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Senior Project

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  • Fun ideas to nip excess snacking situations
  • Fitness

    1. 1. Fitness!Fun Ideas To Nip Excess Snacking Situations Dennis Fender Christian Mercer
    2. 2. Our Product• From our project a brochure and a website will be produced. – The brochure will include information such as recipes and ideas of activities that can help fight obesity. – The website will include a power point that expands on the ideas of the brochure and demonstrates some of the activities that we will include in the brochure.
    3. 3. Our Achievements• We have created a brochure that consists of a few kid-friendly recipes that are great for children to make with an adult..• Also included in ourbrochure are tips on ways toget the whole familyinvolved in getting active.
    4. 4. Group’s Responsibilities• The brochure will be distributed to guidance counselors at different intermediate and middle schools.• We will also distribute our brochures to other places around Cleveland County.• Creating a power point that will go onto our website that we will also link YouTube videos that we will make showing how to complete some of the fun recipes.
    5. 5. Group’s Responsibilities• Formulating ideas of how to raise money in order to complete our project. – Planning a place and time.• Creating the presentation that will be shown to the committee about our final product
    6. 6. Timeline of Our Project• Our next step is to plan a fundraiser. We plan to have it around April 5th – Our ideas include: A Car Bash, Car Wash, Bonfire, a Spring Fling or a Dog Wash.• With the money from the fundraiser, we plan to print out copies of our brochures.• Then later in April we plan to circulate our brochures to the guidance counselors of different schools so they can reach the hands of kids that are interested.• We hope to be able to continue circulating our brochures throughout middle and intermediate schools.
    7. 7. FITNESS: Fun Ideas to Nip Excess Snacking SituationsDennis FenderChristian Mercer
    8. 8. Statistics• 16% to 33% of children are Obese• 71% of Children buy soda or snacks from snack machines in school
    9. 9. Causes• Lack of good nutrition and balanced diet causes children grow up and have complications as an adult such as cardiovascular diseases and others such as diabetes.• It is hard to find foods that are healthy for children that they will actually enjoy. For this reason, many children go to junk food, which is available and has less time to prepare.
    10. 10. Ways to Fight Back• A valuable tool is to know how to cook food correctly and make it healthy and fun to do.• Learn what snacks are good to eat and others that are not so good.• Teach about the bad habits and what they can cause.
    11. 11. Have Fun !!– Emphasize on playing and having fun to stay in shape as well as eat healthy.
    12. 12. Resources• Google Images• NY-Times• WebMD