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Docebo - Learning Management System new features


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Here comes the new update for the Docebo's learning management system - improved user interface, new languages, new features

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Docebo - Learning Management System new features

  1. 1. Learning Management SystemNew features, languages and updates5th February, 2013
  2. 2. Docebo E-Learning Platform Update Intuitive over-menuIt’s definitely easy-to-use, as you can navigate the Learning Management Systemsimply by clicking the Labels and access the specific platform area.
  3. 3. Docebo E-Learning Platform Update Courses Catalog- Now you can decide whether you want to see or hide the courses you are enrolled in- New icons will be used to notify the catalog configuration policies- You can now assign the catalog to specific users
  4. 4. Docebo E-Learning Platform Update Help DeskWhile opening a technical support request, you’ll be able to attach a file in order to betterexplain the issue you’re experiencing.
  5. 5. Docebo E-Learning Platform Update Label Policies- All courses: the “all courses” filter allows a full-view of all the courses available- Switch: a brand-new filter will allow you to switch among the different labels in a click
  6. 6. Docebo E-Learning Platform Update Web PagesThe new public catalog feature (related to the E-Commerce App) can be used to nicelydisplay some additional web pages. You can configure and customize all of those pages byusing the LMS administration area.
  7. 7. Docebo E-Learning Platform UpdateAnd even more... Layout of “My Courses”: we’ll hide the catalog enablement from this area, as you’ll be able to use the brand-new Catalog App. Administrators downgrade: the administrator user already logged into the Learning Management System will not longer be able to downgrade himself. New languages available: in order to spread the Docebo E- Learning Experience even further, the E-Learning platform will be available in 4 new languages - Norwegian, Danish, Hebrew, Thai.
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