2014 iihf ice hockey world championship


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2014 iihf ice hockey world championship

  1. 1. In Belarus you will have: Travel package includes: n a visa free entry into the country within 1 month! Ticket Your ticket for the Championship – your visa to Belarus! Accommodation n democratic prices on tickets for the Ice Hockey Championship Excursion in Minsk! Choice (what) n travel packages with accommodation and tickets for matches – Transfer easy decision for everyone who wants comfortably to visit Insurance Souvenir the Championship! Map of Minsk or country We, team of a travel company CentreKurort: n make a unique net of accommodation types for participants and fans of the Championship; n plan and organize free time of participants and guests of the Championship; n guarantee qualitative and reliable recreation for participants and fans of the Championship! www. minsk2014.com Minsk tourist information centre Our tour packages,www.belarustourism.by www. minsktourism.by www.icehockey-2014.by as well as tickets for the Championship you can buy in March, 2013 © ООО «РИФТУР ПРИНТ», 2012 © А. Клещевник, А. Климович, Н. Суслова, текст, 2012 © Б. Жуков, Ю. Чернякова перевод на английский язык, 2012 © С. Плыткевич, А. Климович, фото, 2012 © В. Дегтярев, дизайн-проект, 2012 В издании использованы фотографии из архива “ЦентрКурорта”. Редактор Н. Плыткевич. Препресс-подготовка, верстка Е. Ждановская. ООО «РИФТУР ПРИНТ». ЛИ №02330/1009 от 31.01.2012 Типографии «Джи энд Ди». ЛП №02330/0150065 от 15.06.2008. Тираж 1000 экз. Заказ №1299
  2. 2. Ice HockeyWorld Championship
  3. 3. BELARUS Located in the East of Europe, this ancient land shares a common The total area of Belarus border with Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and Latvia. Here, on is 207,700 square kilometers. The country stretches 560 kilometers the remote edge of the vast open space of the East European Plain (360 miles) from north to south, there lives a nation called Belarusians. and 650 kilometres (460 miles) Belarus, White Ruthenia… Light, pure and tender… A country from east to west. like ours could not wish a better poetic ring to its name. Belarus can neither boast bright colours, nor stun visitors with Climate Average temperatures: local exotics. The country’s quiet charm does not reveal itself in- -10 – -15 °C in winter stantly – it shines in the gentle play of light in the morning sky, +22 – +24 °C in summer. which blends with the blurred horizon, in the green of free open fields and the invigorating air of pine forests, in the watercolour Time zone – FET (UTC+3) Belarusian Time is one hour ahead palettes of birch gloves and the sad clang of mi- of Central European Time. grating cranes. The quite beauty of Belarus will re- veal itself to anyone, who can stand still for a while and feel the surrounding world. Just take your time to look into the depth of blue lakes, Latvia hear the voice of a running creek or the hustle of the trees bent by Vitebsk the wind, breathe in the fresh air filled with the fragrance Lithuania Russia of blooming meadows of the smell of autumn leaves… Minsk Mogilev Grodno Country code top-level domain – by Major internet resources: Brest Gomel Poland www.belarustourism.by www.belarus.by www.tut.by www.tio.by Ukraine2 3
  4. 4. State system – Belarus is a republic. It may appear that here, at the heart of Europe, timeThe country gained independence has slowed down its pace. It looks like the 21st century,on July 27, 1990.Head of State – President. with its turbulent events and upheavals, is passing byHead of Government – Prime-Minister. Belarus – a small island in the middle of the stream,Supreme legislative body – the National a country of virgin nature, authentic nature, eternalAssembly (a two-chamber parliament). values and humane people.Belarus is a member of the United NationsOrganization. Throughout its centuries-long history, Belarus survivedPublic holidays numerous wars, was conquered many a time, but hasJanuary 1 – The New Year’s Day never been a conqueror itself. Belarusians were forcedJanuary 7 – Orthodox Christmas to change their faith, adopt foreign language and culture,March 8 – International Women’s Day get assimilated with other nations. However, BelarusiansMay 1 – Labour Holiday have never lost their national identity.May 9 – Victory DayJuly 3 – Independence DayNovember 7 – October Revolution Day Religious tolerance is a district characteristicDecember 25 – Catholic Christmas. of Belarusian people. Belarusians take pride in the fact that their land has never been homePopulation to religious persecution or ethnic discrimina-Belarus: 9.466.000 (2011), tion. Belarusian people still stand outMinsk: 1.836.800 (2009). among other nations for theirOfficial languages – tolerance, sense of humourBelarusian, Russian. and hospitality.Money Belarus is a country of numerousThe National currency of the Republic religions and nationalities, whereof Belarus – the Belarusian ruble (Br).The country currently uses paper banknotes Belarusians (81.2% of the total populations)ranging in value from Br10 to Br200,000 have always got along well with Russians, Poles,(10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 20 000, 50 Lithuanians, Jews and other nationalities.000, 100 000, 200 000 Belarusian rubles).Belarusian rubles can be exchanged at The majority of the population are Orthodoxbanks and currency exchange offices. Christians, while there are significant groupsBanks also accept travellers checks andplastic cards. Cash currency can be drawn of Catholics and Uniates.from ATMs.4 5
  5. 5. Administratively, Belarus is divided into The ancient city of Vitebsk is now six regions, with regional centres in Gomel, referred to as the capital of the annual Grodno, Vitebsk, Brest, Mogilev and Minsk, International Arts Festival Slavonic which are large industrial cities and cultural Bazaar, which gathers thousands of centres with their own history, traditions amateurs of contemporary music and and numerous monuments. tourists from all countries of the world. With its artistic traditions associated with One of the most ancient cities Ilya Repin, Marc Chagall, Vassily Kandin- of Belarus is Gomel, which was sky, Yehuda Pen, Kazimir Malevich, the first mentioned in the Hypatian city is a tourist magnet in its own right. Chronicle in 1142 under the title of “Gomii” in the context The legendary city of Brest is a of the competition for western gateway to Belarus. Brest was the throne of the Prince first mentioned in the chronicles under of Kyiv. the name of Berestie in 1019. A fragment of the old wooden town has been given The city’s most prominent preservation treatment and is now on landmark, which always attracts display in a museum chamber. The tourists, is the Rumyantsev-Paskevich natural landscape adds to the charm Residence with an old park and a palace, of the city: big and tiny islands in the which is now converted into a museum. embrace of two merging rivers – the The shadowy trees of the old park lean Western Bug and the Mukhavets. The on one other to whisper about the former most heroic pages of the history of the grandeur of past epochs. Today Gomel is city are related to the defence of the the country’s second largest city, a centre Brest Fortress, which is now home to for industry, science, politics and culture a war memorial. and an important transport hub. It was originally assumed that Situated 280 kilometres to the west Mogilev was founded in 1267. The latest of Minsk, the ancient city of Grodno archeological findings, however, provide is justly regarded one of the most picturesque evidence that the city could emerge two places in Belarus. The city’s major tourist centuries earlier. The city boasts an attractions are St Franciscus Xaverius’ event-packed history. Mogilev was there Cathedral, St Bernardine’s Church, St Boris to witness Russian Empress Catherine II, and St Gleb’s Church, the New Castle, Russia’s great poet Alexander Pushkin numerous museums. Sovietskaya Pedestrian and the Decembrists; and accommodate Street with its cosy cafes and shops is the general headquarters of Russia’s last the favourite walking place of the local tsar; in his literary works Konstantin people and visitors of Grodno. Simonov described the battle against fascist troops in Buinichi Field (now a Mogilev suburb).6 7
  6. 6. The unique nature of Belarus is a perfect tourist attraction in its own right. Belarus is often referred to as a blue- eyed country: over 10,000 lakes and 20,000 rivers generously wash the thick green carpet of Belarus’ wonderful land. The largest lake is Lake Naroch with a total area of 80 square kilometres. Vast spaces covered with temperate coniferous forests form virgin woods. Belovezhskaya Pushcha Belarus is a virtual Mecca for those is the country’s largest virgin who successfully fights against hypo- forest. Berezinski Biosphere dynamia, pursues a healthy lifestyle Reserve, Belovezhskaya Pushcha and aims for longevity. National Park, the Braslav Lakes, Lake Naroch and Pripyatsky National There are inexhaustible resources Park are truly unique areas of virgin for organizing active recreation and nature. outdoor activities in Belarus, and everyone will find a pastime to their The country’s flora counts around 12,000 taste. plant species. Over 200 plant species are protected by the state and put on the Belarus has recently become endangered species list – The Red Book a centre for Alpine skiing. Alpine of Belarus. Snowsports Centres Logoisk and Silichi provide visitors with every Belarus’ fauna is fairly varied and counts opportunity to get a good dose of 457 vertebrate species, including 73 mammal adrenaline pumping through their species, 290 bird species and around 60 bird veins, feel the joy of downhill ski species. The register of commercial species rides and steep ascents, enjoy includes fox, marten, hare, otter, ferret, comfortable accommodation ermine, elk, wild boar, etc. 97 vertebrate coupled with sauna therapy species and 85 invertebrate species are and delicious food. currently on the endangered species list – The Red Book of Belarus.8 9
  7. 7. A good way to get to know Belarus is Belarus is a land that raised great poets, sightseeing tours of the country’s old towns musicians, enlighteners and humanitarians and boroughs. A lot of Belarusian towns – and generously gifted them to the history Minsk, Borisov, Orsha, Turov, Polotsk, Za- of world culture. Here are some of the good slavl – are ancient military forts seated on sons of the land of Belarus: fearless free- strategic medieval routes from the Polish thinker Kazimir Leschinski and Renaissance Belarusian cuisine is a brand that Kingdom to the Principality of Moscow, poet Mikola Husouski, outrageous fighters appeals to foreign guests. on the way “from the Varangians to the for freedom Tadeusz Kosciuszko and Kastus Peculiar features of Belarusian cuisine Greeks” – from Scandinavia to Greece. Kalinouski, great Slavonian bookprinter are determined by the geographic position of the country, which seats at the cross- Enthusiasts will enjoy views of medieval Francysk Skaryna, the best poet ever roads of large geopolitical regions and architecture in the context of virgin rural Adam Mickiewicz, artists Marc Chagall faced a strong influence of various landscapes and park ensembles, which date and Chaim Soutine. Belarusian cultural cultures: the Orthodox East and back to the Renaissance Period. Located traditions were taken over by world the Catholic West, the northern in medieval towns of Mir, Nesvizh and famous poets and men of letters Mak- Baltic culture, Muslim nations of the South, Jewish tavern cuisine Slonim, surviving ancient castles and palaces sim Bahdanovich, Yanka Kupala, Yakub and other cultures. of the brilliant szlachta – the Sapiehas, the Kolas, Uladzimir Karatkievich. This is just Belarus’ major vegetable crop is potatoes, Radziwills, the Oginskis, are sights worth a short list of brilliant minds and hearts, which is a major ingredient of various sorts seeing. The castles host traditional festivals whose life and heritage are bright stars of slapjacks, dumplings and cakes. The of local knight clubs, of which are around of world culture. best way to get to know Belarusian cuisine is to visit restaurants and cafes of Minsk 60 in Belarus. and other cities of the country. Here are some of the landmark sites of Belarus, which stand on UNESCO’s World Heritage List: the castles of Mir and Nesvizh, Belovezhskaya Pushcha virgin forest, the Struve Geodetic Arc. Moreover, the Christmas Rite of the Kalyady Tsars was put on UNESCO’s List of Immaterial Cultural Heritage in 2009.10 11
  8. 8. Country Capital –MINSK city Menesk – by that name Minsk had been going in historicalrecords since 1067 – settled down on the banks of the River Svislachand Niamiha River in the late 11th century after moving there froma more ancient site (16 km away from contemporary Minsk) onMenka River, which gave its name to the city. Originally, it was awooden fort with the prince’s court and houses of the townspeoplesurrounded by a rampart. When they started raising the city’s firststone temple in the 12th century, Minsk had already been the centre Airportof a principality, which became separated from the Land of Polacak The capital of Belarus – Minsk – greets– the cradle of Belarus’ statehood. foreign guests at Minsk National Airport located 40 km away from the city. Belavia National Air Company performs flights After joining the Great Duchy of Lithuania, Minsk had developed to numerous cities around the globe.into one of the kingdom’s 15 largest cities by the middle of the 15thcentury to obtain Magdeburg rights in 1499. Since 1566 Minsk had International passenger trainsbeen a district centre and the capital city of Minsk Province. Next to All trains arrive and depart from the Central Railway Station. Tickets can be purchasedHigh Market there emerged Trinity Suburb – an area on the outskirts in advance at CentrKurort.of the city, which was home to craftsmen and traders and a popular (www.otpusk.by)venue for busy fairs. The surviving architecture of the place is repre-sented mostly by residential buildings, which were renovated andnow accommodate shops, cafes, taverns, museums and other insti-tutions. Annexed to the Russian Empire, since the late 18th centuryMinsk had been the centre of Belarus’ largest and permanentlydeveloping province. On January 1, 1919 the city acquired the statusof a capital. WWII left the city lying in ruins, but it was built anewby the late 1950s. Today Minsk is a large contemporary city witha population of more than 1.7 million people. During the Great Patriotic War over 80% of buildings in Minskwere destroyed, so architects and town planners seriously thoughtabout moving the capital to a new site and leaving ruins as a reminderof fascist crimes. Having lost a great number of historical buildings,the city would survive and get a new familiar look. 13
  9. 9. City transport Today Minsk is one of the country’s mostMinsk has a developed network of public beautiful cities. At first sight, the city charmstransport (buses, trolleybuses, trams andunderground trains). The transport system visitors with an abundance of green areas and a largestarts operating at 5:30 in the morning number of parks and gardens. Minsk is one of Europe’suntil 1:00 at night. To pay the fare, tickets greenest cities.are available at kiosks on street corners,shops or can be purchased directly from Built in the spirit of Stalin’s empire style, the central part ofthe bus driver or the fare inspector. Onland transport, tickets must be punched the city’s main street – Independence Avenue is an architecturalimmediately upon entry. ensemble, whose elements are perfectly integrated into the natural environment.UndergroundThere are two subway lines operating in Researchers would go as far to compare the area fromMinsk, with 25 stations, which connectall districts with the city centre. To use the Independence Square to Victory Square with Champs Elyseessubway system, one should purchase a in Paris and Nevsky Avenue in Russia’s St Petersburg. This segmentplastic chip or a plastic card. Minsk Metro of the city’s main street has the highest concentration of open-airis one of Europe’s most beautiful subway cafes and shops, including GUM – the largest department storesystems. in the downtown area. In the early 1990s that segment of theTaxi central avenue was on the list of historical and culturalTaxis are available near hotels, at the monuments of Belarus.airport, railway stations or simply in themiddle of the street. Credit cards are not On a winding bend of Svislach River, on the river’s leftaccepted. bank, there seats Trinity Suburb – a small corner of OldTelephone Minsk. Revived and brought back to life again, the areaOne can make a telephone call from tantalizes tourists and townspeople with a placid atmosphereBelarus to almost every place on the globe. of the early 19th century. According to archeological findings, theFor international calls, one should dial “8”, development of the area now occupied by Trinity Suburb startedwait for the dial tone, dial “10” plus thecountry code followed by the area code in the 12th century. In the early 16th century Holy Trinity Church wasand the telephone number. built there and gave its name to the suburb. The area is full ofThere four cell operators in Belarus, which museums, galleries, cafes and souvenir shops. Trinity Suburb isprovide services in the NMT and one of the landmarks of the city.CDMA2000 standards (1 operator),the GSM standard (3 operators). Cellnetworks cover cities, towns and major Other landmarks are an artistic series of sculptures, which crownmotorways, but are not always available the downtown area: A Boy With A Swan, A Girl With An Umbrella,in remote rural areas. Unknown Lady, The Postman and some other sculptures.14 15
  10. 10. Museums There are around 20 museums in Minsk, including the National History and Culture Museum of Belarus, the National Art Museum, the Museum of Ancient Belarusian Culture, the Museum of Natural History and Ecology of Belarus, Belarus’ State Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Belarus’ State Museum of Theatre and Music History, the Contemporary Graphic Art Museum and others. Tourists enjoy visiting the National Art Museum (20, Lenin Street), which is home to over 27,000 works of art. Entertainment Minsk boasts a contemporary amusement park DREAMLAND, which offers electromechanical rides and attractions for children and adults; Dinosaur Planet entertainment centre in the building of the central rail- way station. There is planetarium in the city’s oldest park – Gorky Park, which also offers numerous amusement rides, including a 56-metre observation wheel, and open-air theatre stage, a contemporary indoor ice staking rink. Sports amateurs will have a chance to appreciate the facilities of the Minsk Arena and indoor tennis courts. Tourists enjoy visiting the city’s circus – one of the best such institutions in Europe, and performances at the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. In the evening numerous casinos, restaurants and bars open their doors to visitors. Traditional Belarusian souvenirs are available both in specialty souvenir shops, and in large trade centres, for instance in Stolitsa underground trade centre. Visitors may choose to go on thematic sightseeing tours of the city.16 17
  11. 11. Hotels in MINSK Hotels in MINSK EUROPE ***** CROWNE PLAZA ***** Exclusive five-star Hotel Europe is situated The Crowne Plaza Minsk Hotel, with its in the historical and cultural heart of Minsk. unique architecture, is located in the Minsk city The elegance and luxury of rooms interior centre opposite the Minsk Dynamo Stadium and successfully harmonize with modern technology within walking distance from the Independence and are able to satisfy the most demanding Square. Shopping, cultural institutions, attrac- taste. tions of the city and business spots are all within Hotel Europe offers 67 rooms of different easy reach from the hotel via underground or classes. Every room is equipped with an individual even walking. climate control and autonomous heating systems, The Crowne Plaza Minsk Hotel offers 115 which allows adjustments of air and water elegantly designed rooms including 2 Presidential temperature, a minibar, a safe deposit, a phone, Suites and Crowne Plaza Club Rooms.Address: Internatsionalnaya St., 28 interactive, satellite and Pay-TV, Internet access Address: Kirov St., 13 All rooms are equipped to the very highCategory: 5* Wi-Fi, a hairdryer and an iron, a bed with ortho- Category: 5* standards including wireless internet connection,Rooms: 67 pedic mattress, anti-allergic pillows and linen, Rooms: 115 air-conditioning, a dedicated work area withCapacity: 116 beds trouser press, safe deposit, minibar. Some rooms Capacity: 223 beds data-port, satellite large screen LCD television, have balconies. In the bathroom you can find mini-bar, safe, iron/ironing board, hairdryer and a hairdryer, a makeup mirror, a cosmetic set, teapot. a bathrobe and slippers. Indoor swimming pool, SPA, Fitness Centre, parking. PRESIDENT ***** MINSK **** The hotel is located in the historic part of the city at the intersection of Engels and Kirov Hotel Minsk is located in the downtown, close streets, in the very centre of political, business to all significant administrative establishments, and cultural life of Belarusian capital . cultural and historical monuments, such as the The hotel President will be a multifunctional Red roman catholic church, Independence complex containig a hotel, a business-centre, square, shopping center «Stolitsa». Besides, railway restaurants, amphitheatre for 600 seats, and underground stations, and also the Russian conference halls and meeting rooms (which dramatic theatre are nearby. allow to provide different high-level services The hotel has 252 rooms, including 38 luxury simultaneously to all the guests including rooms and the VIP-room. confrences and meetings at the highest level), There are the restaurants "Minsk", "The 7thAddress: Engels St., 13 SPA-center, beauty salon, sports and recreational Sky" with national and European cuisine, 3 bars,Category: 5* zone with a swimming pool, two underground Address: Nezavisimosti Av., 11 a banquet hall per 60 persons at the hotel.Rooms: 154 parkings. Category: 4* Hotel Minsk can offer for its clients conferenceCapacity: 184 beds Rooms: 252 hall per 50 places; the sports center, a sauna and Capacity: 413 beds a Turkish bath, Jacuzzi bath. There are a laundry and drycleaners, hair dressers, casino, medical service; souvenir, tobacco, a parking.18 19
  12. 12. Hotels in MINSK Hotels in MINSK VICTORIA **** YUBILEINAYA *** The Victoria Hotel is situated on bank of the The hotel is located in Minsk city center. river Svisloch in the central part of Minsk near 365 guests can be accommodated at the the historical, cultural and administrative center hotel in 239 rooms. There are 2 suites, 16 junior of the city. suites, 48 business class twin and single rooms, The Victoria Hotel offers its guests 169 com- 154 standard TWN and SGL rooms. Junior suites fortable rooms: 115 singles (4 handicap rooms), and suites are supplied with bathrooms, all single 45 doubles, 8 suites and apartment. All the rooms rooms and twin rooms have shower. All rooms has air-conditioning, phone (local, international have TV, telephone. calls), high-speed Internet, interactive TV, mini- There are business-center, conference hall bar with a great choice of drinks and an in-room (250 seats), restaurants, bars, exchange office, safe. newspapers & souvenir kiosks, sauna, hair-Address: Pobediteley Av., 59 Hotel has a wide choice of services and can Address: Pobediteley Av., 19 dressing salon, pharmacy, ATM, casino, roomCategory: 4* meet the needs of the most demanding guest. Category: 3* service, car parking are at your disposal in theRooms: 169/286 Careful personnel of the hotel will help the guests Rooms: 239 hotel.Capacity: 234/448 beds to find themselves in a warm friendly atmosphere. Capacity: 365 beds There is an on-site parking, a 24-hour room- service, a restaurant, a beauty center with a SPA- room, solarium, a massage parlour, a sauna with PLANETA *** a swimming-pool and Vitamin-bar at guests service. Theres also a business center, equipped with modern technique, a conference room, negotia- The hotel is located in Minsk city center. tion rooms, a secretarial and interpreters service. It is 12-storeyed building and it was partially renovated. 456 guests can be accommodated in 310 IBB *** rooms at the hotel. Here you will find 6 apart- ments, 40 suites, 205 rooms of business class, 58 rooms of economy class. Business class The hotel is situated in the western part of rooms, suites and apartments are supplied with the city. bathrooms. Every economy class single room Guests of the capital can be accommodated and twin room has shower. There are TVsets, at 45 DBL rooms equipped with shower, WC, TV, telephones in all rooms. The hotel provides room telephone and minibar. Three of the rooms will Address: Pobediteley Av., 31 service. accommodate guests in wheelchairs. Category: 3* At guests disposal: business-center, restaurant, There are three well equipped seminar rooms Rooms: 310 2 bars, casino, night club, currency exchange for business discussions, workshops and seminars Capacity: 456 beds office, newspapers and magazines, pharmacy,Address: Gazety Pravda Av., 11Category: 3* at your disposal. The large function room, seating souvenir and flower shops, post office, sauna,Rooms: 35 350, can host conferences and meetings. hairdressing salon, car parking, laundry.Capacity: 48 beds Simultaneous translation facilities are available on request. Splendid sauna, restaurant, bar are at your disposal.20 21
  13. 13. Overall Transportation Plan Distances Chart 1 Crowne MINSK ARENA Europe Victoria Minsk Plaza ARENA CHIZHOVKA 2 min 5 min 3 min 8 min 15 min Europe 1,2 km 4,4 km 1,7 km 6,3 km 10,6 km 2 min 6 min 4 min 9 min 15 min Crowne Plaza 1,2 km 5,1 km 2,7 km 7,4 km 10 km 5 min 6 min 6 min 4 min 20 min 5 14 Victoria 4,4 km 5,1 km 5,1 km 3,5 km 14,5 km 3 min 4 min 6 min 9 min 15 min Minsk 1,7 km 2,7 km 5,1 km 7,2 km 10,3 km 8 8 min 9 min 4 min 9 min 23 min MINSK ARENA 6,3 km 7,4 km 3,5 km 7,2 km 17,7 km 10 ARENA 15 min 15 min 20 min 15 min 23 min 18 9 15 CHIZHOVKA 10,6 km 10 km 14,5 km 10,3 km 17,7 km 6 3 7 Objects 4 1 Minsk–Arena 12 Hotel Tourist 20 16 13 19 2 Arena–Chizhovka 13 Hotel Sputnik 3 Hotel Minsk 14 Hotel Akademicheskaya 4 Hotel Crowne Plaza 15 Hotel 40th Anniversary 5 Hotel Victoria of Victory 12 6 Hotel Europe 16 Hotel Express 11 7 Hotel President 17 Hotel Zvezda 8 Hotel Orbita 18 Hotel U Fontana 17 9 Hotel Yubileynaya 19 Hotel Almaz 10 Hotel Planeta 20 Aparthotel Comfort 11 Hotel IBB 222
  14. 14. Hotels in MINSK Hotels in MINSK ORBITA *** SPUTNIK *** Hotel Orbita is located in the western part Situated just a short walk from the city center of Minsk, on one of Minsk major avenues. and close to the Independence square, one of There are 208 rooms including rooms of the biggest squares in Europe, this hotel awaits economy and business class, 28 suites, 180 single you with modern facilities and excellent transport and double/twin rooms with all modern conveni- links. The Independent Square is famous for its ences: bathroom, WC, satellite TV, phone. Red Church and Government house. Rooms of business class also have mini-bars. 24-hours room service, (night) shops, room Address: Brilevskaya St., 2 service, currency exchange office, guardedAddress: Pushkin Av., 39 Category: 3* parking lot, car rentals, call a taxi, cloak-room, Rooms: 140Category: 3* dry cleaners and laundry, beauty salon, souvenir Capacity: 234 bedsRooms: 215Capacity: 332 beds and flower shops, casino, restaurant, 4 bars, business center, conference hall, meeting rooms, fax, copier are at your disposal in the hotel. TOURIST *** Tourist Hotel Complex is a comfortable fifteen- COMFORT Aparthotel *** storied building situated at one of the main traffic arteries of Minsk – Partizanskiy prospect (Partizan- skaya metro station). The hotel is comfortably Comfort Aparthotel is situated not far from located near municipal transport stops and city center. It is for the people who care for metro, thus ensuring fast travel to any part comfort, hospitality, independence and value of the city. real home atmosphere. Comfort Aparthotel offers: 64 (one-room) Address: Partizanskiy Av., 81 studios including 8 of VIP category, 64 (two- Category: 3* room) including 8 of VIP category, 6 (three- Rooms: 200 Capacity: 276 beds room) including 3 of VIP category. Each room has its own super kitchen! And it means that you can prepare your breakfast, U FONTANA *** ZVEZDA ** EXPRESS 40 LET POBEDY ALMAZ lunch or dinner yourself! Comfort Aparthotel was created for business people caring for convenience and mobility as well as for families with children for whom comfort and safety are the most vital things. Nearby territory, parking lot, entrances andAddress: Shchorsa St., 1Category: 3* stair landings are guarded day and night. The cafe in the complex, will be a real pleasure Address: Address: Address: Address: Address:Rooms: 134 for gourmets, and sport complex just opposite Amuratorskaya St., 4 Gazety Zvyazda Av., 47 Privokzalnaya Sq., 3 Azgura St., 3 Gerasimenko St., 8 Category: 3* Category: 2* Rooms: 56 Rooms: 117 Rooms: 91 Comfort Aparthotel will always keep you in Rooms: 18 Rooms: 99 Capacity: 125 beds Capacity: 217 beds Capacity: 138 beds good shape. Capacity: 34 beds Capacity: 136 beds24 25
  15. 15. Ice Hockey in BELARUS Belarus started promoting ice hockey as an amateur sport in the late 1940s. The country’s leading club, which kept changing its name time after time (Torpedo, Spartak, Burevestnik (Petrel), Krasnoye Znamya, Vympel, Torpedo once again, Dynamo, Tivali) used to represent Minsk at championship tournaments of the USSR and the Youth Hockey League (YHL). Teams of other Belarusian cities would also take part in USSR ice hockey tournaments: Gomel (ETZ), Bobruisk (Start), Grodno (Progress-SVSM, Neman) and Novopolotsk (Khimik). Belarus has been holding its national ice hockey championship since the season of 1992/1993. Belarusian clubs had been the major force of the Eastern European Hockey League (EEHL), which also featured representatives of Ukraine, Russia and the Baltic States. Since 2004 after the EEHL was disbanded, Belarus has been holding its Open Championship, with 11 teams participating, including a Latvian squad. Belarus’ Ice Hockey Federation (BIHF) was established on March 6, 1992 to become an IIHF member in two months’ time. The first BIHF president was Yevgeni Ankuda, succeeded by Lev Kontarovich and Yuri Borodich. Vladimir Naumov was at the helm of the federation from 2001 till 2009 and made an enormous contribution to ice hockey development in Belarus. It was at the time of Naumov’s presidency when the IIHF Official Talisman Annual Congress in May 2009 chose Belarus as the host country Ice Hockey of the 2014 Ice Hockey World Championship. Vladimir Naumov was World Championship elected as honorary president of Belarus’ Ice Hockey Federation. Belarus Minsk Since March 2010 BIHF has been headed by Yevgeni Vorsin.26 27
  16. 16. Belarus’ national hockey squad played its first match on November 7, 1992 at the Sports Palace in Minsk and lost 4:1 to Ukraine. Belarus’ national team has been playing in the world’s strongest division (1998–2001, 2003, 2005–present time). The best achievement – 6th position in 2006. Belarus’ squad took part on three Olympics (1998, 2002, 2010), fourth place in Salt Lake City in 2002 being the best achievement. Today Belarus ranks 11th on the IIHF world rating list.28 29
  17. 17. There are 21 training institutions to takecare of Belarus hockey reserve: around4,500 young players supervised by 163experienced coaches. Ice hockey receives substantial statesupport in Belarus. The government hasdeveloped a special programme to build icepalaces in a bid to promote winter sportsin the country. Belarus saw the numberof ice arenas grow from 3 in 1999 to28 at present, with some 20 morearenas to be built in the next fewyears. Belarus’ junior hockey team emerged in 1992. Since 1993 the team had been receiving invitations to take part in Group C in the world junior championship and made it Belarus’ youth hockey squad emerged to the premier division in 1995.in 1992. It took the youth team three years Over these years the team has knownto fight its way through qualification tour- the bitterness of defeat and the exultationnaments to Group C in 1994. It took another of triumph.three years to get into Group B. Having won Belarus junior squad has been perma-a tournament in 1997, Belarus’ youth squad nently changing its registration, driftingmade history by making it to the world’s top between the first division (1997–1999, 2001,ten youth teams, however, they could not 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2012) and thecement their position in the top division. premier divisions (1996, 2000, 2002–2004Since then the Belarusian youth squad is and 2006, 2008 and 2010).permanently drifting from the first division The best achievement of Belarus’ juniorinto the premier division and back to the hockey team to date is the 5th place at thefirst. 2002 world championship in Slovakia. The head coach of Belarus’ present-day The head coach of Belarus’ present-dayyouth team is Pavel Perepikhin. junior team is Andrei Kovalev.30 31
  18. 18. Ice Hockey World Championship ‘2014 Ice Arenas Designated for IHWC 2014 Holding all matches in one city will eliminate all inconveniences related to transfers and will bring together hockey fans from all over the world. Two contempo- rary ice arenas designated for the IIHF World Championship ‘2014 meet the highest contemporary world standards Chizhovka Arena for multifunctional arenas. Located on the opposite side of Minsk, the 9,600-seat Chizhovka Arena will be Minsk Arena a secondary site of the tournament. The launch of the arena, which is currently under Declared as the principal site of the tour- construction, is scheduled for July 2013. The nament, the 15,000-seat Minsk Arena is part local authorities, who pledged to support of a unique sports facility, which includes the construction project, have assured the a velodrome, a speed skating rink and IIHF that the deadline will be met, and sent a hockey arena. a letter of guarantee to IIHF President Rene Launched in 2010, Minsk Arena is com- Fasel. Chizhovka Arena will lay the foundation plete with two training ice rinks for compe- of a promising project, which includes a ting teams, which saves the trouble of hotel complex and entertainment facilities. arranging transfers and changing locker The new arena, which boasts a unique rooms. The velodrome will be used as architectural design, will become another one of the facilities of the sports landmark of Minsk and a symbol of the village intended for fans during city’s progressive future. IHWC 2014.32 33
  19. 19. About the Travel Agency СentreKurort Our company has been working on the travel market more than 10 years, and all this time we take care of a comfortable holiday of our clients. After the opening of the representative office in Moscow our next step is participation in the events of international level. In August, 2012 SI CentreKurort as the official tour operator took part in the ХХХ World Woodcutter Championship, that was held in the Republic of Belarus in a sport-complex Raubichy. 28 countries- participants took part in the Championship. We accepted guests from Latin America, Equador, countries of Eastern Europe. We are a many-time winner of the contest «Discover Belarus» arranged by the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus. CentreKurort – the official tour operator of Ice Hockey World Championship 2014 in the Republic of Belarus. We collect the necessary data, organize professional staff, who will provide the participants and guests of the Championship European comfort and Belarusian hospitality.The Travel Agency CentreKurort Our slogan:is one of the largest tour operators “Holiday with a reliable company!”in the Republic of Belarus34 35
  20. 20. History Welcome to Belarus The State Institution «Center for Sanatoria and Resort Services CentreKurort» was founded in October, 30, 2001. The founder of SI CentreKurort is the Administrative Department of the President We have made incoming tourism our chief objective. of the Republic of Belarus. Our specialists are glad to offer foreign guests a full The present name the travel agency CentreKurort gained in 2003: that was connected with a necessity to make a short and easy to package of services from visa support, hotel reserva- remember name of the company, which finally became one of the tion to a detailed scheduling of their stay in the most known brands in tourism industry not only in the Republic of Republic of Belarus Belarus, but also abroad. Chronology Nowadays SI CentreKurort is one of the major state travel agencies 2001 – foundation of the State Institu-tion «Center for Sanatoria and Resort in the Republic of Belarus under the Administrative Department of the President of the Republic of Belarus. InsuranceServices CentreKurort» under the Admini- The Presidential Administrative Department also includes top-class We offer qualitative insurance protection of different types:strative Department of the President ofthe Republic of Belarus; tourist resorts, situated in most picturesque locations in Belarus, n insurance against accidents and illnesses while traveling abroad; Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and the Ukraine. Among them are sanato- n obligatory medical insurance for foreigners and non-residents, 2003 – acquisition of the official name riums and hotels, as well as other tourist resorts, situated in the who stay in Belarus only for some time;of the company, reasons for creationa brand-name; national parks and reserve. n voluntary insurance against accidents; Nowadays SI CentreKurort is a modern travel company with n other types of insurance. 2006 – opening of new offices in more than ten years’ experience in its branch, professional staff,administrative regions around Belarus; which made it possible to create a reliable and secure base for the 2007 – development of the company, development of the company and tourist potential of the country Transport services.appearance of new tourist offers, dueto creation of own tourist products; on the whole. We are glad to offer our clients the whole range of services Passenger traffic 2011 – opening of the official represen- from visa support, hotel reservation, excursions around Belarus, We offer buses for different quantity of people for rent, as welltative office of SI CentreKurort in Moscow, insurance, sale of air tickets and other services. as passenger traffic services for tourist and excursion tours in theRussian Federation; joining to SI CetreKurorta tourist company Belintourist as an af- In the field of business cooperation SI CentreKurort is a reliable Republic of Belarus and abroad.filiate of the company; partner. The buses include all the necessary facilities and meet all the In 2012 SI CentreKurort won the status of the official tour operator necessary requirements. Our drivers have a many years’ experience 2012 – gaining the status of the officialtour operator of ХХХ World Woodcutter of Ice Hockey World Championship 2014 in Belarus that granted us of driving in Belarus and abroad and have valid Schengen visas.Championship, the Republic of Belarus; a chance to introduce the Republic of Belarus on the internationalprofessional organization and successful market.realization of the event on the interna-tional level; 2014 – gaining the status of the officialtour operator of Ice Hockey World Cham-pionship 2014 in Minsk, the Republic We will make your recreation in our countryof Belarus; preparation for the eventof international level. comfortable and interesting!36 37
  21. 21. Direction: Health & Spa in Belarus and abroad Treatment and rehabilitation with CentreKurort Sanatoriums of the Presidential property – it is recreation in best sanatoriums of Belarus, Management Department of the belonging to the Presidential property President of the Republic of Belarus: Management Department of the President in Belarus – Sosny, Prioziorny, of the Republic of Belarus! Borovoye, Yunost; in Russia – Belarus in Sochy, Treatment and recreation in famous sanatoriums, belonging to Belaya Rus in Tuapse; Yurmala the Presidential property Management Department of the President in Ukraine: Belorussia in Mishor; of the Republic of Belarus – Sosny, Yunost, Prioziorny, Borovoye – in Latvia – Belorussia in Yurmala; perfect possibility to combine recreation with health treatment in Belarus! We offer you to enjoy clean air and hospitable atmosphere, in Lithuania – Belarus in Druskininkai. Druskininkai take medical treatment to maintain health and get rid of stress. We also offer sanatoriums and other resorts that belong to other departments. We are glad to invite for treatment in sanatoriums, belonging to the Presidential property Management Department of the President We are of the Republic of Belarus, situated in famous resorts in Russia – glad to offer Sochy and Tuapse, the Ukraine – in resort Mishor, in Latvia and you modern treat- Web-site: www.otpusk.by Lithuania – in resorts Druskininkai and Yurmala. ment and diagnostic Type of recreation: treatment, rehabilitation. Mishor Sochy In all our sanatoriums you will find attentive and friendly personnel, treatment, as well Sanatoriums: more than 50 facilities. Tuapse European service, comfortable accommodation and good meals, as unique Quantity of days of recreation: up 12 days. modern treatment and diagnostics facilities, reasonable prices treatment for the whole package of medical services. methods!38 39
  22. 22. Direction: Recreation in the National Parks in Belarus Recreation in the National parks – National parks and reserve of the is a journey to untouched nature, Presidential property Management ecologically clean locations in Belarus. Department of the President of the Republic of Belarus: We offer recreation in ecologically clean nature locations National Park of the Republic of Belarus, the most famous of which are: the National Park Belovezhskaya Pushcha (accommodation Belovezhskaya Pushcha, at the hotel Kamenuki 3*), the National Park Pripyatsky (accommo- National Park Pripyatsky, dation at the hotels Over Pripyat, Liaskovichi), The National Park National Park Braslav Lakes, Braslav Lakes (accommodation in the tourist centers Driviaty, National Park Narochansky, Zolovo, Leoshki), Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve (accommodation in the tourist centers Serguch, Plavno, Nivki), the National Park Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve; Narochansky. The National parks provide all the facilities for active tourism, Republican Alpine Snowsport family recreation, hunt and fishing. Centre Silichy. We invite amateurs of active recreation to visit the Republican Alpine Snowsport Centre Silichy, situated not far away from Minsk. Web-site: www.otpusk.by This is a popular recreation complex, where the whole family can Types of recreation: recreation on nature, enjoy free time: ski, snowboard, carting, rent a mountain bike active recreation, hunt and fishing. or have a Russian bath. Travel facilities: more than 10. Quantity of days: any.40 41
  23. 23. Direction: Excursions in Belarus If you like traveling, if you want to know more about Excursion tours around Belarus Belarus and its history, our travel company offers you a wide range of informative excursions lasting from one and the capital of the country – to three days. During the excursions around Belarus you Minsk: will have an opportunity to open for yourself the country of rich culture, ancient traditions and untouched flora n excursions from series and fauna. “Explore Belarus”; Our tours include a very rich excursion program, during n excursions from series which you will visit popular sights of our country: castles in Mir and Niesvizh, Brest fortress, open-air folk art “Orthodox Belarus”; museum Dudutki, take beautiful pictures, buy souvenirs, n excursions and tours around and get lots of good emotions. regions of Belarus and Minsk; The excursion programs include: travelling by a com- fortable bus, professional guide’s service, hotel n excursion tours visiting reservation, acquaintance with national Belarusian the National parks of Belarus; cuisine. n weekend tours. Web-site: www.otpusk.by Sights: castles, churches, historical and architectural monuments. Types of tours: excursion tours, group and individual excursions. Excursions: more than 30. Duration : 1, 2, 3 days.42
  24. 24. For the Ice Hockey World Championship 2014 with SI CentreKurort! We – official tour operator of the international event! n We offer accommodation for more than 20 000 fans of Ice Hockey. n All categories of accommodation during the Championship – from dormitory and hostels to 4* and 5* hotels. n We have priorities on sale of tickets for the Championship for group and final games! n Own unique travel packages for the Championship. When buying a travel package, you get a package of services – tickets for the matches and accommodation, and also pleasant surprises with bonuses! n We offer individual and group excursions around Belarus and Minsk with unique programms, that are specially offered during the Championship! n We will be glad to meet our guests at the airport or railway station and book a transfer on own transport to a hotel. n Organization of business meetings, seminars and banquets during the Championship. www.icehockey-2014.by44
  25. 25. In Belarus you will have: Travel package includes: n a visa free entry into the country within 1 month! Ticket Your ticket for the Championship – your visa to Belarus! Accommodation n democratic prices on tickets for the Ice Hockey Championship Excursion in Minsk! Choice (what) n travel packages with accommodation and tickets for matches – Transfer easy decision for everyone who wants comfortably to visit Insurance Souvenir the Championship! Map of Minsk or country We, team of a travel company CentreKurort: n make a unique net of accommodation types for participants and fans of the Championship; n plan and organize free time of participants and guests of the Championship; n guarantee qualitative and reliable recreation for participants and fans of the Championship! www. minsk2014.com Minsk tourist information centre Our tour packages,www.belarustourism.by www. minsktourism.by www.icehockey-2014.by as well as tickets for the Championship you can buy in March, 2013 © ООО «РИФТУР ПРИНТ», 2012 © А. Клещевник, А. Климович, Н. Суслова, текст, 2012 © Б. Жуков, Ю. Чернякова перевод на английский язык, 2012 © С. Плыткевич, А. Климович, фото, 2012 © В. Дегтярев, дизайн-проект, 2012 В издании использованы фотографии из архива “ЦентрКурорта”. Редактор Н. Плыткевич. Препресс-подготовка, верстка Е. Ждановская. ООО «РИФТУР ПРИНТ». ЛИ №02330/1009 от 31.01.2012 Типографии «Джи энд Ди». ЛП №02330/0150065 от 15.06.2008. Тираж 1000 экз. Заказ №1299