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Buyers are increasingly demanding more targeted lists of b2b information, and successful companies are building business models based on accuracy and timeliness, rather than just bigger data points. This set of product rankings takes a look at some of the leading sales and marketing intelligence services
rather than just bigger data points. The emphasis for these products is based on sales and marketing workflow, ranging from “clean” or verified data at one end, through building highly segmented target lists that integrate with customer relationship management tools (CRMs), to providing “sales triggers” or time- or event-based indications on when to approach a contact. Outsell takes a look at some of the leading sales and marketing intelligence services in this set of product rankings.

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Outsell Product Ranking: Sales & Marketing Intelligence Services

  1. 1. Sales and Marketing Intelligence Services 1 Number ONE RANKED SALES INTELLIGENCE D&B SALES & MARKETING SOLUTIONS Products included in this analysis Dun & Bradstreet (D&B): D&B Sales & Marketing Solutions NetProspex: NetProspex OneSource: iSell Salesforce: Salesforce Data.com Zoom Information: ZoomInfo Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) has licensed this report from Outsell, Inc., with the right to distribute it for marketing and market education purposes. D&B did not commission this report, nor is this report a fee-for-hire white paper. Outsell¹s fact-based research, analysis and rankings, and all aspects of our opinion were independently derived and D&B had no influence or involvement on the design or findings within this report. For questions, please contact us at info@outsellinc.com. Product Ranking Advancing the Business of Information December 18, 2013
  2. 2. Table of Contents Why This Topic 3 Methodology 3 Rating Definitions 5 Target Market and Users 5 Outsell’s Bottom Line 6 Outsell Overall Rankings at a Glance 7 Product Quality and Performance (65 Points) 9 Product Quality and Performance: Key Takeaways 10 Sales (20 Points) 13 Sales: Key Takeaways 14 Service (15 Points) 17 Service: Key Takeaways 18 Suitability 19 Imperatives for Information Managers and Buyers 19 Appendix 20 Sample Scoring Sheet 20 Table of Contents for Tables & Figures Figure 1. How Sales and Marketing Intelligence Products Rank 7 Figure 2. Product Performance Rankings 8 Figure 3. Product Quality and Performance Rankings 10 Table 1. Overview of Quality and Performance Key Takeaways 11 Figure 4. Product Sales Rankings 14 Table 2. Overview of Sales Key Takeaways 15 Figure 5. Product Service Rankings 17 Table 3. Overview of Service Key Takeaways 18 © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 2
  3. 3. Why This Topic In the past few years, the company information portion of the B2B information segment has shifted its focus: Gone are efforts to compile mega-lists of company names and contacts in an effort to accumulate more names than the competition. Buyers are increasingly demanding more targeted lists, and successful companies are building business models based on accuracy and timeliness, rather than just bigger data points. The emphasis for these products is based on sales and marketing workflow, ranging from “clean” or verified data at one end, through building highly segmented target lists that integrate with customer relationship management tools (CRMs), to providing “sales triggers” or time- or event-based indications on when to approach a contact. We take a look at some of the leading sales and marketing intelligence services in this set of product rankings.  Methodology We define sales and marketing intelligence services as those that provide their client with accurate and verified company information, along with contact names at those companies. A useful model for evaluating these intelligence services is to separate their functionality into three areas: 1. Provide contact information on companies, along with the capability to “cleanse” a client’s existing contact data, and the ability to enrich a client’s data with additional targeted contacts. 2. Filter and segment the contact data by a multitude of factors such as company size (e.g., revenue, employees, growth), geography, industry, or other factors (e.g., minority-owned, public/private, SIC or NAICS code, etc.); individual job title, level, or function; and keywords or events. 3. Provide ancillary information about companies (e.g., news, press releases, social media mentions, financial data, industry/market background, etc.) or individuals (e.g., news, social media mentions, biographical data, etc.) as context for refining the sales or marketing effort and to initiate “sales triggers.” We also considered the ease of use of workflow tools — for example, to build a list, or to integrate with CRMs or sales force automation tools. Sales and marketing are the primary functional roles for these intelligence services, but because of their rich company and individual data these tools can also provide insight or clues for business development, market analysis, human resources, strategic planning, and competitive intelligence. The data cleansing function also supports IT efforts. As part of our review, each company gave us an online demo of its product, along with a demo password with which we could set up sample queries and test product features (Data.com did not give us a demo password, but we were able to run our demo searches via webinar). We © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 3
  4. 4. also spoke at length with product managers and marketing leads for the products tested. We ran several test searches (and multiple ad hoc searches) on a variety of companies and individuals. Typical searches included: 1) We attempted to identify companies in the market research space with less than 300 employees in California; 2) We attempted to identify director-level or above managers of corporate information centers within Fortune 1000 companies in the US and Canada. This search proved to be an excellent differentiator because that job function/title varies widely and is not typically included in the pre-populated menus of job titles. A systematic analysis of the data accuracy (e.g., point-by-point verification of company/individual information) was beyond the scope of this review, although we did look for anecdotal evidence of accuracy. Our criteria for product selection in this business category were to cover a selection of well-known players. We chose the following competitive firms’ products to review: 1. D&B Sales & Marketing Solutions 2. NetProspex 3. OneSource iSell 4. Salesforce Data.com 5. Zoom Information These are not the only firms that fall in this category, but they are the ones that best fit our criteria, and they responded to our requests for information. For example, InsideView did not respond to our attempts to obtain information. Also, D&B Sales & Marketing Solutions is an “umbrella” term used to include three of the company’s flagship products: Hoover’s, D&B360, and D&B Direct, since they essentially share the same product functionality but differ in how they are delivered to the customer (i.e., as a stand-alone product, cloud-based integration with a CRM, and as an application program interface [API]). Each product is evaluated, scored, and rated in three areas for a total of 100 points: 1. Product Quality and Performance (65 points) For this set of offerings, we define product quality as one that is broad in contact and company data, with multifaceted search capabilities and the ability to refine and segment existing searches. We evaluated data-cleansing capabilities where applicable, and we looked for ancillary company information as well as mobile options, analytics, and exporting capabilities. We also evaluated how well the product achieves its mission and its suitability for its target market. © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 4
  5. 5. 2. Sales (20 points) For the sales-facing function, Outsell examines the website for comprehensiveness and clarity, assesses pricing transparency, and randomly calls 1-800 numbers and speaks to sales staff. A combination of in-house staff and qualified mystery shoppers makes these 1-800 calls to eliminate vendor bias. In this area, we evaluate sales staff responsiveness, professionalism, and product knowledge, as well as pricing transparency and quality and clarity of the product website. 3. Service (15 points) In assessing service, Outsell performs an on-the-record interview with the vendor to determine training, product implementation assistance, and support. We also make random calls to customer support to ask for product assistance. In addition, we are looking for free training options and for overall comprehensiveness of product support. Rating Definitions We rate each of these areas on a scale of 100 with 60 being poor and 100 outstanding, detailed below. A sample scoring sheet is included in the Appendix. Poor Fair Good Excellent Outstanding 60 70 80 90 100 Falls well short of the category standard. Falls somewhat short of the category standard. Meets the standard for the category of this product. Exceeds the standard for the category of this product. Far exceeds the standard for the category of this product. Source: Outsell analysis Target Market and Users We evaluate all products in this report from the enterprise buyers’ and end-users’ perspectives. The orientation of our review is to assist buyers in selecting or buying products that best meet their needs, and therefore Outsell assessed the product version geared toward professional and power users. In some instances, buyers are purchasing the product for functional roles such as marketing, public relations, or competitive intelligence, so we naturally take those other roles into consideration in our evaluation. © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 5
  6. 6. Outsell’s Bottom Line The products in the category of sales and marketing solutions are geared to address two fundamental areas for every company: business needs and information management needs. In this case, business needs can be defined as market analysis, customer acquisition, and sales productivity. Information management needs are related to those business needs, but in a broader sense because they include multiple stakeholders (e.g., not just sales and marketing, but finance, product development, operations, information technology, management, etc.). The structure, analysis, processing, and usage of information within an enterprise inform activity across those multiple stakeholders and include external data (i.e., from third-party vendors) and internal data (i.e., customers, sales, product usage, etc.)  The products we reviewed in this report attempt to solve challenges in both of those areas. From a business needs perspective, the products have solutions focused on identifying sales and marketing prospects — market segmentation, list building, and productivity triggers. For information management, the emphasis is on the data — analyzing existing data, cleansing it by removing incorrect data, enriching it by correcting it, or enhancing it by adding fresh data. Our two top-rated products in this category, Salesforce Data.com and D&B Sales & Marketing Solutions, share more than just the honors — they also share the company data from Dun & Bradstreet’s extensive data holdings of over 225 million companies across 200+ countries via a licensing partnership. As expected, both companies emphasize quality and depth of D&B data in their value positions, and they have robust prospecting tools, supplemented by analytics, sales triggers, and background information. OneSource iSell has partnerships with a variety of sources (e.g., Acquire Media, LexisNexis, CorpData, Morningstar, etc.) to source news and financial information about the companies and individuals in its database. These partnerships result in comprehensive news feeds, which iSell uses for its strong sales trigger functionality. OneSource also has a data management solution, and although it is not part of the iSell product, they can be packaged together. Zoom Information has probably the most detailed background information on individuals within a company, with links to websites and snippets of published articles. The rich detail would be better if it were supplemented with current news feeds, which is a curious omission given Zoom’s reliance on technology-enabled data gathering, although the company has plans to add that in the future. Although NetProspex scored the lowest in this group, this is primarily due to its lack of depth when it comes to ancillary company information (e.g., news, company background information, financials, etc.) and sales triggers. The company’s focus is more on data management and quality — as part of its ongoing quality assurance efforts, NetProspex claims it makes between 600,000 and 1 million outbound phone calls per month (via contractors) to verify their contact information. © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 6
  7. 7. Outsell Overall Rankings at a Glance Figure 1 provides our overall rankings for this competitor set and summarizes our analysis. In this Product Ranking, we use the “forced ranking” method to highlight differentiation among the products and to provide guidance on performance. Instead of merely adding up the points in each of the three sections (product quality, sales, and service) we assessed the products in each main section and awarded a value for position versus its peers. For example, the leading product in the “Content & Critical Attributes” category received a 1 value, the second place received a 0.9 value, third place received a 0.8 value, etc.  Figure 1. How Sales and Marketing Intelligence Products Rank D&B Salesforce Data.com OneSource iSell Zoom Information NetProspex Content 40.0 36.0 36.0 32.0 24.0 Search and Navigation 14.0 14.0 12.6 14.0 14.0 Features 11.0 11.0 9.9 8.8 9.9 Sales Experience 8.8 8.8 8.8 11.0 9.9 Website 3.6 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 Pricing 4.5 5.0 4.5 5.0 4.5 Support 4.0 3.6 4.0 4.0 4.0 Training 7.2 7.2 8.0 7.2 7.2 Administrative Functionality 2.7 3.0 3.0 2.7 2.7 Total Score 96 93 91 89 80 Source: Outsell analysis © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 7
  8. 8. Figure 2 displays how products from this peer group compare to one another. The five products are plotted on the x axis based on their average sales and service score (with 1 lowest on the left and 5 highest on the right); and on the y axis based on their quality and performance score (with 1 lowest on the bottom and 5 highest on the top). Products that scored highest on both measures fall into the upper right of the graphic. Figure 2. Product Performance Rankings 5 D&B Sales & Marketing Data.com Zoom Information 4 NetProspex OneSource iSell Performance and Quality 3 2 1 1 2 3 4 5 Sales and Service Source: Outsell analysis © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 8
  9. 9. Product Quality and Performance (65 Points) To assess product quality and performance, we evaluated the product’s strengths in three core areas:  Content (40 points): We considered criteria such as the size of the database of companies and contacts, number of job titles and functions per company, depth of contact records, data quality assurance methodology, and update frequency. In addition, we identified whether and to what degree features are provided in the services. These key features are:  Integration with CRM components; Depth of company information; Database management/cleansing/enriching services; Ancillary company information; Sales triggers. Search and Navigation (14 points): We evaluated the ease of use and the intuitiveness of user interface, display of results, the ability to filter and segment by different criteria, and additional features such as availability of search and usage tips. Enterprise-wide and Innovative Features and Intangibles (11 points): We looked for valueadded features like mobile access, the ability to share and export data, and data analytic tools to help analyze the customer base. We also considered how well the product performed against its stated mission.  We evaluated mobile functionality as part of the enterprise-wide features set. To assess mobile capabilities, we first determined whether the product is available via mobile devices, and if so, if the vendor offers it via an HTML5-enabled website or apps, or both. We determined if the vendor made full or only partial content and/or functionality available on the mobile site, and if the user had the option to configure preferences to automatically display the most frequently used content or favorite tools in a mobile-friendly format. We assessed how well the vendor understood its customers’ mobile needs to better optimize its mobile users’ experience. We also found out whether the vendor assessed any additional fees for accessing its product via a mobile device.   Note that for all of these products, especially when it comes to advanced or “power” searching, the primary users are accessing the product on a desktop, not on a mobile device. While some of the products have full-featured mobile sites, we did not penalize vendors that did not have all of their “bells and whistles” available via mobile, nor did we give mobility any additional score. © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 9
  10. 10. Figure 3 shows our ranking for product quality.  Figure 3. Product Quality and Performance Rankings DB Salesforce Data.com OneSource iSell Zoom Information NetProspex Content: 40 Points 37 36 36 35 28 Search and Navigation: 14 Points 13 13 11 13 13 Features: 11 Points 10 10 9 7 9 Total Score 60 59 56 55 50 Source: Outsell analysis Product Quality and Performance: Key Takeaways All of the products reviewed offered two key components — data cleansing/management and list building for prospecting. Doing a systematic analysis of the validity of the data sets from each company is beyond the scope of this report, but anecdotal evidence points to inconsistency. A quick glance at the Outsell, Inc. entry for each product revealed numerous errors in personnel (despite claims they were recently “verified”), although the basic company information was generally accurate. This is not surprising because of employee turnover in all companies, but the claims of “validated” and “verified” should be taken with a grain of salt. In terms of list building, all of the products used consistent processes of applying filters. In our test search of identifying directors of corporate information centers, it in all cases it was necessary to continually refine the filtering process because the term “information” is tied to so many other titles and job functions — e.g., information technology, security information, privacy information, systems information, etc. Results varied widely with the different products, and point to the difficulty of targeting prospects if the title isn’t clear cut — i.e., CEO, or VP Marketing. © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 10
  11. 11. Table 1. Overview of Quality and Performance Key Takeaways DB Content Salesforce Data.com OneSource iSell Claim 40 million Claim 41 million contacts “validated” contacts Sources from Company data multiple data Optimizer tool is sourced from providers to cleanse, DB identify Analyze companies and data from all Contact data append data providers for is via crowdsourcing model data fusion Extensive background on from Data.com Good Connect companies background on companies Clean tool Solid analytics for data to assess Integration with cleansing and customer Salesforce, management database Microsoft, and Oracle CRMs Integration with Extensive SAP, Microsoft, background on Broad and companies and Oracle flexible CRMs, and presales trigger Analytics tool packaged for capability to assess Eloqua customer database DB Direct’s API can Built together integrate with Salesforce, with multiple to ensure products unified platform Broad and Broad and flexible flexible sales trigger sales trigger capability capability Claim 103 million companies Zoom Information NetProspex Claim 65 million Claim 26 million “verified” contacts contacts Crowd-sourced and web-based Crowd-sourced data from users data in exchange for Extensive contacts web-based background on Workbench individuals and product to assess, clean, companies, and enhance although no clients’ data current news feeds Integration with Salesforce, and Data contacts can management be exported and into other enhancement CRMs services Integration with Salesforce Sales trigger capability is limited Background on individuals and companies is minimal No sales trigger capability Features Extensive filters to segment searches Extensive filters to segment searches Extensive filters to segment searches Extensive filters to segment searches Extensive filters to segment searches Clear navigation and interface Search and Navigation Clear navigation and interface Clear navigation and interface Clear navigation and interface Clear navigation and interface ”Light” version optimized for mobile Browser version ”Light” version optimized for and optimized mobile for iPad Mobile version on near-term product roadmap Mobile version Currently no mobile version, on roadmap for 2014 “light” version on the roadmap for 2014 Source: Outsell analysis © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 11
  12. 12. DB Sales Marketing Solutions emphasizes cleansing and assessing clients’ data, as well as analyzing it. The analytics tool is especially useful in that it allows a client to assess its customer base or markets by industry, size, geography, and potential, which helps in identifying prospects. The data hinges on the well-known D-U-N-S number, a common standard for identifying companies and corporate families, which is also useful in integration with other enterprise systems such as finance and marketing. As expected, there is extensive background data (e.g., news, history, financials, etc.) on companies and industries, and setting up sales alerts is easy. The solutions draw on Hoover’s extensive background data (e.g., news, history, financials, etc.) on companies, and industry overviews to assist sales and marketing. List-building follows a logical progression, with multiple ways to segment and filter. Salesforce Data.com has two core products: Clean and Prospector. Its 2-year-old partnership with DB allows the company to source from the DB database, which means it also uses the D-U-N-S number as an identifier. A third component, Connect, (which is a reworking of Salesforce. com’s Jigsaw acquisition) uses the crowd-sourced model for acquiring new contacts as well. Data integrity is maintained by data stewards and is updated continually. The DB connection gives Salesforce Data.com the same extensive company background data, and it uses third-party news sources for sales triggers, as well as integration with Salesforce.com’s social component Chatter. As with other products reviewed, list building logically employs a segmentation/filtration process.  OneSource iSell is the only company we reviewed that does not source its own contact data. Instead, it relies on a network of providers (including NetProspex, DB, social media sites, etc.) The company employs a data fusion model, constantly analyzing sources for accuracy, richness, and timeliness, and a data team reviews the data sources for overall precision. The company profile and news pages are robust — again, it partners with multiple sources to provide news, timely events, financial data, and industry trends. For particular industries and companies, OneSource provides extensive background information (e.g., industry dynamics, talking points, SWOTs, buzzwords, key terms, etc.) that is helpful for sales/marketing functions. Compiling prospect lists is straightforward, and an added feature is that lists can be sorted by “prospectability,” meaning a recent event (e.g., executive promotion, funding, large sale) has occurred that might indicate a propensity to buy. Zoom Information uses a novel approach to source its contact data. In addition to crawling websites for company and contact data, in return for free contacts Zoom lets users download an Outlook (and Google Apps for Business) plug-in to scour users’ e-mail on a continual basis to identify current names, titles, and contact information. While privacy devotees may shudder, Zoom claims that over 150,000 users of the plug-in are currently active, and that keeps its data timely and accurate. Zoom also offers data cleansing and management services. Like the other products under review, building a prospect list is done via a series of logical filters. One feature that is quite handy is a “web reference” tool to use with people or company searches (e.g., to search for CFOs who might have been recently involved with IPOs), although a lack of a current news feeds hinders the product in the areas of alerts/triggers, and the company plans to add that feature. © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 12
  13. 13. NetProspex’s value proposition is the clean, accurate data it offers. The company prides itself on the accuracy of its contact data, which is constantly being verified by outbound phone calls and e-mails. The assessment service helps clients measure the completeness of their contact data and analyzes it to ensure it aligns with its clients’ business strategies. In addition to data assessment and cleansing, NetProspex also sells contacts to enrich a client’s data. Building a prospect list is straightforward with the SalesProspex tool, though the background information on individuals and companies is minimal, and there are no time- or event-based news triggers for sales or marketing. The lack of these critical features is the main reason NetProspex scored low in this category. However, in our test search for executives at corporate information centers, NetProspex returned the best results out of all the products under review. Sales (20 Points) We evaluated the following attributes to assess the sales function and experience:  Sales Experience (10 points): Outsell contacted each company’s sales personnel, both openly and anonymously, and evaluated them on responsiveness, professionalism, and product knowledge. Website (5 points): In reviewing the website experience, we evaluated the ease of navigation, the quality of product descriptions, the availability of contact information, and the overall look and feel.  Sales Pricing (5 points): Our goal was to understand the degree of transparency in each company’s pricing models. In reviewing pricing, we looked for publicly available information around pricing fees and subscription models. If pricing information was not available via the company’s website, we contacted the vendor by e-mail or telephone to determine if it would be willing to provide a rule of thumb on the costs for enterprise licenses, workgroup licenses, individual licenses, or the method on which the product is priced (e.g., by seat, by yearly fee, etc.) and we then evaluated their responses. Figure 4 shows the ranking for sales. © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 13
  14. 14. Figure 4. Product Sales Rankings Zoom Information Salesforce Data.com NetProspex OneSource iSell DB Sales Experience: 10 Points 8 6 7 6 6 Website: 5 Points 4 4 4 4 3 Pricing: 5 Points 5 5 3 3 3 Total Score 17 15 14 13 12 Source: Outsell analysis Sales: Key Takeaways As with other Outsell Product Rankings, sales personnel demonstrated fairly solid product knowledge. Differences crept in with the mixed ability of the different sales team members to probe for our needs and to convey the product’s value proposition, instead of just running through product features. In addition, in three out of five companies, the sales personnel we spoke with had little knowledge of their competition and thus were not able to differentiate their own product. In our opinion, knowing the competitive differences among products is crucial to an effective sales process. Table 2 gives a high-level view of the key points for each of the five products. © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 14
  15. 15. Table 2. Overview of Sales Key Takeaways Zoom Information NetProspex Did not respond to e-mail inquiries Responded to e-mail inquiries in one hour Did not respond to e-mail inquiries Immediate response to phone inquiries Immediate response to phone inquiries Immediate response to phone inquiries Able to explain value proposition Sales able to explain value proposition Sales able to explain value proposition Good product knowledge Sales Experience Data.com Adequate product knowledge Very good product knowledge Not clear on competition or product differentiation Understood competition and product differentiation Understood competition and product differentiation Usefulness and Completeness of Vendor Website OneSource iSell Responded to e-mail inquiries within 14 to 24 hours Immediate response to phone inquiries Good product knowledge and probed for needs Able to explain value proposition Not clear on competition or product differentiation Clear, wellstructured Clear, wellstructured Clear, wellstructured Clear, wellstructured Extensive details on features Extensive details on features Extensive details on features Good product description Good explanation of data management processes Sales Pricing Pricing published on site Pricing published on site Not published on site, but provided on phone Not published on site, but provided on phone DB Responded to e-mail inquiries in 48 hours Immediate response to phone inquiries Trouble explaining value proposition and differences between products Not clear on competition or product differentiation Receipt of follow-up sales information was delayed and required numerous attempts to contact sales Multiple offerings slightly confusing Good description of products, although some products seem to overlap Not published on site, but provided on phone Source: Outsell analysis © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 15
  16. 16. All of the product websites were generally informative. Data.com and Zoom Information were both well-structured with clear product descriptions and pricing, which improves their scores in this category. The Hoover’s component of DB Sales Marketing Solutions has a lot of product information but is somewhat confusing — searching for a sales prospect product points to OnDemand List Building, Lead Builder, Hoover’s Subscriptions, Integrated Contact Solutions, etc. Detailed pricing is available on Zoom Information’s website. Pricing for ZoomInfo Pro is based on two criteria: number of records required and number of end-users. For instance, the site quotes a price of $7,995k for 10 users and 10,000 records downloaded. There is also a handy online tool for a prospective client to calculate a price based on the number of users and downloads required. When speaking with sales, it was clear that there was flexibility around pricing, but the model and indicative price points are transparent. Salesforce Data.com also has clear pricing on its website. Charges for both data cleaning and prospecting products are quoted per user per month. Data.com Clean is $25 per user per month (for all CRM users), and Data.com Prospector costs $125 per user per month for 300 leads each month. Prospector allows unlimited viewing of all account data and contact data — for prospecting and targeting individuals and accounts without limits. The 300 users/month is for importing the contacts into Salesforce. The premium versions of these products cost $35 and $165 (300 leads) per user per month, respectively. Additional prospector leads over the 300 records limit can be purchased at 50 cents each. Data.com Connect lists can be acquired for a range of packages (350/759/3,600 contacts) — all charged as an annual fee, with an option to buy additional records at a nominal $1 or 50-cent fee, depending on the package. The sales team indicated there is some flexibility around pricing depending on the customer, their needs, and volume of use.   NetProspex offers two services: prospecting and data management. The SalesProspex tool is based on annual subscription charges per seat (with scaled discounts for higher volumes of endusers) based on usage limits of 200 screen views per day per seat and 1,200 downloads per annum. The pricing model for other products is all volume based with the exception of the Data Health Scan (DHS), which is free. DHS is a full health scan of what a database looks like — e.g., it is tested for e-mail deliverability, phone connectability, duplicates, incomplete data, and spam traps. The cleanse-and-append process is where filling in any of the incomplete data from the health scan comes in to play. The pricing is per record and will vary depending on how complete or incomplete the database is. List purchasing can be priced from 15 cents/contact to $1/contact, depending on exact requirements. Customers purchasing more than 2,000 contacts are entitled to pricing discounts. OneSource iSell is available on an annual subscription with pricing for one seat offering unlimited use and downloads. Additional seats are charged on a reduced incremental basis.  Data Solutions (lists and cleansing) is priced on a per-record fee for match and append cleansing services on a custom basis. © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 16
  17. 17. Our experience with the DB Sales Marketing Solutions sales personnel was less than ideal. We were able to initially get information that DB Direct and DB 360 are available on a 12-month subscription for unlimited usage and the Optimizer solution for cleansing and appending is priced on a per-record basis, but we were later told that the DB 360 pricing model is due to change because of a product relaunch to one based more accurately on the number of records required and number of end-users. We were promised an e-mail with indicative pricing for Hoover’s, but it took numerous follow-up phones calls to actually get pricing information. Service (15 Points) In our review of the customer service function, we assessed three key areas: Training Capabilities (4 points): We evaluated whether or not training is available, whether it is included in the product price, or if there is an additional charge. Product Support and Troubleshooting (8 points): We looked at how flexible the company is in providing support via phone, e-mail, chat, or any other method (e.g., web forms, social media, etc.), as well as the times and days of availability. We were able to find out when a vendor would make global support offices available to a user even when a subscriber was not located in the region of the office.  Administrative Functionality (3 points): We evaluated whether or not there is the capability to monitor product usage and manage users via an online administrative dashboard. Figure 5 shows our ratings in these areas. Figure 5. Product Service Rankings OneSource iSell DB NetProspex Zoom Information Salesforce Data.com Training: 4 Points 4 4 4 4 2 Support: 8 Points 8 7 7 7 7 Administrative Functionality: 3 Points 3 2 2 2 3 Total Score 15 13 13 13 12 Source: Outsell analysis © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 17
  18. 18. Service: Key Takeaways As in previous reports, the companies are all fairly comparable when it comes to offering training and support for their products. While “test driving” the products, we called customer support to ask questions, and generally found the service representatives professional and knowledgeable about the products. Salesforce Data.com is the only company that does not provide free training (other than online courses) and phone support with its basic support package, which affected its score in this category. Full-fledged training and support are only available with fee-based support packages. Table 3 gives a high-level view of the key points for each of the five products. Table 3. Overview of Service Key Takeaways OneSource iSell Training Capabilities Free training, clientdedicated support team, webinars, classes DB Free training, clientdedicated support team, videos, live sessions Zoom Information NetProspex Free training, clientdedicated support team, webinars Free training, clientdedicated support team, webinars Data.com No free training other than online courses Custom training available at additional cost Dedicated “customer success manager” for implementation Online webinars Troubleshooting Support Phone and e-mail, 24 hours/day worldwide Phone and e-mail, M-F, 7 a.m.-6 p.m. CST Phone and e-mail, M-F 7 a.m.-7 p.m. EST Phone and e-mail, M-F 8 a.m.-6 p.m. EST Basic support does not include phone support only e-mail Full support at additional cost Administrative Functionality Online dashboard with full usage reports Custom reports on most active individuals/ targets also available Ability to manage users online Limited usage reports available online Custom usage reports on request Custom usage reports on request No online usage reports, but on roadmap for 2014 Online dashboard with full usage reports Ability to manage users online Custom reports on most active individuals/ targets also available Custom usage reports on request Source: Outsell analysis © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 18
  19. 19. Suitability In determining which sales and marketing intelligence solutions best suit an enterprise or company, identifying the primary purpose is vital — is it for business needs (e.g., finding new customers, identifying target markets) or is it for information management needs (e.g., cleansing existing data, enhancing existing data sets).  The offerings from DB Sales Marketing Solutions and Salesforce Data.com have the most comprehensive company data, based on DB’s extensive company information. The D-U-N-S number, which acts as a unique company identifier, is widely accepted and useful as a tool to accurately identify corporate family trees, and it is essential in matching purchased data with existing company records. This functionality is critical for sales efforts at a corporate level, less so on a local level. In our view, the D-U-N-S number is a strategic asset on which DB can capitalize. Several of the companies profiled (e.g., NetProspex and Zoom) offer free data analysis to determine contact accuracy, e-mail deliverability, or e-mail spam traps of existing data sets. As stated earlier, the accuracy of some of the data we looked at is questionable. In Outsell’s opinion, specific citations of data verification in data sets would be a step in the right direction (which some companies are already doing). When the emphasis is strictly on sales prospecting, the comprehensive external data sources of OneSource’s iSell to provide company and industry context, or the deep background on individual contacts supplied by Zoom Information rises to the top, with iSell perhaps being the better choice because of the up-to-date news alerts on companies and individuals that Zoom lacks. Imperatives for Information Managers and Buyers 1. Understand that data is constantly changing. All of the products tested claimed their data is “more accurate” than anyone else’s and that they go to great lengths to ensure that accuracy. To be sure, efforts are made to maintain data quality, but the reality is that it’s impossible to guarantee accuracy, and all of the products reviewed had shortcomings in this area. People change jobs, and companies evolve — staying on top of those changes is a Herculean task (and any inference to Hercules cleaning the Augean stables is coincidental). 2. Understand that building prospect lists is often a process of trial and error. While all of the products reviewed have robust filtering and segmenting tools, unless you are searching for a clearly distinct title (e.g., CEO or CFO), many job functions have multiple descriptive titles, meaning users will need to be creative and test various search functions.  © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 19
  20. 20. 3. Understand the enterprise information needs. Core data assets (e.g., customers, prospects, market segmentation) are a key part of the infonomics equation, and they are critical to the enterprise. Whether data management is done in-house or via a third-party vendor such as those under review, poor-quality data is a drain on resources and time. Minimizing those frustrations is essential. Appendix Sample Scoring Sheet Product Quality and Performance / 65 Points Maximum Content and Critical Attributes / 40 Points Maximum Size of product (number of companies in the database), relative to peers, 1-4 points Number of job titles/functions per company, 1-4 points Depth of individual prospect record, 1-4 points Data quality assurance procedures, 1-4 points Timeliness and frequency to update data (real time, daily, weekly) relative to peers, 1-4 points Integration with CRMs, 1-4 points Depth of company info (e.g., revenue, employees, SIC codes, corp. hierarchy), 1-4 points Database management/cleansing/enriching services, 1-4 points Ancillary company info (e.g., news, social media feeds, industry background, etc.), 1-4 points Sales triggers (e.g., executive changes, new products/funding, etc.), 1-4 points Search Capabilities / 14 Points Maximum Ability to segment (by size, revenue, region, title, etc.), 1-4 points Ease of website/ database navigation, layout, clear display of results, 1-5 points Precision search capabilities, filtering, saved searches, 1-5 points Enterprise-wide and Innovative Features / Intangibles / 11 Points Maximum Mobile Access, 1-3 points Ability to share/export data, 1-2 points Data analytics tools (geography, industry, customer base, etc.), 1-3 points Intangibles: How well product performs against stated mission, 1-3 points © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 20
  21. 21. Sales Performance / 20 Points Maximum Sales Contact Review / 11 Points Maximum Responsiveness of sales personnel, 0-2 points Professionalism, (courtesy, helpfulness), 0-3 points Explain value proposition/differentiation, 0-3 points Product knowledge, 0-3 points Usefulness and Completeness of Vendor Website / 4 Points Maximum Clarity (well-written, easy to navigate), 0-2 points Comprehensiveness (full product description and features), 0-2 points Sales Pricing / 5 Points Maximum Publishes pricing, explains pricing methods, 5 points Provides generic or sample pricing, 3 points Provides rules of thumb for pricing, 1 point Does not publish, explain, or provide rules of thumb, 0 points Service / 15 Points Maximum Training Capabilities / 4 Points Maximum Customized training is available and at no extra cost, 4 points Customized training is available but at a cost, 2 points No customized training is available, 0 points Troubleshooting Support / 8 Points Maximum Multiple methods (e-mail, phone, live chat), 0-2 points Level of support (24/7, global, regional), 0-2 points Speed of response, 0-2 points Professionalism, 0-2 points Administrative Functionality / 3 Points Maximum Ability to monitor usage/manage users, 1-3 points © 2013 Outsell, Inc. 21
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