizational directives, purpose, and vision.2 LAWREE29@IKKIRFOUNDATION
  3. 3. DEPRESSION LAWREE29@IKKIRFOUNDATION.ORG I It is important to recognize the symptoms of depression. For many, depression can be seen as just a casual word, while for others it is much more. The American Psycho- logical Association (2007), describes depression as dysphonia, and varies in severity from a fluctuating mood to extreme feelings of sadness, pessi- mism, and despondency. Blaff (1995) posits that perfectionism as a cause for depression and suicidal behav- iors. Many people who experience depres- sion may seem okay on the outside (happy on the outside) and may even show feelings of exuberance. Howev- er, recognizing these behaviors early in teenagers and seeking counseling, care of a doctor is also recommended in extreme or severe cases. Extreme cases of depression can lead to sui- cidal ideations and ultimately suicide if unrecognized or left untreated. LDN-2012 For More Information Please Go to Our Website : WWW.IKKIRFOUNDATION.ORGCounseling and Referrals for Teens 818.482.1824There are many reasons why someone would commit suicide. Some people may feel that itis unlikely that a friend, family member, or classmate would commit suicide even when theperson has mentioned or made intimations about committing suicide. If you or someoneyou know tells you they are planning or want to commit suicide, you should immediatelycontact a professional or suicide hotline.Do not underestimate or think the person is not serious. The person could seem cheerful,outgoing, or outspoken. Save a life, or seek help today. Tell a friend, family member, pas-tor, school counselor, doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, or professional.You can also call the Suicide Prevention Hotline or visit our website for additional re-sources. Whatever you do seek help immediately. Help is just a prayer or phone call away.YOU ARE NOT ALONE even when you feel alone. WE CARE and want to help.Call us today or visit our website at:WWW.IKKIRFOUNDATION.ORGlawree29@ikkirfoundation.orgSUICIDE CROSSES ALL RACES, GENDER, AND ETH-INICITIES.Unfortunately I am a two-time suicide survivor. My dear neighbor committed suicide as ateenager. I remember asking similar questions after losing Rikki’ “How could this hap-pen?” Why did this happen to him? “He seemed so happy? “How can a person commitsuicide who is seemingly happy?I was often compelled to pay respect to my friend whenever I would visit my family. Onone occasion, Rikki’ was with me. She seemed completely at ease with her headphones onand music playing. I would check to see if she was okay and find her smiling and walkingalongside me. Afterwards, I jokingly asked her to promise to lay flowers for me when the LAWREE29@IKKIRFOUNDATION.ORGtime came. I provided details about how I wanted to be laid to rest. We both loved flow-ers. In 2000, I eulogized my baby girl at the tender age of 14. 3
  4. 4. LBGT YOUTH COUNSELINGTeen suicide is a very serious Resources and counseling services are to seek help. From depression, anxiety,problem; particularly among available for families, teens, schools and and other related behaviors. IKKIR willLesbian, Bi-Sexual, Gay, and through the IKKIR website. IKKIR Foun- work with these groups and create aware-Transgender (LBGT) teenagers. dation provides resources, hotline num- ness through networks, groups and otherWhether it happens to a family bers, and listings for counselors, psycholo- organizations to provide the help andmember or unknown person, the gists and websites to help teenagers who assistance teens need to be safe and pro-effect is significant and impacts at risk for suicide or other at-risk behav- ductive in society. Help is available andevery gender, socio-economic iors. only a phone call away.status, culture and ethnicity. Sometimes culture can impact the way For more information about our organiza-Suicide is particularly higher individuals seek help. Some people may tion, please visit our website or call.among lesbian, gay, and bi- feel that counseling will not help. Howev-sexual youth (SPRC), and much er, if an individual does not get help, it ishigher for transgender youth. during these times that the risk of suicideEfforts to help reduce these rates or other negative behaviors factor in.are critical and must be ad- It is the goal of IKKIR Foundation to workdressed. Partnerships, groups with organizations, agencies and otherand organizations can help keep foundations to provide invaluable re-the issue on the forefront. sources and awareness to those who do IKKIR Foundation-You are not alone.Suicide is difficult to deal with not have exposure to information on howand to discuss but is very neces-sary based on the rise in suiciderates among teenagers. SUICIDE AWARENESSStatistical data, resources andhealthcare is available to help IKKIR wants to help families, children, and awareness to the local and global communi-teens and young adults between ties about suicide. Suicide is a topic that many people do not want to discuss. However,the ages of 15 and 24 (SPRC, parents, children, and schools need to be aware of the psychological help and organiza-2012). tional resources in addition to counseling to help teens. Subsequent speakers, webinars, and other preventive services are available to them The goal is to provide a resource website that connects with other websites and organizations to provide up-to-date information available. Hotlines, resources and help is only a click or phone call away. We welcome all organizations to join together to help fight suicide and prevent at-risk behaviors. Public awareness, information and donations help us spread the word and to protect our youth. Help us by making a donation today. SCHOOLS It makes sense to educate the public, community, and the world about the dangers of teen suicide. One only needs to look in the paper to find an increase in reports of suicide. The reasons can range from depression to bullying. Suicide affects everyone. Studies on teenage suicide, issues, and problems with adjustment are a major concern and growing problem (Durlak, 1995; Glidewell, & Swallow, 1969), with reports as far back as far as 1910. So it makes sense to provide awareness, education and resources to prevent this problem. Schools are where children learn how to socialize, devel- op, create ideas, and solve problems. Health, education, and suicide prevention and aware- ness through various programs can get the message out there. Suicide prevention program, health and sex education, suicide prevention programs, drink- ing and driving, drug prevention and other programs can help (Lee Naars & Wenck, Stern, 1999). But they cannot do it alone and prevention and awareness can help. It is impossible for healthcare systems and other organizations to meet the needs of every youth (Durlak, 1995). About 30 percent of teens seek mental help.4
  5. 5. HOW TO COPE WITH STRESSStress can affect anyone.According to psychologists, stress is a part of life. There is good and bad stress. The im-portant thing is that stress can kill. Stress can come from anything from anxiety to severeforms of stress such as panic attacks, heart palpitations or other symptoms.Most people deal with stress and have no real issues, while for others the feelings aremore extreme and they may need help. Insomnia, depression and emotional problemsrequire the individual to seek counseling from a psychiatrist, psychologist, pastor, orother qualified individual as symptoms could exacerbate.Moreover, multi-tasking is sometimes overrated. It is important during extreme times ofstress to get off of the “roller coaster or hamster wheel.” It is okay to turn off the tele-phone, computer, radio, and other distractions and take a break. Sometimes doing some-thing you love to do, laughter, prayer, meditation, talking with friends can reduce thelower levels of stress and anxiety.“It is important during extreme times of stress to get off of the “rollercoaster” or hamster wheel.”HIV/AIDS: A STORY OF SURVIVAL“This is a story of survival and the a grandmother. I am still here to do God’sdetermination to keep going in life will.in spite of the odds or negative cir- My Life Today.cumstances.” IKKIR PRESENTS: Sometimes I feel alone/lonesome just meTo Live and Not Die, WHY? and God. I no longer ask why? I now askMy Story “Lord, what should I do? I want all that God has kept me through to be used forI am a survivor, a Sista Soldier in God’s his intended purpose.army, a mother and community activist. Ihave raised 3 children with and without Stigma. Should I Be Open About It?fathers. I am an adult child of an alcoholic Being transparent does bother me becausefamily of domestic violence. I experienced of the stigma misinformation and igno-a miscarriage and had several abortions. I rance. However, my story must be toldam a victim of incest and rape. I have been and is bigger than me.homeless, on drugs and alcohol and pills.Last year, I survived 2 fires and several Hopefully, I will be able to educate otherscar accidents. I have been married four and tell them that you too can live and nottimes; two times to the same man. Two of die. I would also like for people to knowmy children’s fathers are dead. that knowledge is powerful. Ultimately, I am A Sista Standn Strong for God’s Glory.I am VICTORIOUS, an educator of life, acommunicator, mentor, friend, wife, and Stigma means, a mark a token of infamy,motivator. disgrace, or reproach, a mark burned into the skin. I am a child of Christ Jesus, andInspire Others not a stigma. What the devil meant for badI am a 16 year survivor of what is termed is for God’s Glory. You too can Live, soas a terminal condition (HIV). But I decid- choose Life.ed to live and not die. Others have died A Sista Standn Strongthat I am sure. I told myself God did notgive me my daughter to take me awayfrom her. She is my reason for living. Both 5she and God. So 16 years later, here I am,
  6. 6. YOU ARE NOT ALONE  At-Risk TeensIKKIR FOUNDATION  Educational Programs  Elder AbuseThe mission of our organiza-  Child Abusetion is to help at-risk teens  Children with Disabilitiesrealize their goals and to pro-  Hearing Impaired Persons and Groupsvide assistance, resources  LBGT Teens, Awareness, Education, Programs, and Groupsthrough prevention and aware-  Mentoring Programsness. We Are Here to Help.  Networks and Resources  Other Non-Profit Groups and Organizations  Resources for the Elderly and Children  Teen Detention Organizations and Programs  Teen Suicide, Prevention, Awareness, Education, Programs, Hotlines and Groups  The Anti-Poverty Task Force: daily food distribution, second hand store  The Childrens Task Force: supporting LBGT awareness, groups, information, resources, anti-bullying prevention pro- grams and campaigns The HIV Task Force: HIV counseling and self-help groups. LAWREE29@ IKKIRFOUNDATION.ORG IKKIR Foundation.org WWW. IKKIRFOUNDATION.ORG IKKIR Foundation Glendale, CA 91203 PLEASE PLACE www.ikkirfoundation.org STAMP HERE Phone: 818.482.1824 Fax: 818.409.9345 E-mail: lawree29@ikkirfoundation.org lawree29@dpolegal.com dpolegal@gmail.com IKKIR LAWREE29@ IKKIRFOUNDATION.ORG IKKIR Foundation Glendale, CA 91203 Laurie Dean-Newton, PhDc, CEO www.ikkirfoundation.org