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Docebo E-Learning Platform | BigBlueButton Integration


Published on - How to integrate your Docebo E-Learning platform with the BigBlueButton videoconferencing tool.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Docebo E-Learning Platform | BigBlueButton Integration

  1. 1. Learning Management SystemINTEGRATION APP FORBigBlueButton
  2. 2. BigBlueButton IntegrationWhat is Docebo?Docebo is an E-Learning platform (also know as “LearningManagement System”) designed to let Corporates plan, deliver andcertify Online Training projects.Docebo is delivered “As a Service”: the platform can be activated andaccessed online, with no downloads or updates ever requested.Discover more about Docebo on the official website!
  3. 3. BigBlueButton IntegrationWhat is BigBlueButton?BigBlueButton is a web conferencing platform for web meetings,eLearning, and webinars.BigBlueButton enables universities and colleges to deliver a high-quality learning experience to remote students.
  4. 4. BigBlueButton IntegrationDocebo & BigBlueButtonYou can make Docebo and BigBlueButton work together by usingthe free Integration App made available by Docebo.By this way, you can plan videoconferencing sessions by using theDocebo E-Learning platform, and enable the Single Sign On (SSO)between the two environments.
  5. 5. BigBlueButton IntegrationDocebo & BigBlueButton – How toThis is how you can make Docebo and BigBlueButton worktogether:1 – Activate your free Docebo Trial on Docebo.com2 – Activate your BigBlueButton account3 – Activate the free Integration AppDownload the Integration manual for more info!
  6. 6. BigBlueButton Integration
  7. 7. BigBlueButton Integration
  8. 8. Visit And activate your Docebo free trial!