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How to Use DocChat Telemedicine (Web)


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DocChat Telemedicine. Find out how to start using the DocChat Telemedicine app on your computer. Easy!

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How to Use DocChat Telemedicine (Web)

  1. 1. How to Use DocChat On your computer
  2. 2. Signing up Signing up to DocChat is simple. Visit the following link to begin the signup process: Note: Make sure you are using Google Chrome as your browser You will see the following page: Fill in the required fields and press next.
  3. 3. Sign Up 2 This is the next page of the signup process. You can skip it by pressing the skip button below. Note: When making a call you’ll be asked to enter that information.
  4. 4. Sign Up 3 The final step of the web signup requests payment details. Again this step is optional, however you will be required to submit this info before making a call.
  5. 5. Making a DocChat Call Once you have created an account, in order to make a call, press the green ‘call doctor’ button on your dashboard.
  6. 6. Call Doctor Continued Once you’ve pressed call doctor, the final step is to select your symptoms, choose your payment information and enter any promo code you may have. Once you are ready to go, press ‘start consultation’