Do you work in HR?


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Do you work in HR?

  1. 1. TM Your room is waiting.Online Video InterviewingHow Leading HR Organizations Findthe RightTalent & Streamline Hiring iMeet for HR |Your interview room is waiting.
  2. 2. TM iMeet for HR | Your interview room is waiting.The Need for Speed (& Efficiency) forms). Screening more candidates. Getting offers out faster. Onboarding new hires more efficiently. HR has embraced someWHILE THE JOB MARKET HAS CHANGED, technology to help with these tasks, thoughHIRING AND INTERVIEWING PRACTICES efforts have not yet paid big dividendsLAG BEHIND in shortening the path to great hires.In the wake of the recession, most Many firms still rely on inexpensive butcompanies operated lean, filling only not hugely effective or efficient phonemission-critical positions and often screening as the first filter.waiting until the last moment to add While productivity and speed in hiring areworkers. But with clear signs of an critical, HR is not just a volume game. Everyeconomic uptick, hiring activity is dollar invested in new talent must produceincreasing. As the war for talent heats up, tangible value. Competitive pressures havecompanies can no longer afford the risk increased expectations for all administrativeof waiting to find the “perfect” candidate departments. Studies show that 60% ofamong a huge number of applicants. CEOs are examining their HR departmentsYet, though the labor market is shifting in terms of their ability to advance therapidly, many HR organizations still rely company against its core businesson the same old screening, interviewing objectives. That’s why recruiters must buildand hiring processes. At some companies, value into every process in a way thatrecruiting and hiring move at the same benefits their business stakeholders andpace, no matter how tight the labor market internal customers.or how urgent the business need. Consider The bottom line is that, finding, filteringthat, in 2010, managers typically invited and attracting the right talent – skilled,five or six candidates for second-round experienced and a good cultural fit – mayinterviews, twice as many as in 2007, be harder than ever. But the HR groupsaccording to The Wall Street Journal. that get it right make direct, bottom-lineNo wonder it can take months to fill contributions to the business. And with sopositions. And when the quest for the ideal many workers available, winning the talentapplicant drags on, the business suffers war equates to competitive success.due to higher administrative costs, lowerproductivity and missed opportunities. PHONE SCREENING BEFORE FACE-TO-FACE – IS THERE A BETTER WAY?Like the business itself, most HRdepartments have been leaned out during There’s no going back to the days of bigthe recession. That means they too must travel budgets for HR, or wining anddo more with less. Reviewing more dining candidates to check out their tableresumes and applications (often via online manners. Interestingly, HR departments arejob boards and web-based submission comfortable using time-saving technology,
  3. 3. TM iMeet for HR | Your interview room is waiting.sourcing candidates via online searchservices, using automated resume screening,communicating by email and reaching out Why Hiringthrough social media. But surprisingly few Practices Matterrecruiters have explored ways to replace orenhance the initial phone interview. Over the years, HR surveys (such as that conducted by DevelopmentIndeed, the initial encounter over the old- Dimensions International in 2002)school land line still holds an honored place have confirmed that hiring practicesin the search and hire process. It is common and tools are closely linked topractice for HR staff to call candidates for a an organization’s success. Suchpre-screening before inviting them in for a studies show that companies withpersonal interview with executives. This is more effective hiring systems rankcertainly a low-cost and high-efficiency way higher in financial performance,to assess basic communications skills, gauge productivity, quality, customerlevels of interest and share background satisfaction, employee satisfactioninformation about the position and the and retention. There is even evidencecompany. Still, it’s worth asking just how suggesting interactive technologieseffective phone interviews are. Sure, they are the new hallmark of HR success.may eliminate completely inappropriate While lean HR teams shoulder aapplicants and the least qualified candidates. greater workload today, the rightBut preliminary phone screenings are not web-based technology enables aexactly a precision tool. There is always a large leap forward in productivitygreat deal more to a person’s background and efficiency, which points the wayand skill set than recruiters can hear over to broader business success.the phone.By necessity, a phone interview is onlya precursor to a face-to-face interview, Suffice it to say that impressions madewhich remains the gold standard for in a face-to-face interview setting arefinding candidates – and for good reason. overwhelmingly important. The way aResearch has found that at least 80% of candidate waits in the lobby, walks acrosshuman communication is non-verbal. Some the room to shake hands, makes eyeexperiments have broken down the non-verbal contact, smiles or doesn’t, dresses wellcues even further, finding that the human face or poorly may all reflect the behaviorsconveys 55% of all communication, the tone and outlooks recruiters deem necessaryof voice 38% and actual words a mere 7%. As for success in the job, as well as thebusiness guru Peter F Drucker once said, “The . fit with an organization’s culture andmost important thing in communication is environment.hearing what isn’t said.”
  4. 4. TM iMeet for HR | Your interview room is waiting.HELP WANTED: BETTER TECHNOLOGY and are often more relaxed in front ofFOR BETTER HIRES a webcam than in traditional interview settings. They are also comfortable with aOnline video interviewing combines the less formal approach, and are attracted tosimplicity, reliability and cost-effectiveness formats that can inject a little fun.of phone screening with the hugeadvantages of in-person interviews. With THE BENEFITS GO BOTH WAYSuser-friendly, webcam-based interviewing Video interviewing offers breakthrough“rooms, companies can more rapidly and ” gains in efficiency without addingfully evaluate candidates’ skills, attitudes significant expense or risk to the hiringand personalities. Stronger interpersonal process. For HR organizations, theconnections reinforce the “human” in HR – benefits include:allowing companies a well-rounded view ofapplicants, and the applicants a clearer look » Lower hiring costs based onat the job and company. reduced travel expenses for candidatesThere is simply no substitute for seeinga candidate. Actions speak louder than » Faster hiring cycles by narrowingwords even on a small screen. Though the field and eliminatingrecruiters can’t feel the handshake, inappropriate applicants morevideo conferencing allows them to see quickly and preciselymany telling physical signals, includingthose that telegraph attitude, interest » Increased confidence that onlyand attentiveness. You can see facial strong candidates will be invitedexpressions that equate to energy or lack to face-to-face interviews withof it, and how posture suggests confidence business stakeholdersor anxiety. And of course clothing, hair » More persuasive tools for “selling”and grooming speak volumes about the company to top talentprofessional and personal standards. And when it’s time for onboarding, videoVideo interviews also provide companies an meeting rooms can help integrate newopportunity to sell themselves to top talent. hires into the corporate culture faster andHR groups can show that their organizations more efficiently, a hallmark for long-termare innovative, value communication and employee success. Leaders can sharebelieve in a personal touch. welcome messages with new hires, whileThis is a critical consideration for HR staff can provide access to necessaryGenerations X and Y, and for Millennials, orientation documents. They can eventhe huge demographic group that’s invite employees to “drop by” theirtransforming the workplace. These younger online meeting rooms anytime they havecandidates expect to communicate digitally questions or just want to chat.
  5. 5. TM iMeet for HR | Your interview room is waiting.But it is important to recognize thatcandidates realize important benefits, too,including: What to Look for in Online Video » A richer and more detailed view of Interviewing the corporate culture and specific Technology? job opportunities EASE OF USE: Ideally, a video » Quick access to company information conferencing service should and the ability to ask questions be as easy as making a phone call » More engagement and interaction or signing into a website. with recruiters AFFORDABILITY & RELIABILITY: » The opportunity to make a great first Many corporate video networks impression and demonstrate their are costly, complex and prone to skills and qualifications technical difficulties. Internet-based services largely avoid such issues. » Video interviews allow HR professionals to do more with SIMPLICITY: Online meeting less and take a shorter route to platforms typically distract users finding and onboarding successful with too many features, clunky candidates – perhaps even the interfaces and required downloads. “perfect” ones for the business Focus on technology that is ready for everyone, emphasizes the people communicating, and allows sharing of simple content, like videos, documents and social media links. PRIVACY: HR users should have a private room or space to conduct interviews or other meetings. ALWAYS-ON AVAILABILITY: Because schedules are tight, look for tools that enable spontaneous video interviews, without arduous set-ups and scheduling process. SUPPORT FOR MULTIPLE USERS: The ability to conduct group interviews can streamline the overall hiring process.
  6. 6. TM iMeet for HR | Your interview room is waiting.Welcome to iMeet®The Proven Way for HR to: » Find better candidates » Evaluate them more effectively » Hire them sooner » Onboard them fasteriMeet is as simple as a phone call, butmuch more enriching, powerful and fun.That’s why we believe the world’s greatestinterviews happen in iMeet. » No difficult downloads or complexiMeet combines crystal clear, HD-like interfaces – all you and candidatesmultipoint video (up to 15 web cameras need is a webcam and a browsersimultaneously turned on) in a virtual,personal meeting room that’s perfect » Your iMeet room is alwaysfor interviews and initial screening of ready, for formal interviewsjob applicants. Designed for clarity and or “drop-by” discussionsinstant access to anyone, it combines the » Individual rooms ensure interviewbest parts of conference calling, video privacy, but are perfect for groupsconferencing, and social networking – allcleaned-up, simplified and ready for HR. “iMeet is giving my team an edge in attracting and placing top talent. We needed a way to build the pipeline faster and the video interviewing in iMeet is helping us cut a lot of time out of the process. We’re rapidly solving our clients’ staffing needs. ” Greg Malever President & CEO, The Lanta Group
  7. 7. TM iMeet for HR | Your interview room is waiting.BETTER THAN A PHONE INTERVIEW PUT THE HUMAN BACK INTO HUMAN RESOURCESGet to know candidates: With iMeet, HR recruiters can get to know » Assess communication skills candidates and employees faster and » Gauge confidence, enthusiasm more personally. And your candidates can and interest levels understand your company and specific opportunities more clearly. It’s all about » Visit the social media links for enabling real conversations and meaningful a full view collaborations during the hiring process – and what could be more human than that? » See the dazzling smile (or gaudy tattoo)MAKE A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION& ATTRACT TOP TALENT » Engage Gen X and Y, and Millennials in their favorite formats » Easy links to CEO messages, corporate video, job descriptions and other documents » Position your company as people-centric, innovative and communicative
  8. 8. TM iMeet for HR | Your interview room is waiting. About iMeet iMeet is a simple, elegant, wide-open space where you can get together any time. It’s your own personal meeting room where you can see everyone and learn more about them. Simply put, iMeet is the best parts of conference calling, video conferencing, and social networking, all cleaned-up, simplified and ready for business. Our goal? Do away with soul-sucking meetings and make get-togethers as enjoyable as possible. After all, great things can happen when we’re all in the same room. iMeet is the brainchild of PGi, a company that hosts over 4 million meetings every month for businesses around the world, including 75% of the Fortune 100 (needless to say, our technology is rock solid). Thanks for reading and hope to see you around. iMeet comes to you from©2011 American Teleconferencing Services, Ltd. |PGi