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Cj30401 taylor


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Cj30401 taylor

  1. 1. Electronic MonitoringA Better Alternative to Incapacitation
  2. 2. Michigan Corrections Statistics- Over $1.5 Billion spent annually- 44,113 people incarcerated- $33,822 annual cost per prisoner
  3. 3. Prison PopulationIn Michigan, the prisonintake per year variesfrom 9,000 to 11,000inmatesWith lack of correctionalfacilities, overcrowdingoccurs http://www.michigan. gov/documents/corrections/2010_Annual_Rep
  4. 4. Electronic Monitoring (EM) Statistics- 5,983 people on EM- $2,362 annual cost per
  5. 5. Benefits of Electronic Monitoring- Saves taxpayers money- allows offenders to maintain jobs- keeps offenders close to family- reduces overcrowding- lower recidivism rates
  6. 6. Daily Difference in Cost
  7. 7. Annual Difference in Cost
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Department of Corrections, (2010). Annual report. Retrieved fromwebsite: Office of Justice Programs, (2010). Electronic monitoring(florida). Retrieved from website: