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7C Solution is a package with all the goods you need to build up your MSP 2.0 practice. You’ve got the Methodology, how to do it. There’s no trial, error or slow progress. You’ve got the Education materials which help you and your team to learn as fast as possible with videos, self paced materials, in context hints, quizzes and shared learning. You’ve got the Web Application putting all the pieces you will need during your journey together in a comprehensive software package. You’ve got the community to share experiences, challenges and further best practices with. You’ve got the business building process with all the necessary elements needed to acquire new clients, to improve the situation of existing clients and to be able to grow.

The result is growth in revenue, margin, company value. Sustainable growth with operational excellence. An unfair advantage in the local MSP market. And peace of mind for the owner to spend more time with a hobby and family during the journey.

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  1. 1. What is the solution?!
  2. 2. Our goal Give everything needed to switch to the MSP2.0 model
  3. 3. Ok, more about MSP1.0 and MSP 2.0
  4. 4. Why do client care?