D&B Contact Data Quality Fact Sheet


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Boost response with the best contact information available. This sheet provides an overview of D&B contact data and explains D&B's data quality advantage.

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D&B Contact Data Quality Fact Sheet

  1. 1. Standard RecordsCreate a foundation for your marketing database and cross-sell cam-paigns with basic contact details (including D-U-N-S Number)40 million U.S. records60 million international recordsPremium Records (U.S. Only)Power your targeted multichannel and email campaigns withemail addresses and/or alternate telephone numbers.18 million records include email address4 million records include alternate phone numberBoost Response with the Best Contact Information AvailableMany data providers claim to be the best, but D&B backs it up. No other provider has as extensive a quality assurance process asD&B. And no one else has the industry-standard D-U-N-S® Number, allowing you to link new contacts to existing account recordsand expand relationships. D&B is the trusted source for high-quality B2B contact information…data that produces results.Data Element Q2 2012 Q3 2012 Q4 20121Q1 2013Company Phone 94% 90% 94% 89%Company Name 98% 98% 99% 99%Company Address 98% 99% 99% 99%Contact Name 87% 87% 79% 88%Title 87% 87% 81% 88%Product OverviewD&B’s Professional Contacts offering allows customers to purchase flatfiles by specifying filters and desired data elements. Pricing is based onquantity and type of records (standard vs. premium).Access to D&B contacts is also available through a variety of packagedsolutions: Hoover’s, D&B360, D&B Direct and Market Insight.There isan additional cost for accessing premium contact records. Within theHoover’s solution, premium contacts are called “ConnectMail”records.A Focus on QualityData Aggregation• D&B works with 17 different data providers to construct the best available B2B contact database.• Prioritization algorithms address duplicates from the various sources.• Contact records that are associated with “high risk”or out-of-business companies are immediately purged.QuarterlyVendor Audits• We hold our providers to accuracy standards and perform quarterly quality tests to ensure they are meeting these standards.• Key data fields are tele-verified on a statistically valid sample of the database:1Data investigations and audits revealed a quality issue with one of ourproviders. All associated records were immediately removed.Specific Attention to Email AccuracyEvery quarter, we perform a three-step validation process on allof our email addresses:1. Format Verification Confirms the email contains the proper syntax to be an email address, e.g. johndoe#dnb.com would be removed in this step2. Domain Verification Authenticates the domain is active and capable of sending and receiving email messages3. Account Verification Certifies an account exists at the domainAny email addresses identified as invalid are pulled from thedatabase within 2 weeks.A Note on DeliverabilityA valid email address does not guarantee email deliverability.Many other factors cause an email to be returned undelivered,including reputation score, firewalls, subject line, out of officealerts and SPAM filters.What should you expect?According to Return Path’s Deliverability Benchmark Report(2011), average email deliverability for B2B companies is 80%(compared to B2C at 86%). DMA guidance states that emailmarketers should expect a delivery rate of 80-90% using housefiles (Opt-In) or 70-80% using third party files (Opt-Out).Standard vs. Premium Contact RecordsAccuracy Results From Tele-Verification
  2. 2. The D&B AdvantageD&B Competition1Why it MattersContacts linked toa D-U-N-S NumberYes No The D-U-N-S Number enables you to link new contactsto existing account records. You can then leverage D&B’sunparalleled firmographic data to profile,segment and target prospects at the contact level.Quality assurance Yes No Increase deliverability on your marketing campaignswith contacts you can count on. D&B removes obsolete,out - of - business and questionable listings and ensuresthat source files are CAN-SPAM compliant.Number of U.S.contact records40M active U.S.records including18M Premium recordswith an email addressand / or alternatephone number6M-65M (countsinclude bothactive andinactive records)Data quality can make or break a campaign. Competitors’numbers may look higher but they count inactive, dupli-cate, and invalid records that D&B identifies and cleansout. Multi-sourcing allows us to go deeper in differentverticals and job functions.MRC (Job) codes Yes78% of D&Bcontacts have astandardized job titleof management-levelor higherNoInconsistent titleswith limited focuson managementTo target effectively you need to be able to identifyprecise job roles and a variety of management levelswithin an organization.2013 Quality RoadmapInitiated in Q1 and continuing throughout 2013, data enhancements focus on significant expansion of data sources, morefrequently updated contacts, elimination of contact duplicates, and an increase in our daily editorial updates. You’ll see thedifference in the contacts and emails that we provide.Specific Initiatives:• Implement solution to address multiple contacts with the same C-level title• Add new quality test to measure and monitor quality of Fortune 1000 C-level titles• Perform more frequent email validation on high demand titles and SICs• Email verification campaigns to address invalid email population that is not responsive to standard email validation• Annual proactive reviews of priority records by D&B editorial staff (Fortune 1000 executives reviewed semi-annually)© Dun & Bradstreet, Inc., 2013 (DB-3339 2013-04-29)1Competition evaluated includes Data.com, Harte Hanks, Infogroup, and Zoominfo.