How to use Camtasia Studio with Docebo - Part 02: Create a Quiz


Published on - Camtasia Studio is a powerful tool designed to produce tutorials, by creating and editing screenrecording videos.

By attending this course, you will learn how to use Camtasia Studio to create your own learning objects and upload them in Docebo.

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How to use Camtasia Studio with Docebo - Part 02: Create a Quiz

  1. 1. Camtasia studio 8How to add a quiz into a Learning Object
  2. 2. How to add a Quizz Camtasia studio allows you to add a Quiz into a Learning Object. To start, click Quiz – Add quiz. 1
  3. 3. How to add a Quizz Give a name to the quiz: fill in the “Quiz name” box . To add a question click Add Question, add the text and choose the question type.
  4. 4. Question type Question type: True/False Question type: Multiple Choice
  5. 5. Question type Question type: Fill in the blank
  6. 6. Quiz options Choose if you want a graded quiz and if the user can see answers after submitting.
  7. 7. Quiz options Click “Preview” to see how the test is like
  8. 8. Show or hide quiz Now the quiz created is available in the There is a tool to make visible/invisible the timeline. quiz into the timeline.
  9. 9. Camtasia studio 8The next lesson explains how to export the learning object in Scorm format