Managing Your Investments in the Cloud


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Investing in cloud, from taking that first step to maximising the returns, the content in this presentation aims to help you and your business make the right decisions as you move through the cloud journey.

The contents of this presentation comes from a series of three Adapt Strategy Guides, which can be downloaded for free:

Strategy Guide - Planning a Cloud Investment:

Strategy Guide - Extending your Cloud Investment:

Strategy Guide - Maximising the Return on your Cloud Investment:

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Managing Your Investments in the Cloud

  1. 1. Managing Your Investments In The Cloud From taking the first step to maximising commercial advantage Adapt Strategy Guide Series
  2. 2. 02 Taking the first step Taking cloud forward Maximising the return Managing Your Investments In The Cloud
  3. 3. Managing Your Investments In The Cloud Taking the First Step
  4. 4. 04 Defining Business Requirements: The Usual Suspects
  5. 5. 05 Which Cloud? Public Cloud Private Cloud Multi-Tenant Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud No Cloud Accessible over the Internet Offered on a pay per use model Provisioned for the exclusive use of a single organisation Tailored to an organisations security or regulatory requirements Companies with similar needs can be deployed on a multi-tenanted version of a Private Cloud Cloud infrastructure will be built from one or more of the four options Fully customised to the needs of the organisation Traditional on premise infrastructure deployment
  6. 6. 06 Political Considerations: Getting Buy-In “I have security concerns around the cloud” “Cloud represents a devolution of control” “Giving in to the cloud follows a painful migration trajectory” “Outsourcing means having to enter a highly non-personal relationship with a cloud vendor” “Transformation costs will be monumental”
  7. 7. 07 Choosing a Cloud Service Provider: Navigating the Process
  8. 8. Managing Your Investments In The Cloud Taking Cloud Forward
  9. 9. 09 Redefining Your Requirements: Refine or Shine?
  10. 10. 010 Which Cloud? Get Your Right-Fit Cloud Recommendation in 2 Minutes!
  11. 11. 011 There is a mismatch between what businesses require versus what they actually get from providers… Evaluating The Provider (Relationship)
  12. 12. Switching a Provider Checklist012
  13. 13. 013 Provider Strategy To achieve the right cloud strategy, businesses use multiple providers…
  14. 14. Outsourcing your Provider Strategy014
  15. 15. Managing Your Investments In The Cloud Maximising the Return
  16. 16. 016 Future Service Development Your Evolving Cloud Consumption & Requirements Your Two Sources of Next Stage Benefits
  17. 17. 017 Cloud Benefits Checklist: Theory vs. Reality
  18. 18. 018 Avoiding Cloud Divorce: Building Sustainable Relationships with Cloud Service Providers
  19. 19. 019 To Access the Full Content: Download our Free Strategy Guides Now
  20. 20. Managing Your Investments In The Cloud Adapt web: twitter: @DoMore_Adapt t: 0845 304 3044 e: