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Android alarm clock docks


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Top5 Android alarm clock docking stations. Here I have listed the best android alarm clock docking station currently available at market.

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Android alarm clock docks

  1. 1. TOP5 Android Alarm Clock Docks
  2. 2. 5. DOK CR34
  3. 3. DOK CR34 ● ● ● ● ● Can charge 6 devices at the same time, and hold 3 devices while charging Can charge both android and Apple devices Have build in speakers, digital clock with alarm clock function and fm radio Has got cable organizer to help you hide all unused cables Has got AUX cable, so you can listen to music from your smart device
  4. 4. 4. RCA RC117V
  5. 5. RCA RC117V ● Easy to use cable storage spools beneath the device holder tray. ● Snooze and graduwake modes. ● Two USB charger ports.
  6. 6. 3. iHome iC50BY
  7. 7. iHome iC50BY ● Cheap ● Large clock screen ● Option to change USB and audio cables ● Option to set daylight savings time ● Great loudspeakers ● Option to dim display down
  8. 8. 2. RCA RCD215
  9. 9. RCA RCD215 ● Adjustable LCD display brightness ● Dual alarm, snooze options ● Multifunctional design ● Amazing design ● You can use alarm without Phone ● Adjustable volume
  10. 10. 1. Philips AS111
  11. 11. Philips AS111 ● Cheap price ● Well built ● Good, clear sound quality ● Adjustable micro USB connector ● Bluetooth audio streaming ● Easy to setup and use
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