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Science is Wonder-ful! 2018


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Photographs accompanying the linkedin article "Science is Wonder-ful! 2018," describing author's experience at the outreach event which took place in the European Parliament, September 24-25, 2018. A part of the European Researchers Night. The demonstration at the stand "Glow with a Flow" was illustrating concepts of photoluminescence, spectroscopy, energy transfer, artificial photosynthesis, nanoparticles, solar energy.

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Science is Wonder-ful! 2018

  1. 1. Photographs to accompany the LinkedIn article “The Science is Wonder-ful! 2018” September 24-25, 2018, Brussels, Belgium “Glow with a Flow” Photographs by Dmitry Baranov unless otherwise noted Connect and contact at LinkedIn:
  2. 2. Getting stand ready
  3. 3. Ready! The calm before the storm.
  4. 4. Look there!
  5. 5. Fun
  6. 6. Alexia helping with translation
  7. 7. More fun
  8. 8. With VP of EP Dimitrios Papadimoulis Thanks to Matthew Brooks for the photo!
  9. 9. Thumbs up!