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Persistent Data Storage for Docker Containers by Andre Moruga


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This talk explores the best approaches to integrating storage with application containers such as Docker. The statelessness of application containers presents challenges when it comes to the use and management of storage resources in a dynamic and multi-server environment. This talk particularly explores the ways in which Virtuozzo Storage offer a compelling solution to these challenges.

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Persistent Data Storage for Docker Containers by Andre Moruga

  1. 1. Virtuozzo Persistent Storage for Docker Andre Moruga Director of Program Management, Virtuozzo @VirtuozzoInc
  2. 2. Docker and persistent storage • Why go persistent from test to production? • Available options Agenda State-of-the-art and future development • Developing for Docker • Storage in Kubernetes Virtuozzo Storage for Docker • Solution overview and benefits • Performance
  3. 3. Persistent Storage in Docker: Why and How?
  4. 4. Persistent Storage in Docker • “Cattle” vs “Pets” • Persistent data for “Cattle” containers • Storing persistent data in Docker Copyright © 2016 Virtuozzo. All Rights Reserved. 4
  5. 5. 5Copyright ©2016 Virtuozzo. All Right Reserved. What You Need to Know About Docker Volume Docker Volume:a directory with persistent data in an ephemeralcontainer • Long lived • Attachesto a container on start • Can be initialized with initial content And why you should care / /etc Container Volume /bin /usr /var /data
  6. 6. 6Copyright ©2016 Virtuozzo. All Right Reserved. Docker Volumes in Production Native Docker volumes: • Coupled with physical servers • Hard to manage • Mostly for testing and development • Better options are available via plugin extensions Basics won’t do the job
  7. 7. Docker Volume Plugins 101 Docker Volume plugin: externally stored and managed Docker volumes • Available since Docker 1.8 • Simple to leverage • Simple to implement • Many plugins are available Copyright © 2016 Virtuozzo. All Rights Reserved. 7
  8. 8. 8Copyright ©2016 Virtuozzo. All Right Reserved. Developing Docker Volume Plugin Things change rapidly • Changes ofAPIs/semantics during Q1 of 2016 • From 9 plugins in January to 18 in June of 2016 Room for improvement • “Globally available” volumes are not (yet) recognized by Swarm • Very little storage management exposed via Docker, Swarm or UCP (no resize, snapshot, clone, QoS) • No way to define volume availability boundaries in Compose Our experience
  9. 9. Persistent Storage in Kubernetes Kubernetes storage driver implementation • Unique plugin system • Shares pod’s lifetime • About a dozen of plugins available • Standard storages supported • Native Virtuozzo storage/Kubernetes plugin is in development Copyright © 2016 Virtuozzo. All Rights Reserved. 9
  10. 10. 10Copyright ©2016 Virtuozzo. All Right Reserved. Virtuozzo Storage for Docker • Originally built for system containers • Software-defined storage • Combines compute and storage • Focus on multi-tenant performance • Scalable to hundreds of nodes and PBs of data The prefect match
  11. 11. 11Copyright ©2016 Virtuozzo. All Right Reserved. Features and Benefits Features • Redundant and highly available • SSD cache • Hot/Cold data tiered • Flexible redundancy • Auto-balancing Benefits • Works on commodity hardware • Converged platform: increase both storage and compute capacity simultaneously • Block, File, Object (S3) storage • Put idle drives at work • Fast replication/self-healing times of Virtuozzo Storage
  12. 12. Virtuozzo Storage Performance Optimized for a multi-tenant, multi-user environment • Great performance for random IO • Up to 15x faster than alternatives • Scales linearly as clusters grows • Automatically (re)-balances data Copyright © 2016 Virtuozzo. All Rights Reserved. 12
  13. 13. • Visit Virtuozzo at booth S28 • Download Virtuozzo Storage for Docker at • Check out our performance comparison • Developer? Our Docker Volume plugin is at Sound interesting?
  14. 14. Thank you. Virtuozzo Booth S28