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ALT Research&Consulting company presentation


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We are experts in strategy and Russian market. We believe that Russia is a country of challenging opportunities. Our mission is to help our clients to create successful business in Russia.
ALT Research and Consulting Company was founded in 1992. For 17 years of work we have completed over 300 consulting projects. Today we are one of the leaders on Russian market of strategic consulting with solid experience, good references and wide net of contacts in different areas.

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ALT Research&Consulting company presentation

  1. 1. ALT RESEARCH & CONSULTING COMPANY Moscow – Saint-Petersburg 2009
  2. 2. Who we are Our specialization is management and strategic consulting: we help companies managers to solve complicated business problems For 17 years more than 300 projects completed We are the first Russian consulting company conducting research on successful management Since 1995 we organize All-Russian annual management conference ALT is a private independent company, all owners work in the company; 8 regular consultants Offices in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg 2
  3. 3. Our values Corporate entrepreneurial spirit High Creativity and professional initiative skills Our values Focus on Flexibility and result open mind 3
  4. 4. Our services: Strategy from idea to realization Main services Marketing Strategy Management system Implementation and sales development optimization support • Effective holding • Complex business- companies • Strategic analysis and • Capital Raising plans management forecast of market • External project • DIY-strategy • Organizational • Estimation of sales management • Export strategy structure optimization potential • Project management • Management team • Benchmarking • Distribution strategy • KPI support • Strategic sessions • Restructuring Antirecession services • Antirecession sessions • Restructuring • Scenario development • Mergers and acquisition • Sales increase • Antirecession plan • Costs optimization 4
  5. 5. We work with companies from different industries Machinery Distribution and & logistics engineering Development, construction FMCG Clothes and and textiles construction materials Timber, pulp Mining & Chemical, Public entities & paper metallurgy oil and gas and industry industries industries administration 5
  6. 6. Our strengths 1 Professional team of consultants with experience in long-term client support, guidance and project management 2 Good references, image and contacts among clients in target sectors: transport, logistics & distribution, FMCG, machinery, mining & metallurgy, pulp & paper Solid experience and track record in public activities on management issues: 3 seminars, business-meetings, round tables, conferences 4 Network of partners and contacts in different areas: business, state administration, media 5 Experience and references with state companies and entities 6
  7. 7. Our approach • We develop fundamentally new approach to collaboration between Client and New format of consultant – DIY-format (Do-It-Yourself), that allows to involve Client’s team as work with Client much as possible and therefore greatly increase level of implementation of developed plans and solutions. Payment • We are sure that our work will bring required result to the Client, so we are depending ready to link payment for our services to project results. on result • We have broad network of foreign partners and we are member of International and Russian associations of consultants. That is International why we always take into consideration international context and use advanced expertise foreign methodology in management, as well as we make joint projects with our international partners. 7
  8. 8. We summarized experience of more then 300 projects and developed fundamentally new approach to collaboration between Client and consultant and named it DIY-format (Do-It-Yourself) DIY- DIY-format is aimed on complex support of company strategic development Client’s team ALT consultants Support development and Perform main part of analytical and realization of strategy as planning work methodologists and experts Involvement of team, their Effective design of strategic experience and knowledge are used process, expertise of analysis and => responsibility for plans made by management implementation is ensured EFFECTIVE ANALYSIS AND SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION OF CHANGES 8
  9. 9. References One of the leading world producers of marine and One of the biggest industrial engines Russian coal producers “The data you provided us confirmed the accuracy of chosen strategy “We appreciate the results, efficiency and accuracy of Alt’s work as and allowed to adjust it in accordance with the market segmentation” appropriate to the best international standarts” V.D. Gavrilov, Head of representative office in Russia, V.V. Preobrazhensky, CFO, Volvo Penta International SUEK (Siberian Coal Energy Company) Leading bakery producer in One of the biggest car North-Western Region of producers in Russia Russia “The consultants from ALT managed to grasp the current situation in “Active participation of Alt consultants in preparation, conduction and details and find out the key sources to improve efficiently the logistics summarizing helped us to make the strategic process more effective” management system”. S.G. Zanozin, Chairman, board of directors of “GAZ Group” V. I. Fedorenko, CEO JSC Khlebny Dom/Fazer Group Famous Russian clothing manufacturer and retailer One of the biggest Russian independent steel trader “Thanks to the high professional skills of joint team of our managers and ALT consultants we succeeded in solving a number of “The results of collaboration with Alt consultants allows our company complicated tasks related to retail net reorganization and took a to face the future confidently” decisive step toward company development.” L.A. Avetov, CEO, Brok Invest Service G. G. Sintsova, CEO,drive “Pervomajskaja Zarya” (former Melon Creation ZAO Fashion Group) 9
  10. 10. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Schelkovskoe highway, highway, 7th Line, V.O., 76, 2, bldg.1, 105122, bldg.1, 199106, Saint- Saint- Moscow Petersburg Tel./fax: Tel./fax: Tel./fax : 7-495-788-59-29 495-788-59- 7-812-332-82-34 812-332-82- E-mail: mail: alt@ E-mail: mail: 10