Business Case - Using E-Learning for Media & Publishing training


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How to implement an E-Learning project: best practices from Docebo for the Media & Publishing Market. Learn why the Docebo's Learning Management System is able to bring your corporate E-Learning project to the next level.

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Business Case - Using E-Learning for Media & Publishing training

  1. 1. How can I engage the new members of my staff? The high staff turnover in sales and call center departments requires a learning environment where new staff is highly motivated and engaged. Can I train my employees and partners when they have spare time at work? Providing personalized, just in time and just enough training is crucial to let people to take their learning when they are available, wherever they are. How do I keep my workforce up to date with new products and services? It is a huge task to keep employees up to speed with the frequent changes in products and services delivered. How can I measure the effectiveness of my investments done in learning and training initiatives? A tangible Return on Investment from learning programs is needed to convert my investments into revenues for my organization. Docebo is your E-Learning platform "As a Service" in the Cloud. E-Learning Business Case MEDIA AND PUBLISHING Mobile Optimal and engaging user experience for smartphones and tablets Usability A user friendly learning portal with optimal user experience, minimum roll-out time and reduced costs. Scalability Ability to up-scale or down-scale user licenses based on your actual monthly needs Blended Learning Manage blended curricula including classroom based training, E-Learning, and mobile learning Integration Easy integration and single sign-on with 3rd party solutions including SalesForce, Webex, SAP, Google Apps, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook Interoperability Compatible with most authoring tools and interoperable with major training catalogues giving you the possibility to reuse all your legacy content Ready to go Integrated marketplace module gives you access to a number of learning resources from the E-Learning market including language courses, soft skills, compliance With Docebo you can deliver effective training matching your business needs to your regulatory constraints.
  2. 2. • Help new employees to be quickly knowledgeable about company services and products • Improve customer support and sales skills • Adapt E-Learning curriculum in order to cover skills required for each role • Improve awareness of your compliance training with powerful reporting and certification engines • Collect off the shelf training catalogues for soft skills, languages and compliancy • Access from mobile devices wherever and whenever you want • Reduce IT costs adopting a SaaS solution • Save costs in training reducing drastically face to face training activities • Integrate with existing infrastructure giving the possibility to reuse all the knowledge already available in the company ABOUT DOCEBO Visit our website KEY FACTS Why choose Docebo as your E-Learning Platform Docebo is synonymous with great business value, reduced total cost of ownership and fast implementation. Adopting Docebo as your learning platform enables you to: 500,000 people trained yearly 700,000 hours of learning delivered every year Client operations in more than 150 countries Award of Excellence SaaS LMS 2012 Best of Elearning! Learning Portals WatchList 2012 95% client retention since 2005 E-Learning Business Case With its technology, Docebo is a global E-Learning solution provider with customer operations and partners in 29 countries, that is consistently expanding its international presence and doubling users on quarterly base. Docebo enables companies of all sizes to plan, deliver and certify online and classroom training activities leveraging the Amazon Content Distribution Network (CDN). The main products (Docebo Cloud and Docebo Premium) are designed for both SMBs (Small and Medium businesses) and Enterprises. Effective Reduced TCO Immediate