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State of Builder and Buildkit by Tonis Tiigi (Docker)


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"Overview of the new advancements added to Docker's builder feature in the newest releases and how to use these features to make your build jobs more powerful and efficient. Going to cover multi-stage builds, new dependency model, new performance features, added Dockerfile features etc.

Dive into the new buildkit architecture developed as part of the Moby project and the base for the future of `docker build`. Learn about how to start playing around with buildkit today and what kind of capabilities the new architecture exposes."

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State of Builder and Buildkit by Tonis Tiigi (Docker)

  1. 1. BuildKit
  2. 2. • Toolkit for building software • Open Source development • Based on containerd/OCI BuildKit
  3. 3. Improve: • Development experience • Builder capabilities • Execution efficiency • Pluggability New low-level architecture
  4. 4. • Fully concurrent solver • Real dependency graph • New intermediate format (LLB) Concurrency Source Exec Nested Build Copy LLB operation types: op op op op op op op op op op op op op result op op op op op op opop op
  5. 5. • New caching model • Much more accurate • Both definition and content based • Capable of import/export from remote sources Build cache
  6. 6. • Automatic build cache GC • Simple view and control of used data • Results need to be exported to guarantee persistence Storage management
  7. 7. LLB • concurrent execution • instruction caching • automatic storage management • cache import/export • tbd: remote workers Frontends • Dockerfile • … Exporters • image • local files • oci image • oci bundle • vm • registry • …
  8. 8. demo
  9. 9. • Helpers for defining LLB state • Uses chaining model • Any part of the chain can be marshaled to LLB LLB client package vtx := llb.Image(“alpine:latest"). AddEnv("FOO", "BAR"). Dir("/dir"). Run(llb.Shlex("ls -l"), llb.AddEnv("key", “val")) dt, err := vtx.Marshal()
  10. 10. demo
  11. 11. • Remote workers / Distributed build • Custom frontends • Distribute components from images • Vertex scheduling constraints • New exporters Get involved • HTTP remote source • GC control tools • HTTP proxy cache • Improve performance • Privileged operation support • LLB helper packages Many areas to where to contribute