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Contrasting Indonesian & English Vowels


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A powerpoint presentation based on Week # 5 of "Contrastive Linguistics & Error Analysis", an internal publication of Unindra

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Contrasting Indonesian & English Vowels

  1. 1. Presented by :1. Andy Widiyanto 2010125006532. Firdha Hanifah20101250068620122012
  2. 2.  Vowels are sounds which areVowels are sounds which areproduced with the vibration of air inproduced with the vibration of air inthe oral cavity.the oral cavity. All vowel sounds are voiced oralAll vowel sounds are voiced oralsounds.sounds. The relationship of the vowels to oneThe relationship of the vowels to oneanother is shown by the device knownanother is shown by the device knownas the Vector the Vector Triangle.
  3. 3. Vowel articulation is described using FOURparameters.• Tongue Height• Tongue Advancement• Lip Rounding• TensenessParameters
  4. 4. front central backhighmidlowiεǽuoieCuIεαə^Ωα- English- Indonesian
  5. 5. 1212 EnglishEnglish VowelsVowelsɪɪ It,It, kit, bid,kit, bid, dutydutyee dress, bed, head, manydress, bed, head, manyææ trap, badtrap, badɒɒ lot, odd, washlot, odd, washʌʌ strut, mud, love, bloodstrut, mud, love, bloodʊʊ:: goose, two, blue, groupgoose, two, blue, groupii:: fleece, sea, machinefleece, sea, machineɑːɑː start, fatherstart, fatherɔːɔː thought, law, north, warthought, law, north, warɜːɜː nurse, stir, learn, refernurse, stir, learn, referəə aabout, commbout, commoon, standn, standarardduu thank ythank youou, infl, influuence, sitence, situuationation66 IndonesianIndonesian VowelsVowelsaa Bapak, sBapak, saakit, ayamkit, ayamii iibu,bu, iitu,tu, iilmulmuuu uuntung,ntung, uujian, ljian, luupapaee eemosi,mosi, eenerginergioo oolahraga,lahraga, ootaktakəə eelang, blang, beelajar, tlajar, teerbangrbang
  6. 6. i:i:ɑɑ::ɜɜ::This is a longThis is a long /i://i:/ that Indonesians never say it with athat Indonesians never say it with alittle bit long duration. They may say it with a longlittle bit long duration. They may say it with a long /i://i:/but they do not recognize this symbolbut they do not recognize this symbol3 Difficult Sounds (Vowels)Indonesian does not recognize this symbol exceptIndonesian does not recognize this symbol exceptshort a. English recognizes theshort a. English recognizes the /a://a:/ like in the wordlike in the wordfatherfather / fa:ðə(r) // fa:ðə(r) /..This is a longThis is a long /ə://ə:/. Remember, however, that these. Remember, however, that thesetwo symbols do not have any relation. Comparetwo symbols do not have any relation. Compare //33:/:/ ininbirdbird / ’b/ ’b33:d/:d/ and ə inand ə in agoago / ə’gəu/ ə’gəu //
  7. 7. English vowel soundsEnglish vowel sounds are dividedare dividedinto twointo twogo to example
  8. 8. VOWELSEnglish /ɪ/ /ʊ/ /ʌ//ɒ//o//ə/ /e/ /æ/‘short’IndonesianIiUuAaOoEeəEnglish /iː/ /uː/ /ɑː//ɔː//oː//ɜː/ ‘long’
  9. 9. Examples:‘short’ vowels/ɪ/ ship /ʃɪp/, pin /pɪn//ʊ/ book /bʊK/, put /pʊt//ʌ/ cup /kʌp/, brush /brʌ∫//ɒ/ or /o/ hot /hɒt/, clock /klɒk//ə/ a /ə/, of /əv/, camera /kæmərə//e/ ten /ten/, men /men//æ/ man /mæn/, cap /kæp/BackBack
  10. 10. Examples:‘long’ vowels/iː/ see /siː/, sea /siː//uː/ boot /buːt/, june / dʒuːn//ɑː/ march /mɑːt∫/, heart /hɑːt//ɔː/ or /oː/ ball /bɔːl/, fork /fɔːk//ɜː/girl /gɜːl/, work /wɜːk/,hurt /hɜːt/, heard /hɜːd/ BackBack
  11. 11. Discover this phoneme. Try to focusDiscover this phoneme. Try to focuson theon the soundsound of the word.of the word.a.Tail - (tali)b. gate – (gatel)c. ate – (atap)d. rake – (rak)e.taken – (tekan)What vowel sound is common in the words above? Clickhere to find out.
  12. 12. Each of the wordswithout brackets has thelong “a” phoneme orsound.
  13. 13. What vowel sound is common in thelist below?a. See – (lihat)b. three – (tiga)c. speaking – (bicara)
  14. 14. Each word has the long /e/phoneme or sound.Each of the wordswithout in brackets hasthe long “i” phoneme orsound.
  15. 15. What vowel sound is common in thefollowing list?a.Ten - (sepuluh)b.send – (senter)
  16. 16. The long /e/ phoneme orsound is common in thelist of words, without inbrackets.
  17. 17. a.go – (gosong)b.Potatoes – (potong)c.Overheard – (oper)d.stone (stok)What is the common vowel sound?
  18. 18. The long /o/ phonemeor sound is representedwithout in (brackets)the words.
  19. 19. a. Cucumber – (cucu)b. Beautiful – (buruk)c. Cute – (kutek)What vowel sound iscommon in the listbelow?
  20. 20. The long /u/ phonemeor sound is commonwithout in bracketeach of the words.
  21. 21. ConclusionIndonesian does not have vowel soundsymbols such as English. Indonesianvowels make it difficult to use thevowel into English vowels because ofdifferences in pronunciation andvoicing.
  22. 22. Thank you for your attentionII ffeeeel dl diizzyzzy Dj.....Dj.....
  23. 23. “Contrasting Indonesian &English Vowels”(this presentation is an excerptof week # 5 of “ContrastiveLinguistics & Error Analysis”, aninternal publication of Unindra)