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Nashville WordPress meetup - iThemes' Backup Buddy


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A walk through the latest version of Backup Buddy (v 7.1.5) for WordPress, including hosting choice, making your first backup, scheduling recurring backups, wrangling the backup files, and potential uses for the backups

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Nashville WordPress meetup - iThemes' Backup Buddy

  1. 1. D'nelle Dowis Berry Interesting Productions, Inc. WordPress customization & development Backup Buddy 101 Your Backup Plan Needs A Wingman
  2. 2. Hello there! I feel the need… the need for speed D'nelle T Dowis Backup Buddy user since 2011 iThemes user since 2010 WordPress website customization since 2009 Opened Berry Interesting Productions in 2006 Dangerous and foolish since 1982
  3. 3. Your Hosting Choice you absolutely get what you pay for ● Managed WordPress hosting: concierge service of all technical aspects - security, speed, WordPress updates, daily backups, website uptime, and scalability - managed by the host. ● Shared web hosting: multiple accounts share a large server. Technical aspects are managed by account holder ● $7-30/month
  4. 4. Shared hosting & you Is your ego writing checks your body can’t cash? ● WordPress powers 74 million+ websites - 18.9% of all websites1 ● That’s juicy, abundant, low- hanging fruit for hackers ● You cannot 100% avoid getting hacked ● You CAN be prepared #wcn13ohmy 1
  5. 5. Backup Buddy: The Perfect Wingman Don’t lose that lovin’ feelin’ ● $6.67/month - $80 annual license from iThemes ● Easy to set up ● Independent of any host-provided tools ● Sends backups to off-site storage ● Useful for migrating your site to a new host Action items: - immediately come up with a budget so you can make smart decisions - immediately make a backup (even if you start out with a manual one) - ASAP: create a schedule for backups & maintenance and STICK TO IT #wcn13ohmy
  6. 6. Backup Buddy: General Settings Action items: - create a password for import buddy and repair buddy - indicate error notification recipient - set archive limits - configure any table/directory exclusions
  7. 7. Backup Buddy: Manual Backup Action items: - Be patient - download ASAP - mind your archives
  8. 8. Backup Buddy: Scheduled Backups Action items: - Stay organized - create redundancy - choose your schedule wisely - store things off-site
  9. 9. Backup Buddy: Remote Destinations Action items: - locate your passwords - be mindful of size limitations
  10. 10. Backup Buddy: Migration/Cloning Action items: - Keep your import buddy password in a safe place - Be prepared to get slightly out of your comfort zone - Don’t panic - Have your passwords handy and keep a log of your actions - Create a new database & new database user - Upload importbuddy.php & .zip backup file - Run importbuddy - Check your work before you clean up
  11. 11. Backup Buddy: Other Uses For Your Backup You were in a 4G inverted dive with a MiG 28? ...At what range? ● Major but anticipated updates ● Changing themes/designs ● Keeping a base configuration handy for future builds
  12. 12. Backup Buddy: Stash Live I see some real genius in your flying ● eliminates the primary obstacle encountered when backing up sites on slow, resource-limited shared hosting ● makes a real-time backup of your site ● Download locally, or send the files to Stash
  13. 13. iThemes Sync & Backup Buddy No points for second place ● Connects to multiple sites at once ● Eliminates the need to log in to multiple dashboards just for maintenance/backup ● Uptime, Reports, licensing
  14. 14. Resources Time to buzz the tower ● ● ● WP Engine ● Site Ground ● A2 hosting ● Backup Buddy ● “Jumpstart Your Development”
  15. 15. D'nelle Dowis chief distiller of awesomesauce Berry Interesting Productions, Inc. WordPress customization & development @d_nelle • • 615-825-5608 want a copy of this presentation? shoot an email over to me at