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DPOLegal Newsletter July 2012

  1. 1.  PARALEGAL FOCUS.... .. 1 IS SU E 4 V OL UM E 1 Jul y 2012  G ETTINGTHE MOST OUT OF YOUR PARALEGAL EXPERI- ENCE……………………... 2  DPOL EGAL FEATURES ALUMNI PARALEGAL ….….. 3 Paralegal  IS HOUSEWORK REALLY WORK? ………………….. 4  FEATURED focus P ARALEGAL……………... 5AD D R ESSING T H E NEED S OF AT T ON EYS, B U SIN E SS-ES,IN D IVIDU AL S, AND GR OU PS FO R A SEC U RE F UT UR E .Dean Professional Offices is an attorney-assisted paralegal businesswhich has been around for more than 20 years. The company iscommitted to reposition itself for the future using technology.Helping you achieveyour legal andbusiness goals818.482.1824818.409.9345dpolegal@gmail.comdeanprofessionaloffices.comDPOLegal.com LEGAL WATCH Check out our new website for more legal updates and information about our paralegal and business consulting services. We also have a new online radio station on Spreaker.com . Find us on the “DPOLegal Live Show “ @Doclaw29. We are looking for donations from sponsors to keep our show online. DPOLegal now presents the Ikkir Foundation. For more information about donations, our ser- vices and radio show and “Like” us on Facebook @DPOLegal or ONLINE at www.deanprofessionaloffices.com and www.dpolegal.com and www.ikkirfoundation.org
  2. 2. Getting the most from PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: your paralegal DPOLegal experience. DPOLegal Live Dean Professional Offices Presents DPOLegal DPOLegal is an extension of ment and promotional oppor- Dean Professional Offices and tunities, employee listings, provides additional services to networks, good news, PCC clients online. Legal news, Alumni “DPOLEGAL IS AN EXTENSIONDPOLegal and Dean Profession- This service is articles, network- provided to OF DEAN PROFESSIONAL ing, events, groups, For More Information aboutal Offices provides fast, efficient existing and OFFICES” organizations, moti- DPOLegal, visit us online atlow cost professional paralegal new clients vational materials DPOLEGAL.COM or dpole-services to our clients. We be- LAURIE DEAN-NEWTON, PHDC and customers and information gal@gmail.com. DPOLegal islieve it is the relationships that as a way to used to promote established to provide legal,we build with clients which has connect and receive the same our businesses, partnerships educational resources, net-kept us around for more than 20 or similar services but in a and philanthropic events and works and projects.years. We also provide FREECONSULTATIONS and FREE more convenient and practical opportunities. Our goal is toATTORNEY REFERRALS to way. We provide 24 hour ser- expose our paralegals to aour clients. WE ARE NOT vice and schedule by appoint- professional and academicATTORNEYS and DO NOT ment only. Our new services environment for growth andGIVE LEGAL ADVICE. Give includes advertising for new professional job searches andus a CALL TODAY!!! businesses, paralegal employ- networking.
  3. 3. Paralegal Alumni PROFESSIONAL Dean Professional Offices Presents SERVICES: VARDAN STEPANYAN Featured Alumni www.deanprofessionaloffices.com Association. All those years in Many foreign educated attor- the Paralegal Program were neys like me who attempt to great experience for me. Each land a job in the United States class was very motivating, and each year face great challeng- at the same time, extremely es. At the be- competitive. In addi- ginning it’s “In the Beginning it was tion, staff members really hard to Hard to Adapt to the were very support- Vardan Stepanyan For More Information about our adapt to the Legal Environment” ive. Especially, Pro- Paralegal services, and paralegals, visit legal environ- fessor, Laurie Dean- us online at deanprofession- ment. But Vardan Stepanyan Newton who teachesDPOLegal features professional aloffices.com. We provide fast, having a Legal 150. I tookand novice PCC Alumni and Busi- efficient, and low-cost services fixed goal and her class at the endness Professionals. We provide to our clients. We are commit- persistence help make the of the program. She helped meprofessional networking and sup- ted to offering you low-cost transition less stressful. prepare for interviews and toport to paralegals, attorneys and professional paralegal and When I came to California, I prepare a professional resume.local businesses. We believe in business consulting services. made a decision to continue She also taught me how toestablishing and building long- This is why we have been in pursuing my carrier in the approach legal issues and toterm, professional business rela- business for more than 20 legal field. In 2004, I was ad- find proper solutions. Besidestionships. We are now providing years! mitted to Pasadena City Col- being a Professor at the Col-external and internal business lege, an ABA Approved Para- lege, she is an experiencedconsulting to our clients. We also legal Program. Once I started professional. I recommendprovide FREE CONSULTA- attending the classes, I real- taking her class. At the end, ITIONS and ATTORNEY ized that I made the right want to mention that choosingREFERRALS. choice. Pasadena City College the right school/program is a gave me an option not only to really important step in a per- complete the Paralegal Pro- son’s professional carrier. I gram, but to also obtain my chose the Pasadena City Col- AA degree. In the beginning I lege Paralegal Program and I thought it would be really can assure you that it is one of hard. But after a couple of the best programs in Southern months I began to notice that I California. was enjoying the program. Later, I started attending para- Vardan Stepanyan legal association meetings, Paralegal Professional and soon got elected as the President of the Paralegal
  4. 4. DPOLegal PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Is Housework Really Work? As I have grown into moth- good children. That is the ON HOUSEWORK erhood, I realized that this hard part. Cooking is a career within itself. I healthy food, making also realized that no formal sure they are emotional- education could prepare me ly and physically satis- for this job. However, this fied, health, exercise, job can prepare me for positive energy, cleanli- many jobs in the future ness and safety just to such as finance, schedul- name a few. This is con- ing, and even nursing. Pa- sidered the easy part, tience, management, and Honestly. I decided to multitasking has now be- put earning money and For More Information about our come a part of me. I hear earning a degree aside services, and paralegals, or to many working moms say for now. Sure, If I work, learn more about DPOLegal, “I do the same things,” and I will make more money visit us online at deanprofes- “I to eat out, buy sionaloffices.com, or dpole- Brian and Alisa Alverdian work.” I “I REALIZED THAT MOTHER- myself many nice gal.com. We provide fast, effi- DPOLegal want to HOOD IS ALSO A CAREER” things. I want to cient, and low-cost services toIs Housework Considered Work? correct ALISA ALVERDIAN clarify that some our clients. We are committedOftentimes students and other professionals them moms have to to offering you low-cost profes-believe that housework is not really work. Is because work and just be- sional paralegal and businesshousework considered work? What does a the time that they spend at cause moms work does not consulting services. This is thehousewife or househusband do at home that work outside of the home, I mean they would rather reason why we have been incompares to the workplace? DPOLegal will spend inside changing dia- make money or have nicer business for more than 20discuss the topic with Alisa. pers, and so on. Sure, when things. They have to work years! they get home, they take to support the family. I their duty as an “unpaid have been lucky that I can employee.” But until they stay at home and live a stay at home, some do not somewhat decent life. I understand that it is a simi- want to spend my time and lar job. The hard part about energy in raising my chil- raising children, is that you dren. dont want to “mess up.” You have to raise them Alisa is a business profes- right, and provide good sional, wife and mother to values. Good values such two children. as being good citizens, hu- man beings, and overall, Call Us For Paralegal Placement Notifications or Ad Space Dean Professional Offices DPOLegal deanprofessionaloffices.com lawree29@deanprofessionaloffices.com dpolegal@gmail.com 818.482.1824 (c) 818.409.9345 (o)
  5. 5. Featured PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Paralegals July 2012 Featured Dean Professional Offices Presents Paralegal After living in different decided to concentrate on countries and being ex- my education. Soon I posed to various languages, earned an AA in Business cultures, laws, people, etc., Administration at Glendale you come to one conclu- Community College in sion; “positivity, hope and 2010, earned my ABA Par- faith are the values of a alegal Studies Certificate at For More Information about our survivor, and key for suc- Pasadena City College in cess in life.” Most of all, it 2011, and became a Notary services, and paralegals, or to is the hard work that really Public, and also earned an learn more about DPOLegal, pays off. While raising my AS degree in Paralegal visit us online at deanprofes- two chil- Studies this year. sionaloffices.com, or dpole- “POSITIVITY, FAITH AND Violette Hovsepian dren, Working in Legal gal.com. We provide fast, effi- Notary Public and tak- HOPE ARE VALUES OF A field and studying cient, and low-cost services to ing one SURVIVOR” law helped me real- our clients. We are committed class at a VIOLETTE HOVSEPIAN ize that law school is to offering you low-cost profes- DPOLegal time, I only a few steps sional paralegal and business Positivity, Faith, Hope and Values started an Independent In- away. Meanwhile, I will consulting services. This is the Oftentimes students and others be- terpreting and Translating use my experience, de- reason why we have been in lieve that being a mother is not diffi- business. As a result, I es- grees, and training, I would business for more than 20 cult or work. Is motherhood consid- tablished great working like to either start a new years! ered work? What does a mother and relationship with various business, or find a suitable wife do that compares to working in law firms, companies, and position with a reputable an office or other work environment? governmental agencies. law firm or organization. DPOLegal discusses the topic with Over the years, I have Violette. worked in legal, medical, Violette is a Notary Pub- and numerous other fields. lic and ABA Approved This continuous exposure Paralegal Professional lead to my interest in law. My daughter got accepted into UC Berkeley and my son also plans to attend Berkeley in the future. I tooDean Professional Offices DPOLegal deanprofessionaloffices.com lawree29@deanprofessionaloffices.com dpolegal@gmail.com 818.482.1824 (c) 818.409.9345 (o)