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Putting Docker EE on the Map: Business Results and Benefits of Becoming an Agile Organization


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Becoming an efficient Agile/DevOps organization might seem an impossible challenge for most enterprises. The Dutch Land Registry achieved this over the course of a few years and transformed software development for their own and other public services using modern technologies in CI/CD pipelines. They now deploy to production when ready and for some (business critical) services this even means several times per day.

Their secret? They built the most efficient private cloud environment in the Netherlands. Infrastructure and runtime delivery became predictable and as easy as the flick of a switch. However, traditional pre-configured PaaS services were not flexible enough for the new DevOps teams. In 2014, Docker proved to be a natural fit in our strategy and resulted in even more ability to innovate. Usage of Docker was initially only for research into new technology but soon after teams were ready to use containers in production for large workloads.

In this talk, you will hear what we achieved in these years, how we did this and why the Dutch Land Registry chose to outsource this to Capgemini. You will gain valuable insight in our principles for delivery, the challenges we faced and how we overcame them.

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