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Docker Birthday #3 - Intro to Docker Slides


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High level overview of Docker + Birthday #3 overview (app and challenge portion)!

Learn more about Docker Birthday #3 celebrations here:

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Docker Birthday #3 - Intro to Docker Slides

  1. 1. Docker Birthday #3
  2. 2. Welcome to Docker Birthday #3 ● 120 Docker Birthday events (list available at Docker.Party) ● 7000+ RSVPs ● 600 mentors ● Big thanks to our global partners: 2
  3. 3. Remember to tweet photos with #dockerbday 3
  4. 4. Agenda 1. Introduction to the Docker Ecosystem 2. Learning Docker with Birthday App Training 3. Birthday App Challenge 4. Cake and Socializing
  5. 5. Introduction to the Docker Ecosystem
  6. 6. 6 Open Source Project • 2B+ Docker Image Downloads • 2000+ contributors • 40K+ GitHub stars • 200K+ Dockerized apps • 240 Meetups in 70 countries • 95K Meetup members Containers as a Service provider • Integrated platform for dev and IT • Commercial technical support Docker project sponsor • Primary sponsor of Docker project • Supports project maintainers Who Are We The Docker Project Docker Inc
  7. 7. The Docker ecosystem Dev Tools Official Repositories Operating Systems Big Data Service Discovery Build / Continuous Integration Configuration Management Consulting &Training Management Storage Clustering & Scheduling Networking Infrastructure & Service Providers Storage Security Monitoring & Logging 7
  8. 8. Diversity Scholarship Program The purpose of the DockerCon Diversity Scholarship Program is to give members of underrepresented groups the opportunity to attend DockerCon without the barrier of financial strain. How to apply: Step 1: Complete the Docker Birthday #3 training Step 2: Fill out the online application What does the scholarship include? ● Full DockerCon Conference Pass ● Round-trip airfare + hotel accommodations for 3 nights ● 1:1 mentorship session with a Docker employee Application Deadline: April 15, 2016 at 5:00PM PST For more information and to apply, visit our website:
  9. 9. How did we get there ?
  10. 10. Docker in 2013 A lightweight runtime and robust tooling to build and run virtual containers on Linux to create the operating environment for your distributed applications.
  11. 11. Docker Basics Docker Image The basis of a Docker container Docker Container The standard unit in which the application service resides Docker Engine Creates, ships and runs Docker containers deployable on physical or virtual host locally, in a datacenter or cloud service provider Docker Registry On-premises registry for image storing and collaboration
  12. 12. Applications are changing 12 Loosely Coupled Services Many Small Servers ~2000 Today Monolithic Big Servers Slow changing Rapidly updated
  13. 13. The challenge: new matrix from hell 13 Virtual machines Server Public Cloud Disaster Recovery Developer Laptop Server Cluster Data Center Static Website Web Front EndBackground Workers User DB Analytics DB Queue API Endpoint Development Test & QA Production Scale Out
  14. 14. Solution: Docker containers 14 • Packages up software binaries and dependencies • Isolates software from each other • Container is a standard format • Easily portable across environment • Allows ecosystem to develop around its standard Container
  15. 15. Solution: Docker containers 15 Static Website Web Front End Background Workers User DB Analytics DB Queue API Endpoint
  16. 16. Why do Developers Care? • Build once…(finally) run anywhere • A clean, safe, hygienic and portable runtime environment for your app. • No worries about missing dependencies, packages and other pain points during subsequent deployments. • Run each app in its own isolated container, so you can run various versions of libraries and other dependencies for each app without worrying • Automate testing, integration, packaging…anything you can script • Reduce/eliminate concerns about compatibility on different platforms, either your own or your customers. • Cheap, zero-penalty containers to deploy services? A VM without the overhead of a VM? Instant replay and reset of image snapshots? That’s the power of Docker
  17. 17. Why do Ops Care? •Configure once…run anything • Make the entire lifecycle more efficient, consistent, and repeatable • Increase the quality of code produced by developers. • Eliminate inconsistencies between development, test, production, and customer environments • Support segregation of duties • Significantly improves the speed and reliability of continuous deployment and continuous integration systems • Because the containers are so lightweight, address significant performance, costs, deployment, and portability issues normally associated with VMs
  18. 18. Containers vs. VMs
  19. 19. Docker in 2016 A Containers as a Service (CaaS) platform which enables an IT Ops managed and secure application environment (infrastructure and content) for developer self service to build and deploy applications
  20. 20. Docker Containers as a Service Platform 20 Source Code Management CI / CD Networking Monitoring Volumes Service Discovery Operating Systems Content Configuration Management Infrastructure Public Cloud Virtualization Physical / Converged Infrastructure Logging Storage Toolbox Management Security Orchestration Container Runtime Registry Service
  21. 21. Containers as a Service (CaaS) Developers IT Operations BUILD Development Environments SHIP Secure Content & Collaboration RUN Deploy, Manage, Scale
  22. 22. Docker CaaS Solutions 22 Docker Datacenter An on-premises / VPC CaaS platform that integrates with enterprise infrastructure to build, ship and run distributed applications anywhere. Docker Cloud A SaaS CaaS service to build, ship and run distributed applications anywhere
  23. 23. Enabling the needs of developers and IT 23 Manage and secure at scale Frictionless movement Innovation at speed + +Agility Portability Control
  24. 24. Use cases enabled by Docker CaaS 24 Containerization Microservices CI/CD DevOps Self Service Cloud DataApps Cloud Migration Hybrid Cloud Multi-Cloud Data Processing Pipelines
  25. 25. 25 Birthday App Training
  26. 26. Docker Toolbox Everything you need to get started with Docker • Toolbox includes: – Kitematic – Docker CLI – Docker Machine – Docker Swarm – Docker Compose 26
  27. 27. Birthday App Training Participants in the training will go through the steps involved in running and developing a simple voting app from a fresh computer using Docker Toolbox. This simple app will include: ● A Python webapp which lets you vote between several options ● A Redis queue which collects new votes ● A Java worker which consumes votes and stores them in… ● …A Postgres database backed by a Docker volume ● A Node.js webapp showing the results of the voting in real time All training materials available at: There is a self-paced beginners’ tutorial for attendees to learn Docker basics as they build and deploy this app locally and push their Docker images to Docker Hub. Experienced Docker users will serve as mentors to help beginners successfully complete the training.
  28. 28. Birthday App Challenge
  29. 29. Birthday App Challenge Ideas For Devs ● Rewrite or add features to the following apps: ○ Python webapp which lets you vote between two options ○ Java worker which consumes votes and stores them ○ Node.js webapp which shows the results of the voting in real time ● Write something to generate random votes so they can load test their app For Ops ● Bring Docker Swarm in the mix ● Add Interlock: ● Scale out the worker nodes using Docker Cloud
  30. 30. Birthday App Challenge Submission & Prizes Submission guidelines: ● We are looking for cool hacks based on what you learned today! Be creative, make sure it’s useful and most importantly, have fun! ● Submit at: and submit your PR at birthday-3 by Monday, March 28th 9am PST. Prizes: ● Best hack wins a very special Docker Swag package and complimentary pass to DockerCon 2016! ● 2nd and 3rd favorite hacks win an awesome Docker hoodie. ● All of these hacks will be featured in a blog post on
  31. 31. 31 Let’s get started with this Docker Training!