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Samsung UHD TV 2014 Communication Review

Snapshot of Samsung UHD TV campaign 2014 in Vietnam

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Samsung UHD TV 2014 Communication Review

  2. 2. AGENDA TV UHD 2014 I. Market overview II.Communication review III.Evaluation IV.Summary and Recommendation 2
  4. 4. MARKET OVERVIEW 0.00% 5.00% 10.00% 15.00% 20.00% 25.00% The brand TV people use in their living room Source: Businesskorea, 2014 4
  5. 5. 33% 28% 31% 6% 2% Smart TV share by brand 2014 in Vietnam Samsung Sony LG Panasonic Sharp Samsung, LG, Sony maintain their dominance in Vietnam market. MARKET OVERVIEW 5 Source: Businesskorea, 2014
  6. 6. Brand Benchmarking Criteria Samsung LG Brand positioning Imagine Life's Good Model UHD curved (50, 55, 65, 78, 105 inches) OLED curved (49, 55, 65, 79, 84 inches) Price > 80 million VND > 200 million VND Distribution Samsung showroom, electric supermarket LG showroom, electric supermarket Key Features - Ultra HD 4K (3840 x 2160 pixel). - 4K 3D - UHD Upscalling. - Quad Core Plus. - Wifi Connection. - Self - lighting pixel. - Ultra HD 4K (3840 x 2160 pixel) - 4 colour Pixel. - Sound designed by Karman/Hardon - Web OS - 4K 3D + Key Communication message - First world's curved TV - The power of curve -Picture perfect, feel the difference. 6
  7. 7. Brand Benchmarking TV Segmentation Segments Samsung LG Type Curved Flat Series 6 Series (4 - 9) Resolution SUHD UDH FULL HD HD Ready Technology LED LED PLASMA PLASMA SMART OLED (curved) ULTRA HD 4K 3D Feature Type Future Ready Smart Full HD 3D Smart Interaction Smart Remote Screen Size 17 sizes (19 - 88) 10 sizes (32 - 105) 7
  9. 9. SAMSUNG TVC Event Digital PR Key message : The first curved-screen TV in the world POSM 9
  10. 10. TVC Agency: Bates CHI Length: 1 minute Cut verson: 30 seconds Tagline: “Đắm chìm vào mọi cảnh phim với Tivi Samsung UHD màng hình cong đầu tiên trên thế giới” “Immerse yourself in every scene with Samsung TV UHD first curved screens in the world” Độ phân giải UHD 4K UHD 4K resolution Công nghệ tăng độ sâu ảnh tự động Technology automatically increases the depth image SAMSUNG 10
  11. 11. WHAT WE’LL COVER Ha Noi Da Nang Ho Chi Minh Event SAMSUNG 11
  12. 12. Event Da Nang The launching ceremony When: 18/04/2014 Where: Da Nang The ceremony opened with performances of dance art inspired by Roman arena through sound effects, light, electricity curved image. TVs Curved 4K UHD that registered. Representative label Vietnam Samsung officially introduced the highlights of a TV UHD. Combined with the film crew "Hương Ga“. SAMSUNG Image: Samsung vina 12
  13. 13. Event Ho Chi Minh Experience 90 seconds immediately receiving TV samsung UHD When: 30/04/2014 Where: Crescent mall Challenge: Game “Đắm chìm thị giác, tuyệt tác trao tay” (Immerse visual, take masterpiece). Looking at the screen in 90 seconds with the impact of external factors. Prize: 8G USB and 1 curved screen TVs Samsung UHD 55HU9000 worth $ 84,900,000. SAMSUNG Image: Samsung vina 13
  14. 14. Event Ho Chi Minh Experience curved screen TV Samsung UHD with experts When: 10/05/2014 Where: WE Tearoom Who attended the experience just share your photos which took with Samsung TV UHD curve on your facebook, to tag mode public include @SamsungVietnam. On 05/16/2014, the photograph on 20 turn likes will be selected at random, to be awarded the prizes. SAMSUNG Image: Samsung vina 14
  15. 15. Event Ho Chi Minh In the World "virtual reality" TV worth receiving 84,900,000d When: 06/11-09/11/2014 Where: Crescent Mall Space Experience "masterpiece curved screen, raising the living space" to bring the feeling of luxury, modern. Use the phone, taking a little game, you have a chance to get TV Samsung UHD. SAMSUNG Image: Samsung vina 15
  16. 16. Event Ha Noi Experience Curved TV UHD - The first curve screen TV When: 03-06/10 + 11/10 -19/10 Where: Royal City + Savico Center Royal City (from 03 - 06/10) 14.310 people have visited and nearly 8,000 people directly experience the Curved UHD TV. Visitor can win attractive prizes donated from the organizing committee. SAMSUNG Image: Samsung vina 16
  17. 17. Event Ha Noi Experience curved screen TV Samsung UHD with experts When: 17/05/2014 Where: Rooftop café, Hoan Kiem Dist, Ha Noi Visitors has been directly involved in interactive games, to experience TV Samsung UHD SAMSUNG Image: Samsung vina 17
  18. 18. Event Ha Noi Experience 90 seconds immediately receiving TV samsung UHD When: 18/05-21/05 + 02/09/2014 Where: Royal City + The Garden Challenge: Game “Đắm chìm thị giác, tuyệt tác trao tay” (Immerse visual, take masterpiece) Looking at the screen in 90 seconds with the impact of external factors Prize: 8G USB and 1 curved screen TVs Samsung UHD 55HU9000 worth $ 84,900,000 SAMSUNG Image: Samsung vina 18
  19. 19. POSM Source: SAMSUNG 19
  20. 20. PR Source: cong-uhd-4k-samsung-uhd-9000-65.2300211/ KOL: cuhiep (Admin of writes a product review Replies: 164 Views: 36,025 SAMSUNG 20
  21. 21. PR Source: The top online newspaper Vietnam have write about Samsung UHD TV:,,,,, etc. SAMSUNG 21
  22. 22. Digital Microsite Photo Contest: “Tuyệt phẩm màn hình cong, nâng tầm không gian sống“ “Masterpiece curved screen, elevate the living space” SAMSUNG 22
  23. 23. Digital Microsite HOW 1: Using Curved UHD applications on mobile phones, with two versions on Android and IOS + Download the app for your phone Curved UHD individuals, scanned images a TV (TV) Samsung Curved UHD on brochures or websites of the program, select the location where you want to place the TV, take pictures of your last corner a television (TV). Samsung Curved UHD you wish to take. + Perform upload pictures contest in Curved UHD applications. + Call to vote for your entry form at the website How to join HOW 2: Join experiences in the event of SAMSUNG + Join Samsung Curved UHD TV experience at the event organized SAMSUNG, photography and provide personal phone number. + Organizing Committee will post pictures of the contest with information phone number and provide login code for the contest. Entrants + login using the code provided by the organizing committee to log into the site and register for updates contest. SAMSUNG 23
  24. 24. Digital Social Media 4 status is related to UHD TV Change the cover twice related UHD TV SAMSUNG 24
  25. 25. EVALUATION Evaluation base on ABCC model • Change • Campaign-able • Attention grabbing • Brand fit 25
  28. 28. SUMMARY Samsung LG Key message - First world's curved TV. - The power of curve. - Picture perfect, feel the difference. TVC 2 versions (1 min and 30 sec), focuses on the great feeling of the first world's curved UHD TV. 1 version (2 mins), focuses on the unique functional of curved OLED TV -> less emotional. Print Ads Very align with key communication message. Very align with key communication message. Event The most concentrated activation of campaign -> focuses on the interaction with customers to catch the attention. Just stop at press conference and very a few activities with celebs -> not LG's concentration. Digital Have the Microsite with the photo contest, however it is low effective due to have low administration. Fanpage: 430,769 followers, twice a day posts, high level of interaction. Do not have the Microsite for OLED TV. Fanpage: 378, 281 followers, twice a day posts High level of interaction. PR Very strong at PR, mainly are earned Media. Very strong at PR, mainly are earned Media. 28
  29. 29. RECOMMENDATION Digital should be paid more attention, especially Microsite and Fan-page in order to raise the level of brand fit and brand awareness. 29
  30. 30. SAMSUNG THANK YOU 30