What you did last summer?


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Mariusz Nowostawski from dothinger team was talking at CodeCraft about his two summer projects: TabacooFree and DoThinger.

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  • Outsourcing vs. CrowdsourcingStress unknown group, broadcast, problem solving, amatours, volunteers, professionals, Kudos. Stress on MUTUAL benefit.
  • 18th century chess automaton, The Turk, touring Europe and playing with Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin FranklinStarted November 2005, rewards from 1c to $10, tasks from 10min to hours, Targetted to programmers
  • Barry Boehm,s 1981 book, Software Engineering Economics, further studies, and SLOCCount framework by David A. Wheeler.
  • What you did last summer?

    1. 1. CodeCraft meeting May 2012 Mariusz Nowostawski @praeteritio
    2. 2. About myself• Lecturer – Information science: telecommunications, AI, programming (software engineering), security, network administration, design, multi-agent systems• Scientist – Virtual machines and machine learning, evolutionary computing, self-evolving software, mobile and ubiquitous technologies, modeling life• Adventurer and others… – Running, mountain climbing, cycling, paragliding, etc.
    3. 3. Today’s talk Summer project 1 applied research Summer project 2scaffolding for doing things
    4. 4. A: How many?B: How many what?A: How many people smoked in cars?B: 3. There 78 cars and only 3 had smokers.A: Any children in the cars?B: No. There were no children.A: That’s good.
    5. 5. A: How many?B: How many what?A: How many people smoke in cars?B: 3. There 78 cars and only 3 had smokers.A: Any children in those cars?B: No. There were no children.A: That’s good.(pause)A: Why do people smoke?
    6. 6. Person A
    7. 7. A: How many?B: How many what?A: How many people smoke in cars?B: 3. There 78 cars and only 3 had smokers.A: Any children in those cars?B: No. There were no children.A: That’s good.(pause)A: Why do people smoke?
    8. 8. Smoking debateHow many people smoke in cars?
    9. 9. Approx. 16,000 cars checked one city, 4 locations 2 weeks, 4 data collectors fixed protocol 2.0 – 6.4 % of smokers (depending on the area)
    10. 10. Crowdsourcing
    11. 11. • Wikipedia• Community based designs: threadless.comwww.local-motors.com (The Forge)• Community based voting: iStockPhotos• www.microtask.com – paper form transcribing• …• reCAPTCHA. Stop spam. Read books.• Voice-to-Text (cloud-based, like Google)• …
    12. 12. Counting smoking in cars(summer project 1)
    13. 13. GLOBALink• Vimal (Wellington)• Hamish (Otago)• mid-October, kickstart• 3 skype meetings, drafting project specs• GIT repository, initial prototyping• Work on Android application continues…
    14. 14. TobaccoFree• December – Androd App ready• January – web app ready, primitive and buggy• Mid February, initial “launch”• Working on iOS version in spare time• Localization• Bug fixing, new functionality, protocol
    15. 15. Summer ProjectSource Line of Code:2136 Android Java1205 iOSObjC1181 Web PythonTotals grouped by language:Java: 2136 (47.24%)ObjC: 1205 (26.65%)Python: 1181 (26.12%)
    16. 16. TobaccoFree.nzdis.org
    17. 17. “Big” software project• Various software engineering skills• Project management skills• UI design, interaction design, specs/analysis• Deployment and Testing• Database skills (no-SQL, mongoDB backend)• Java & Android programming• Web apps, RESTful APIs, HTML, CSS, JavaScript• Google Maps integration
    18. 18. Lessons learned• Full stack vs. Glue frameworks• No-SQL: the good and the bad• Frameworks integration• Multi-source-language development, 3 core languages, plus JavaScript.• Localisation, coordination, updates• Testing, bug fixing, growing codebase, managing complexity
    19. 19. “Big” software project on $5k budgetTotal Physical Source Lines of Code (SLOC) = 4,522Development Effort Estimate: Person-Months: 11.70Schedule Estimate, months: 6.37Estimated Average Number of Developers = 1.84Total Estimated Cost to Develop = $ 131,746(assuming average salary = $56,286/year)
    20. 20. Deployment and Testing• Public key cryptography, certificates• Publishing, setups, procedures• Bureaucracy, administrative tasks (considerable)• Funding: grant applications
    21. 21. Myths“Oh, that’s easy. I can hack it in a week.”“We just hire a programmer and it all will be done in no time.”“Students will help. Students can do that.”
    22. 22. Further research• Crowdsourcing: incentives, management• TobaccoFree: smoke counting, models, stats• Software engineering and curriculum rethink• People will help to collect data
    23. 23. Students and participants• Larger participation? Incentives would help?• Is building up skills an incentive enough?• Skills. Tasks scope.• Vertical vs. Horizontal specialization.
    24. 24. Summer project 2
    25. 25. Startups• Topic for another talk – World 45, private consulting (praeteritio) – Ngarua• Tomek (Wroclaw, Poland)• Murad (Helsinki, Finland)
    26. 26. Lapland
    27. 27. Motivation• System for active lifestyle. example: new place, holidays• Social networks. Actually, open social networks. example: email• Innovation, agility, progress. imagine that• Research data. example: personal Science Lab• People behavioral data FOR PEOPLE (not for sale) Why people do what the do?
    28. 28. We need to start somewhere• Active lifestyle.• Open and transparent.
    29. 29. do thinger• Doing things with friends vs.• Doing things with anybody vs.• Doing things on your own• A “different” social/non-social network
    30. 30. dothinger.com
    31. 31. Things
    32. 32. Threads
    33. 33. What have I done last week? go and check on DoThinger
    34. 34. doThinger• We do not know yet where it is going – Tell us: you can and you should• Event’s/trips photo sharing – TomekDoing something fun, learning, exploring things Dunedin deserves it’s own Social Networking site
    35. 35. Thank You Questions?Discussion, feedback, comments welcome @praeteritio mariusz@ngarua.com