Creating a Global Engineering Culture - Path To Agility 2014


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Groupon is one of the fastest growing companies in history; from a staff of 10 to a staff of 10,000+ in three short years. As our own CEO says, “Nobody should grow that fast. Nobody.” Now that the dust has settled a bit and we’re stabilizing, how does engineering retro-fit a culture across 8 major development centers on several different continents? Truth be told, we’re still learning. Doc Norton, Groupon’s Global Director of Engineering Culture shares the philosophy, successes, and failures as he tells the story of Groupon’s rapid growth and movement toward a Global Engineering Culture.

Creating a Global Engineering Culture - Path To Agility 2014

  1. Creating a
 Global Engineering Culture Michael “Doc” Norton - @DocOnDev
  2. 2007
  3. 2008
  4. November 2008
  5. 2008 10 Employees
  6. 2010 300+ Employees
  7. 2012 10,000+ Employees
  8. 8+ ! Platforms 48+ ! Countries 40M+ ! Customers 400M+ ! Deals Global Domination!
  9. Not just daily deals
  10. This is what it looked like
  11. This is what it felt like
  12. Site Outages
  13. We are the enemy
  14. Tell them what to do
  15. Compliance is not the answer
  16. People want to contribute “The greatest waste … is failure to use the abilities of people…to learn about their frustrations and about the contributions that they are eager to make.” ~ W. Edwards Deming
  17. Retrospectives
  18. Interviews
  19. Top Priorities Common Concerns
  20. Employee Engagement Surveys
  21. The Check-In
  22. Team Ethos
  23. Our Focus Autonomy
  24. Our Focus Autonomy Connection
  25. Our Focus Autonomy Connection Excellence
  26. Our Plan AutonomyConnection Excellence
  27. Our Plan AutonomyConnection Excellence
  28. Didn’t you steal this from Dan Pink?
  29. We “stole” from all of these (and more)
  30. Internal Transfer Procedure
  31. Career Ladders
  32. Skeletor
  33. Manager Training
  34. On-Boarding Cohorts
  35. Interest Leagues
  36. Internal Hack Fest
  37. G-Stack
  38. The Love Monster
  39. The Love In
  40. Culture Clubs
  41. Readiness Reviews
  42. Agents of Change
  43. Personal Growth Benefit
  44. GEMs Program
  45. A long journey
  46. Creating a
 Global Engineering Culture Michael “Doc” Norton - @DocOnDev Thoughts?
  47. Creating a
 Global Engineering Culture Michael “Doc” Norton - @DocOnDev Thank You!