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A quick guide to creating an online resume with DoYouBuzz. From signup to customization, see how easy it is to design an elegant and effective resume on the web.

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Create an Online Resume with DoYouBuzz

  1. 1. How To Create an Online Resume on DoYouBuzz
  2. 2. Campus Tecnologie 2 technologies Sign Up DoYouBuzz : How to create an account
  3. 3. Campus Tecnologie 3 technologies Step-by-step Enter: 1 - Your email address and choose a password 2 - Accept the Terms of Use 3 - Copy the text displayed You will receive an email from DoYouBuzz requesting confirmation of your email ad- dress to activate your account. Click on the button in the email to activate your account. Sign Up DoYouBuzz : How to create an account
  4. 4. Campus Tecnologie 4 technologies DoYouBuzz Sign Up: Importing your profile information from LinkedIn/Viadeo Step-by-step Enter: 1 - Your first and last name 2 - A title for your resume 3 - Your professional situation Hold up! A resume title is not: • “My Resume” • “Online Resume” • “Student at Acme University” The title of your resume should make re- ference to the position you are currently searching or hold. Tips If you already have a LinkedIn or Viadeo account, you can import your informa- tion to your DoYouBuzz resume. In just a few seconds, you will be on your way to a great DoYouBuzz resume. To import your profile information, check the box next to the network of your choice and enter the URL for your profile.
  5. 5. Campus Tecnologie 5 technologies Creating your resume
  6. 6. Campus Tecnologie 6 technologies Creating your resume: The structure of the online resume Step-by-step A DoYouBuzz resume is like a website. There is a home page and “secondary” pages (professional experience, educa- tion, skills...). The home page is similar to a one page re- sume. Space is limited so it is important to only include your most relevant and im- pressive information. The goal is to give a recruiter a good idea of what you can do in under 30 seconds. If there is too much information, your re- sume will be hard to read and may not get the attention it deserves. Secondary pages allow a recruiter to learn more about your professional experience. These pages should contain information that will support your case, but is not considered essential. Tips A great home page is usually structured as follows: 3 to 4 professional experiences 3 to 6 skill areas 2 to 3 diplomas or certifications 1 portfolio element
  7. 7. Campus Tecnologie 7 technologies Creating your resume: Choose a design template Step-by-step Chose the design template that suits your needs and personality. DoYouBuzz offers design templates ran- ging from modest to snazzy. Some design templates are only avai- lable to our Premium members. They are marked with a “Premium” banner. You can customize the color scheme of a design template. Hold up! Think about the image you wish to convey to your professional connections. Choose a design template that best conveys your image.
  8. 8. Campus Tecnologie 8 technologies Creating your resume: Filling out your personal information Step-by-step Enter: 1 - Your location 2 - Your contact information 3 - Your professional situation Hold up! This information is not required. You should decided what type of information you want to share. Tips If you do not want to publish your contact information, you can simple use the contact form. The contact form allows visitors to your resume to contact you without knowing your email address.
  9. 9. Campus Tecnologie 9 technologies Creating your resume: Example of a professional experience Step-by-step 1 - Go to “Add Content” 2 - Fill in the required fields 3 - Add the logo of the employer to make your professional experiences more vi- sual. Hold up! The information displayed in the “Add more details” section is only visible from the “Professional Experience” page. Remember, the goal is to keep your home page clean and easy-to-read. Tips You can add new lines in the responsibi- lity field. Use line breaks to create layers in your descriptions. See the example to the left.
  10. 10. Campus Tecnologie 10 technologies Creating your resume: Add a downloadable resume Step-by-step 1 - Upload your own word-processed or PDF resume • Go to “Download Options” • Check “Upload Your Own Document” • Click “Choose File” • Select your own file • Click “Save” 2 - Generate a PDF or word-processed re- sume • Go to “Download Options” • Check “Generate .pdf” or “Generate .rtf” • Click “Save” Tips If you already have a word-processed re- sume that meets your needs, we suggest that you upload it to your online resume.
  11. 11. Campus Tecnologie 11 technologies Optimize your resume
  12. 12. Campus Tecnologie 12 technologies Optimize your resume: Add a portfolio using a third party service Step-by-step For videos and presentations. These portfolio elements require that you have an account and content on one of the third party services supported on DoYou- Buzz (YouTube, DailyMotion, Flickr...) To add an element: 1 - Add the desired widget 2 - Enter a title for your portfolio element 3 - Copy the embed code from the third party service 4 - Paste the embed code where indicated 5 - Click “Save” Tips No one likes a picture without a caption or a graph without a legend! Don’t forget to write a description of your portfolio ele- ment.
  13. 13. Campus Tecnologie 13 technologies Optimize your resume: Add a portfolio without using a third party service Step-by-step For photos, sounds and documents. These portfolio elements must be uploa- ded from your own files. To add an element: 1 - Add the desired widget 2 - Enter a title for your portfolio element 3 - Select your file 4 - Click “Save” Tips Don’t forget to write a description of your portfolio element.
  14. 14. Campus Tecnologie 14 technologies Optimize your resume: Add links to your online profiles Step-by-step The My Links widget allows your visitors to learn more about you by visiting your online profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Deli- cious...). Adding your social network profiles to your resume will help your contacts connect with you. Adding a link to your Twitter page will al- low others to appreciate your online en- gagement. Make sure you only link to information than you control and that shows your pro- fessional activity. Tips If you do a lot of market research or In- ternet research, use your links to demons- trate your areas of expertise and reach. Services like Delicious and Google Reader allow you to highlight your research and integrate it to your DoYouBuzz resume.
  15. 15. Campus Tecnologie 15 technologies Optimize your resume: Add your professional blog Step-by-step A professional blog is a great way to convey your opinions, critiques and ex- pertise. Not to mention, your writing and editing skills! To add your blog to your resume: 1 - Add the Blog widget 2 - Enter your the URL for your RSS feed 3 - Click “Save” Tips If you do not have a blog, you can use the blog feature to highlight the professional literature that you read and consult. Services like Delicious and Google Reader allow you to create an RSS feed of articles that you share. You can use this feed in place of a blog.
  16. 16. Campus Tecnologie 16 technologies Configuring your resume settings
  17. 17. Campus Tecnologie 17 technologies Configuring your resume settings: Manage your visibility Step-by-step Everyone should be able to control their information on the Web. DoYouBuzz provides different ways to be visible online. Publish and unpublish your resume --> If you click “Unpublish”, your resume will not be visible on the web. You will still be able to view it when logged in to your account. Indexed or not indexed --> When you select index, your resume will be visible to search engines. That means, you may show up in search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing... --> Please note that we do our best to op- timize your resume for search engines. That said, it may take a few days for search engines to pick up your resume. Password protected resume --> If you password protect your resume, visitors will be required to enter an access code before viewing your resume.
  18. 18. Campus Tecnologie 18 technologies Configuring your resume settings: Viewing your traffic statistics Step-by-Step Your resume statistics allow you to unders- tand the traffic on your online resume. Two statistics are provided: • Number of visitors • Number of pageviews Tips It is very interesting to look at both statis- tics together. Example: Imagine you have five visitors and five pageviews. --> This means that each visitor looked at one page, but stopped there. Now, imagine that you have five visitors and 40 pageviews. --> This means that some of your visitors were interested in your resume because they took the time to read through mul- tiple pages.
  19. 19. Campus Tecnologie 19 technologies Take your DoYouBuzz resume to another level
  20. 20. Campus Tecnologie 20 technologies DoYouBuzz Premium Upgrade to Premium and access additional features Step-by-step DoYouBuzz Premium allows you to take your online visibility further and add value to your professional image on the web. 6 additional features: • Personal URL • Premium design templates • Advanced statistics • Unlimited number of resumes and multilingual templates • Themed resumes • Unlimited portfolio Tips When choosing a personal URL, it is a good idea to choose www.firstname-lastname. com. It is easier to identify than www.firstna-
  21. 21. Campus Tecnologie 21 technologies A few best practices and ideas A few best practices and ideas 1. Get inspired by other resumes, but don’t copy! 2. Choose the right design for your audience. 3. Keep your home page clean and polished. Three professional experiences is usually enough. 4. Take time to explain your skill areas and skills. They are a super important part of your resume. 5. Include a personal description. It will help you set yourself apart from others. 6. Optimize your resume by integrating a portfolio, blog and links. 7. Share your resume on the web (Facebook, Twitter, email signature, when leaving comments on a blog...). 8. If you want to be visible on the web, make sure your settings are properly configured. 9. Don’t forget that your resume is a great way to reach recruiters, but it can also be useful with your business contacts and clients.