Docebo E-Learning Webinar - Discover the Docebo Partner Network


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This webinar presents the Docebo E-Learning Partner Network. Are you interested to become a Docebo partner/VAR or reseller? Watch the recording in order to learn more about Benefits and Requirements! Download and get more info at

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Docebo E-Learning Webinar - Discover the Docebo Partner Network

  1. 1. Building win-win E-Learning alliancesWe will be at DevLearn! booth #419 #docebowebinar @docebo
  2. 2. Speakers Alessio Artuffo Francesco Pucci Director, International Business Operations at Docebo E-Learning consultant Alessio has an extensive expertise and passion in Francesco, Senior E-Learning Consultant, supports the field of Learning Technologies. He has customers in the implementation of innovative contributed to the delivery of Global E-Learning knowledge, content and learning solutions. projects in both the private and public sectors, especially adopting LMS and LCMS technologies. His long experience in enterprise and distributed software solutions is the sum of his passion for ICT Originally from Italy, Alessio relocated in the United and innovation and the continuous, careful analysis States during 2009. Currently he lives across Italy, of the contexts of adoption for each tool or where Docebo is Headquartered (Milan), and the US infrastructure. (Atlanta, GA). Alessio tweets @alessioartuffo Francesco tweets @ParrotScience.
  3. 3. Webinar agenda Docebo SaaS • Docebo approach to E-Learning as a Service • Introduction to Docebo E-Learning Platform Docebo Partner Network • Docebo Partner Network: key benefits and differentiators Questions & Answers
  4. 4. About Docebo 5,000+ international organizations have already selected Docebo. 700K Best of Listed in TOP 20 95% 300K people hours of learning Elearning! 2012 Learning Portals client retention trained yearly delivered every Award for WatchList 2012 year Excellence since 2005
  5. 5. The Docebo PartnersValue Added Resellers and Global TechnologiesGoogle Apps Resellers ProvidersVARs and Google Authorized Docebo establishes long termresellers are organizations relations with Global leadersthat resell and support in a in the technology space byspecific region the Docebo E- integrating their capabilitiesLearning platform. with our LMS technologyMarketplace Affiliates Docebo LMS AffiliatesDocebo works with This program enablesorganizations that have the individuals or organizations toavailability of proprietary be rewarded for their effort inE-Learning content, in order recommending Docebo as ato commercialize and sell it viable and yet preferable LMSthrough the Docebo solution to potentialMarketplace. customers.
  6. 6. Webinar agenda Docebo SaaS • Docebo approach to E-Learning as a Service • Introduction to Docebo E-Learning Platform Docebo Partner Network • Docebo Partner Network: key benefits and differentiators Questions & Answers
  7. 7. E-Learning as a Service
  8. 8. E-Learning as a Service PRODUCT SERVICE Buy license Subscribe to service Own produce Use service Custom setup Global deployment Tailor-made customizations Customization framework Unique integration code Off the shelf APIsOn demand system upgrades Transparent system upgrades Hiddens costs Pay as you go
  9. 9. Which Learning Platform is ideal for me? User Experience Live in seconds Number of Users Skinning and languages Mobile and Social Innovative learning methods a Service
  10. 10. Docebo E-Learning PlatformDocebo offers a complete E-Learning solution. Integration, Amazon Cloud Top level SLA, Free trial, True SaaS marketplace Front (CDN) global support flexible pricing and more
  11. 11. Flexible pricing modelSingle user license for as low as 0.35$ No activation fee, free upgrades always included
  12. 12. Beautiful
  13. 13. Fully customizable look and feel • Choose your preferred color scheme • Improve your login screen with a background image • Upload your own logo • Modify your welcome pages in the LMS via a WYSIWYG HTML and CSS editor
  14. 14. Out of the box integrations By using the Docebo Advanced Docebo Programming Interfaces, your technical API team will be able to integrate Docebo with any kind of software or application.
  15. 15. But also: Marketplace
  16. 16. POLL
  17. 17. Webinar agenda Docebo SaaS • Docebo approach to E-Learning as a Service • Introduction to Docebo E-Learning Platform Docebo Partner Network • Docebo Partner Network: key benefits and differentiators Questions & Answers
  18. 18. Welcome, Key FactsGET GLOBAL Partners are a key asset to the Docebo global expansionEXCLUSIVITY Partnership relations are typically based on non exclusiverelationships based on a formal distribution agreement (VAR or affiliate)CERTIFICATION Partners are trained by Docebo, and certified accordingly bothon business and product levelMARKETING AND SEO Docebo invests directly in the Partnership networkmarketing activities and does not charge for PartnershipsNO TIERS There are no differences between partners, there are no Platinum,Gold, Silver Premium etc categories. Benefits are equal and shared contractually.
  19. 19. Value Added ResellersVARs and GOOGLE authorized resellersare established organizations that resell and support in a specific region theDocebo E-Learning platform.VARs KEY BENEFITSfrom an alliance with Docebo as they:- Are able to increase their volume of business bydelivering services related to the Docebo implementation- Make profit from the sales of Docebo subscriptions directlyA MUTUAL COMMITMENTDocebo doesnt the sake of a logo on a website and demands commitment. Weprovide :- Direct access to regional market leads- Partner Portal infrastructure and documentation- Direct Partner Team support, focus Marketing and SEO investments
  20. 20. Marketplace AffiliatesThe Marketplace AffiliatesDocebo works with organizations that have the availability ofproprietary E-Learning content, in order to commercialize andsell it through the Docebo Market- place.The Docebo Marketplaceis an online E-Learning store where any of the Docebo clients, including thosewho subscribe to the Docebo Trial Version via our website, can subscribe todifferent types of E-Learning courses.You benefitfrom this partnership since you can:• Sell legacy E-Learning content to a constantly new audience of Docebo users (without any required marketing investment nor sales quota set), at the price you decide• Create business connections, by making your content available to the organizations that already use Docebo E-Learning Platform• Position and reinforce your brand via a dedicated Content Vendor page, and drive traffic to your own website
  21. 21. Our DifferentiatorsHow partnerships have been designed bytaking into account our SaaS business model,and the best practices in the LMS market.How reputation is built over the course of several yearsLMS companies may appear in the market and dissolveWe do not charge for becoming a Partner or financing regional activitiesKey competitors of ours charge you a fee for participatingWe are extremely agile and flexible but yet very consistent in key elementssuch as pricing and business modelYoull find LMS companies whose pricing and costs vary from partner to partner as faras setting up an LMS instanceOur revenue share % are extremely competitive. We dont request % backfrom the sale of your services.Some providers establish agreements in place where you have to return % of yourservices if within an LMS deal
  22. 22. Key QuestionsHow much does it cost to become a Docebo partner?Free of charge. There are clear requirements. But we do not charge.I already partner with another LMS company,would you have me as a partner?It depends. We need to talk about it :)Would you provide business opportunitiesto my organization, based on my region?Yes, and we will invest to grow more opportunities in your region.Where and how many are your current Partners?We have 16 established organizations marketing Docebo globally.Who are they? Youll be able to know them personally.
  23. 23. POLL
  24. 24. Join Docebo partnership
  25. 25. Questions & Answers Lets answer to some hot questions! Please know that all questions submitted via chat or social network will be responded promptly after the webinar
  26. 26. Join us at DevLearn 2012! Meet our team at booth #419 and join our “SaaS E-Learning ecosystem” session on the Emerging Technology Stage. ...or follow us on: