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Docker Meetup at Docker HQ: Docker Cloud

Talk #1: Ryan Kennedy, CI: Build and Test in Docker Cloud

In this talk, Ryan Kennedy will present an overview of Docker Cloud and demonstrate how to configure a CI pipeline using the automated build and test capabilities. We will dive into the latest features available in Docker Cloud, including sharing repositories with teams and securing your application pipeline.


Talk #2: Bryan Lee and Alberto Megia, Deploying and Managing Applications in Docker Cloud

In this talk, Bryan Lee and Alberto Megia will demonstrate auto-deployment capabilities in Docker Cloud as well as how to deploy, manage, and scale container-based applications directly within the tool.

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Docker Meetup at Docker HQ: Docker Cloud

  1. 1. CI/CD with Docker Cloud Overview and Demo Ryan Kennedy @pkennedyr Bryan Lee @kickingthetv Alberto Megia @sr_naranja
  2. 2. 2 Build, Ship, Run Distributed Applications Anywhere Containers as a Service • Integrated platform for IT and developers • Commercial technical support provider (Docker, IBM) Docker Project Sponsor • Primary contributor and maintainer to Docker project • 2B+ Image pulls, 1500+ Contributors, 200,000+ DockerizedApplications Docker Inc. Gerber, Anna. “The State of Containers and the Docker Ecosystem: 2015” O’Reilly, September 2015 Docker users running in production 40%
  3. 3. Docker CaaS Overview Developers IT Operations BUILD DevelopmentEnvironments SHIP Create & Store Images RUN Deploy,Manage,Scale 3
  4. 4. Docker Cloud A SaaS service, hosted in the cloud by Docker, that enables enterprise teams to build, test, deploy, and manage their dockerized distributed applications in any cloud environment.
  5. 5. Build & test distributed apps • Autobuild images • Automated repository tests • Store images in DockerHub & external registries • Point and click GUI, CLI and RESTfulAPI experience • Easily create simple single service or complex multi-service apps 5
  6. 6. Deploy & manage anywhere • Infrastructure flexibility for dev and ops teams • Securely link to any cloud provider • Bring your own infrastructure • One step to provision, install configure and cluster Docker Engines • Automated redeploymentof images • Point and click to scale & manage your Docker environment 6
  7. 7. Manage distributed apps anywhere • Intuitive dashboards provide holistic visibility • Gain insight with logs and service history • One click create, start, terminate, deploy and redeploy • Point and click to change configurations and scale containers 7
  8. 8. Continuous Integration • Development practice where members of a team integrate their work frequently, usually each person integrates at least daily - leading to multiple integrations per day. • Each integration is verified by an automated build (including tests) to detect integration errors as quickly as possible. • Leads to significantly reduced integration problems (via smaller code changes) and allows a team to develop cohesive software more rapidly 8
  9. 9. Continuous Delivery • Software development discipline where software is built in such a way that the software can be released to production at any time • To achieve continuous delivery you need: – extensive automation of all possible parts of the delivery process, usually using a deployment pipeline – a close, collaborative working relationship between everyone involved in delivery 9
  10. 10. Benefits of CI/CD • Reduce Risk – Deploying smaller changes means there's less to go wrong and it's easier to fix should a problem appear – Smaller changes make it easier to find problems -> Integration becomes easier • User Feedback (via faster iteration cycles) – Biggest risk to any software effort is that you end up building something that isn't useful – Earlier and more frequently you get working software in front of real users, the quicker you get feedback to find out how valuable it really is 10
  11. 11. CI/CD via Docker Cloud 11 Developer Version control 1. Development 2. Test 3. Stage / Production QA / QE Sysadmin Autobuilds Auto redeploy
  12. 12. Demo Time!
  13. 13. THANK YOU