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Red fox presentation

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Red fox presentation

  1. 1. By: Joshua Mackey
  2. 2.   The vulpes vulpes (red fox) is the biggest of the ‘true foxes’ and is also spread out across the world, more so than any other fox.  The red fox is an omnivore, but they prefer to eat other animals during their 12 year (max) life span.  A strict mating pattern is followed by the red fox.  Of all the Foxes the red fox is the most widely spread.  The red fox is a solitary animal. Introduction
  3. 3.  Diet & Lifespan Original image at: /387304/350wm/Z9320407- Red_fox_eating_a_chick-SPL.jpg
  4. 4.   The diet of a red fox is simple, they eat both plants and animals.  While they are omnivores, they prefer to feast on other animals and small rodents.  The red fox primarily hunts during night time.  In the wild a red fox will typically live three to four years, but they can live as long as 12 years. (Ecology/2009) Diet & Lifespan
  5. 5.  Mating Season Original image at: 78CAB-0A5C-46BC-9097- 42D592C10063/Presentation.Large/Red -foxes-mating.jpg
  6. 6.   The red fox has a very strict breeding pattern that they follow.  The breeding pattern that they follow is so strict that they only conduct during one time a year!  Breeding will occur between January and March, with the females giving birth 51-53 days later. (Ecology/2009)  A typical litter will consist of six kits, but can be as many as 10! Mating Season
  7. 7.  Habitat original image at: p1red.gif
  8. 8.   Of all the foxes, the red fox is the most widely spread throughout the world.  The red fox can live in very diverse conditions including, but not limited to: Grasslands, deserts, and forests. (Habitat/2013)  The den of the red fox is always located near a water source. Habitat
  9. 9.  Behavior original image at: m/bm~pix/fox1_opt~s600x600.jpeg
  10. 10.   The red fox is a solitary animal.  They typically hunt alone, except during mating season.  Males are not typically territorial, except (again) during mating, or breeding, season.  Foxes and coyotes are natural rivals, a fox will go as far as to bark if a coyote approaches and the coyote will often give chase (but typically cannot catch the foxes due to the fact that the fox can run 48 kilometers per hour). (Ecology/2009) Behavior
  11. 11.   ‘Red Fox Ecology’; Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, 2009, referenced from: ColumnSubPage/STEL02_166318.html  ‘Red Fox Habitat’;; 2013, referenced from: habitat.html References

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