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D&B360 for Oracle Eloqua


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This presentation explains how the enhanced D&B360 cloud connector for Oracle Eloqua improves sales and marketing effectiveness, as well as how to get started using it for your small business.

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D&B360 for Oracle Eloqua

  1. 1. D&B360 for Eloqua See opportunities first. Build relationships that last.
  2. 2. 2 In today’s fast-paced digital environment, keeping up with accelerated pace of B2B marketing is increasingly difficult, essential for growth.yet D&B360 for Eloqua
  3. 3. CMO’s are under increased pressure to deliver results… 3 Source: Gartner Report 2013 Acquire New Customers Drive Revenue Growth Enhance Customer Experience Marketing teams face increased scrutiny and must demonstrate the ability to generate revenue from activities. CMO priorities reflect the need to transform marketing from a discretionary expense into an essential driver of growth: CMO Top Priorities D&B360 for Eloqua
  4. 4. 4 The #1 challenge for CMO’s is lack of buyer insight, as well as difficulty managing campaigns across disparate systems and insufficient data to effectively segment and target: D&B360 for Eloqua B2B Marketers unsure if their marketing mix is effective 63% …and face significant challenges with execution Companies who report difficulty in managing and analyzing data 85% CMO’s who are unprepared for the explosion of data 71% How can marketing teams cope with these challenges and deliver the growth that is expected? Source: Crain’s B2B Magazine Source: Gartner Report 2013 Source: IDC
  5. 5. All Others Trail leaders in adoption of technology and/or influence on customer experience “Best-in-class companies who utilize external sales intelligence sources within their internal applications outperform the competition by over 52%” Leading Marketers Proactively influence customer experience and adopt relevant technology Source: IBM The State of Marketing 2013 80% 20% Adoptionofcross-channel optimizationtechnologies Ownership of Customer Experience Integrating external insight provides a competitive advantage Source: Aberdeen Sales Intelligence 2013: Best-in-Class Practices Adopted by D&B Customers D&B360 for Eloqua 5
  6. 6. 6 More and more businesses are investing in marketing automation to deliver enhanced results and customer experience, with total spending expected to double from 2010 to 2015. D&B360 for Eloqua Estimated market for marketing automation by 2015. Companies plan to adopt a marketing automation strategy 50% Discretionary spend used for marketing automation 9% With every campaign now tracked and measured, how can you ensure that your campaigns accomplish your goals? $4.8B Source: Sirius Decisions Source: IDCSource: IDC Marketing automation plays a critical role in delivering customer experience
  7. 7. Improve customer loyalty • Start with accurate and current data that you can rely on • Enhance customer satisfaction through optimized nurturing Enhance targeting Complete the picture with relevant segment data Utilize modeling to target the best prospects Drive lead conversion • Enrich leads with the insight sales needs to close • Create compelling persona-based content To optimize marketing automation, you need a consistent, 360 degree customer view D&B360 for Eloqua 7 360° View
  8. 8. 8 D&B360 is a new breed of solution designed to help your succeed. Get advanced D&B insight right within Eloqua, so you can: • Find the best opportunities • Deliver stronger content across all channels • Improve customer experience and loyalty sales and marketing teams D&B360 for Eloqua
  9. 9. D&B360 powers Marketing Automation with buyer insight 9D&B360 for Eloqua Connect Eloqua with streaming global insight : So you can: Optimize Segmentation Improve Efficiency Target the Right Buyer 230+ Million Companies 30+ Million Premium Contacts Company Cleanse, Match, and Append Contact Search and Append
  10. 10. Improve efficiency with integrated data quality 10D&B360 for Eloqua D&B360 helps you automate and eliminate the manual effort to collect, integrate and validate quality data on customers and prospects: Improve Efficiency Customer Problem: “Loading qualified data into our Marketing Automation tool is a manual, multistep process that is people and resource intensive.” Reduce duplicate records by 10-20% Increase retention rate by up to 5% 3-5% D-U-N-S Number standard identifier ensures a single view of each customer Ensure your customer nurture programs are based on accurate data. Avoid sending the wrong message to the wrong person. Reduce data errors by Source: Aberdeen Sales Intelligence 2013: Best-in-Class Practices Adopted by D&B Customers
  11. 11. Optimize segmentation with relevant insight on companies and contacts 11D&B360 for Eloqua Segment your market with enriched D&B data and conduct focused campaigns to generate higher qualified leads and revenue: Increase annual revenue by up to 4% Improve response rates by 1-2% Improves pipeline close rate by 2-5% Optimize Segmentation Over 100 fields of company data help you target high value markets Create relevant messaged based on target verticals Drive leads that sales will want to follow up on. Customer Problem: “I have trouble getting enough information to properly target the needs of the industries or segments we want to pursue for growth” Source: Aberdeen Sales Intelligence 2013: Best-in-Class Practices Adopted by D&B Customers
  12. 12. Target the right buyers with access to the largest repository of verified contacts 12D&B360 for Eloqua Find new target contacts at all levels of the organization based on specific job function to increase conversions and drive revenue: Reduce sales cycle by up to 15% Improve response rates by 1-2% 3-5% Target the Right Buyer Connect directly with your target personas and decision makers Market to up-to-date contacts with strong relevant content Improve campaign performance with more accurate data Customer Problem: “I don’t have right contacts to target key decision makers and influencers” Reduce data errors by Source: Aberdeen Sales Intelligence 2013: Best-in-Class Practices Adopted by D&B Customers
  13. 13. 13D&B360 for CRM Use Case - Enhance data quality to maximize Eloqua ROI Improve Efficiency D&B360 pulls the company information stored in Eloqua Company information is sent to the D&B Match & Append Connector The best matched DUNS is appended to the record. Enriched company profile data for the matched DUNS is also appended to the record. 1 2 3 4 Match & Append helps you quickly and accurately match a company name and location to a DUNS number and retrieve associated company information from D&B.
  14. 14. 14D&B360 for Eloqua Use Case – Segment your market to generate higher-quality leads Customer Eloqua Database 230M Companies 20M million contacts & Linkage data Use SIC code to identify target segments for vertical email campaigns Use linkage to run nurture campaigns to accounts that share the same Global Ultimate DUNS Match & Append Connector Run vertical- focused campaigns and strategically market to related accounts Optimize Segmentation Use profile data to power Eloqua’s lead scoring capabilities
  15. 15. Use Case – Identify Decision Makers by Role to Execute Targeted Campaigns D&B360 for Eloqua 15 Select the source object to pull the data from and the destination object to map D&B data 1 Select the roles to retrieve new contacts from D&B’s database of 30+ million contacts 2 Contact Append uses the DUNS number to help you automatically acquire new contacts and associated contact information including name, title, email, and phone number Target the Right Buyer
  16. 16. Trust D&B to power your Marketing Automation strategy and drive results  Multiple industry awards for D&B360  170 years of earning trust and innovating for customers  The only company that owns, maintains and assigns the D&B D-U-N-S® Number, your key to gaining a complete relevant view of customers and prospects 16D&B360 for Eloqua
  17. 17. 17 See and capture the relationships that last. right opportunities first before the competition… and turn those opportunities into profitable customer D&B360 for Eloqua
  18. 18. Enter your credentials Select the source object to pull the data from and the destination object to map D&B data to Select confidence code and optional match grade D&B360 for Eloqua 18 Easy to Set Up – Get up and running in 10 Minutes
  19. 19. Select the source data to send to D&B Select the data to map back into Eloqua from D&B. This is only a partial list of fields that map back. D&B360 for Eloqua 19 Easy to Use – Map the data fields once and leave it
  20. 20. To learn more visit