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Docker?!?! But I'm a SysAdmin


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Your developers just walked into your cube and said: "Here's the new app, I built it with Docker, and it's ready to go live." What do you do next? In this session, we'll talk about what containers are and what they are not. And we'll step through a series of considerations that need to be examined when deploying containerized workloads - VMs or Container? Bare Metal or Cloud? What about capacity planning? Security? Disaster Recovery? How do I even get started?

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Docker?!?! But I'm a SysAdmin

  1. 1. Docker?!?! But, I’m a SysAdmin! Mike Coleman @mikegcoleman Technology Evangelist - Docker
  2. 2. 1st half of my career was in IT Networking admin (Intel, HP) 2nd half of my career has been in product management marketing for Docker, Puppet, VMware, and Microsoft. Definitely more IT pro than developer @mikegcoleman Who Am I?
  3. 3. Docker containers are NOT VMs • Easy connection to make • Fundamentally different architectures • Fundamentally different benefits
  4. 4. Containers are Not VMs? VMs Containers
  5. 5. They’re different, not mutually exclusive
  6. 6. Variables to Consider ! Performance ! Scalability ! Costs ! Security ! Existing Skillsets ! Etc.
  7. 7. US Infrastructure Reduction Forecast 10% Of the total portfolio + +-70% VMs -67% Cores =10x Average CPU Utilization -66% Cost Reduction 593 Applications
  8. 8. Considerations Docker containers increase performance and flexibility 1 2 3 Plan for Higher Density Bare Metal or Bigger VMs Tune To Optimize
  9. 9. Security is not just isolation • Where did those images come from? • Are they up to date? • Who can access your resources? • How do I deal with sensitive data / passwords? • Are you communication channels secure What is Container Security
  10. 10. Usable Security Secure defaults with tooling that is native to both dev and ops 10 The Key Components of Container Security Infrastructure Independent Trusted Delivery Safer Apps Everything needed for a full functioning app is delivered safely and guaranteed to not be tampered with All of these things in your system are in the app platform and can move across infrastructure without disrupting the app
  11. 11. Usable Security Integrated Security with Docker Datacenter Infrastructure Independent Trusted Delivery Safer Apps Image Scanning TLS Encryption Encryption at Rest App Secrets Image Signing & Verification Public CloudVirtualizationPhysical Users & RBAC Dev/Ops Workflow Secure by default runtime
  12. 12. • Meet the teams where they live • Developers • Docker for Mac • Docker for Windows • Native Linux • Ops • Docker for AWS • Docker for Azure Leveraging Existing Skillsets
  13. 13. Docker For AWS Demo
  14. 14. One platform and one journey for all applications 1 Traditional apps in containers Gain portability, efficiency and security 2 3 Transform to Microservices Look for shared services to transform Accelerate New Applications Greenfield innovation
  15. 15. Modernize Traditional Apps Existing Application Modern Methodologies Integrate to CI/CD and automation system Convert to a container with Docker EE Modern Infrastructure Built on premise, in the cloud, or as part of a hybrid environment. Modern Microservices Add new services or start peeling off services from monolith code base App
  16. 16. Modernizing a Traditional Application Demo
  17. 17. • Involve all the people • Dev • Ops • Security • Exec • Perf • Choose the right partners • Define your guardrails • You will make mistakes, be flexible • Sweat the small stuff Key Customer Cultural Learnings
  18. 18. • Start small • MTA or Microservices: Your call • What’s your plan for: • Static port mappings • Per environment configs • Persistent data • Adapt your processes Picking the right Project
  19. 19. Thank You What to do next: • Test drive the tech at our hands on labs • Great customer sessions • Pick a pilot project, and get your hands dirty • Share your knowledge and your missteps @mikegcoleman #dockercon
  20. 20. Interested in MTA ! Stop by the booth (MTA pod) ! Download the kit ! Look for a MTA Roadshow near you ! Contact your Account Team
  21. 21. Docker EE Hosted Demo ● Free 4 Hour Demo ● No Servers Required ● Full Docker EE Cluster Access
  22. 22. @@mikegcoleman #dockercon Please Rate the Session! PLEASE provide feedback