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DCSF 19 Docker Enterprise Platform and Architecture


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Docker Enterprise is an enterprise container platform for developers and IT admins building and managing container applications. The platform includes integrated orchestration (Swarm and Kubernetes), advanced private image registry, and a centralized admin console to secure, troubleshoot, and manage containerized applications. This talk will focus on the Docker Enterprise technical architecture, key features and use cases it is designed to support. Key areas covered in this session:

Latest features and enhancements
Security and Compliance - how to ensure oversight and validate applications for different compliance regulations
Operational Insight - how to identify and troubleshoot issues in your container environment
Integrated Technology - the technologies are supported and can be run with Docker Enterprise
Policy-based Automation - how to scale container environments through automated policies

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DCSF 19 Docker Enterprise Platform and Architecture

  1. 1. JENNY FONG & JOE COLANDRO Docker Enterprise Platform & Architecture
  2. 2. Product Marketing, Docker Jenny Fong Sr. Solutions Engineer, Docker Joe Colandro
  3. 3. Agenda Introduction to Docker Enterprise ● Docker Platform Overview ● Platform Architecture What’s New in Docker Enterprise 3.0 Demos!
  4. 4. Containers are the New Standard for Apps
  5. 5. But how do you roll out a successful container strategy in your business? ● Will this work with my existing storage and networking solutions? ● How do you control access to the workloads? ● How do you ensure the system is secure? ● What kind of governance model is in place? ● Where will my content/IP live? ● What types of apps will I containerize? ● Who on my staff will maintain, patch and operate this? ● Do my developers know how to use Docker?
  6. 6. Docker Enterprise 3.0 Securely build, share and run any application, anywhere Developer Productivity: Docker Desktop Enterprise Build Secure Registry and Collaboration: Docker Trusted Registry Docker Hub Share Application Runtime and Orchestration: Docker Engine Enterprise Docker Universal Control Plane Kubernetes and Swarm Run
  7. 7. BUILD: Desktop Enterprise ● One-click to install certified Kubernetes ● Application Designer and Application Templates - faster “time-to-Docker” ● Version Packs to align to production environments ● Distributed as PKG or MSI with standard endpoint management tools
  8. 8. SHARE: Docker Hub & Trusted Registry 100B+ Container Downloads HUB TRUSTED REGISTRY ● Run in your own servers or VPC ● Role-based access controls ● Immutable repositories ● Image promotion policies ● Image vulnerability scanning ● Image caching & mirroring ● Policy-based tag pruning ● Webhook integration for CI automation
  9. 9. RUN: Docker Kubernetes Service with Universal Control Plane ● Integrated Kubernetes 1.14 ○ Includes out-of-the-box Calico CNI plugin ○ Option to run Swarm interchangeably, using the same Compose files ○ Advanced role-based access controls with integration to LDAP/AD, SAML 2.0 ● Management dashboard with healthchecks, 24-hour data retention and easy drilldown of nodes, containers, networks, volumes
  10. 10. Built on Foundation of Docker Engine Docker Engine - Enterprise Docker Engine - Community containerd runc Certified Plugins, ISVs Signature Verification FIPS 140-2 Support SLA Plugins Storage Networking Docker Compose dockerd Docker CLI/API Storage mgmt libnetwork BuildKitSwarmKit Docker Content Trust Image mgmt Logs Mgmt ● Based on leading containerd runtime ● Includes BuildKit and Docker CLI ● Enterprise Engine includes: ○ Enhanced security features like FIPS 140-2 validated encryption ○ Certified plugins for networking, storage, logging
  11. 11. Docker Enterprise Architecture
  12. 12. Cluster Architecture Docker Enterprise Cluster Node Manager Node Manager Node Manager Management Plane Node Node Node Worker Worker Worker NodeNode DTR Worker Node DTR Worker DTR Worker
  13. 13. Kubernetes in Docker Enterprise UCP Manager/Linux UCP Linux worker calico cni pods kubedns kube-proxy kubelet kube-controller- manager kube-manager kube-scheduler calico cni pods kube-proxy kubelet
  14. 14. What’s New in Docker Enterprise 3.0 Automated lifecycle management on your choice of infrastructure ● Day 1 and Day 2 ops ● Easy install, scheduled and online backups, blue/green upgrades Enhanced Kubernetes Support ● Enterprise Storage CSI, iSCSI ● Built-in Ingress - Tech Preview Faster time-to-market for new applications ● Enterprise-ready desktop development environment ● Application templates ● Multi-service compose-based applications (Docker App) Enhanced security and continuous compliance ● Group managed service accounts (gMSA) for Swarm ● PKI Certificate-based authentication ● Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL) - Tech Preview Expanding Choice Enhanced SecurityHigh Velocity Innovation
  15. 15. Docker Applications Build, share and run multi-service apps in a single package deployable to any infrastructure my-app.yml Docker App APP DESCRIPTION name-version-maintainer APP COMPONENTS ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES default-settings.yml ● “Container of containers” defines an application that can be comprised of multiple services ● Supports Docker Compose, Kubernetes YAML, Helm Charts and more ● Implements the new open standard, CNAB, announced by Docker and Microsoft ● Parameterized fields allow for flexible deployment across different environments, delivering on “code once, deploy anywhere”
  16. 16. End-to-End Docker Application Workflow Consistency from Dev to Ops BUILD: ● Define and package multiple images and their interdependencies ● Compatible with Docker Compose, Helm charts and Kubernetes YAML SHARE: ● Collaborate and distribute via Docker Hub and Docker Trusted Registry ● Shareable applications with clear interfaces for operators RUN: ● Run multiple versions of the same application and manage per- environment settings ● Works with Swarm and Kubernetes DOCKER HUB DOCKER TRUSTED REGISTRY DOCKER DESKTOP ENTERPRISE DOCKER ENGINE + DOCKER KUBERNETES SERVICE
  17. 17. DEMO!
  18. 18. • Docker Enterprise is the industry-leading enterprise container platform • The only container platform that extends from developers’ desktops to the cloud • Enabling applications of all kinds In Summary
  19. 19. Sign up for the Enterprise 3.0 Beta
  20. 20. Using Docker Desktop To Accelerate Software Development Tuesday @ 3pm, Room 2020 Check out these sessions: How Docker Simplifies Kubernetes for the Masses Tuesday @ 4:40pm, Room 2020 Lifecycle Management of Docker Clusters Wednesday @ 4:40pm, Room 3016
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