Business Case - Using E-Learning for IT & Telco training


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How to implement an E-Learning project: best practices from Docebo for the IT & Telco Market. Learn why the Docebo's Learning Management System is able to bring your corporate E-Learning project to the next level.

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Business Case - Using E-Learning for IT & Telco training

  1. 1. How do I deploy a global training strategy in a compressed timeframe? Reaching out to train operators across the globe is both challenging and extremely costly. We need to improve learning effectiveness while reducing costs across different locations. How can I keep people engaged on their training when on the go? Mobile learning solutions ensure that sales people get access to the training they need, letting them download, view, and interact with updated courses and timely information anywhere, anytime. How do I maximize learning efficiency and effectiveness across different locations while reducing costs? Connecting with geographically disparate business communities across the globe is challenging and costly. Cutting the amount of time travelling to face to face meetings is key. How can I facilitate and accelerate training and collaboration for thousands of employees in hundreds of offices worldwide? For your dispersed workforce you can deliver quick and effective trainings through the Advanced Programming Interfaces with 3rd party systems such as SAP, and CiscoWebex. Docebo is your E-Learning platform "As a Service" in the Cloud. E-Learning Business Case IT AND TELCO Integration Docebo has a set of apps that can be used to integrate existing systems. such as web conferencing tools, CMS, e-commerce and social networks. Global deployment Connect a range of global operational communities via the Cloud, taking advantage of the SaaS model and reducing costs associated with infrastructure and IT staff Learning paths and marketplace Streamline and automate your training processes while optimising the effectiveness, timeliness and impact of the training sessions CDN integration Ensure effective coverage of the most remote, geographically disparate parts of your business, streaming rich media contents anywhere with needed quality and performance Certification Ensure that employees and contractors maintain the certifications required for various corporate, business, and cross-functional purposes Marketplace Integrate your HR training as well as third-party content Scalability Consolidate global learning needs under one learning organization through a versatile, robust and global E-Learning solution With Docebo you can deliver effective training matching your business needs to your regulatory constraints.
  2. 2. • Achieve relevant savings from reduced travel costs and time away from the job by keeping travel, accommodation and facilities expenditure under control globally • Benefit of a SaaS E-Learning platform in the cloud and reduce staffing requirements and infrastructure costs and allow for rapid rollout of new capabilities • Achieve accelerated training of business processes, IT applications and products with the needed speed, size, control and flexibility • Shorten time to competence, rolling out training for new products and services, support the development of stronger relationships with employees, customers and partners • Give users access to training 24x7 from anywhere, letting them choose from a wide variety of training courses and delivery methods and select those that best suit their needs and budget • Regular interaction and collaboration between remote and geographically dispersed communities ABOUT DOCEBO Visit our website KEY FACTS Why choose Docebo as your E-Learning Platform Docebo is synonymous with great business value, reduced total cost of ownership and fast implementation. Adopting Docebo as your learning platform enables you to: 500,000 people trained yearly 700,000 hours of learning delivered every year Client operations in more than 150 countries Award of Excellence SaaS LMS 2012 Best of Elearning! Learning Portals WatchList 2012 95% client retention since 2005 E-Learning Business Case With its technology, Docebo is a global E-Learning solution provider with customer operations and partners in 29 countries, that is consistently expanding its international presence and doubling users on quarterly base. Docebo enables companies of all sizes to plan, deliver and certify online and classroom training activities leveraging the Amazon Content Distribution Network (CDN). The main products (Docebo Cloud and Docebo Premium) are designed for both SMBs (Small and Medium businesses) and Enterprises. Cost saving Global strategy Quick results