Websphere Portal Social Entitlements


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Websphere Portal Social Entitlements

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  • In 2009 Omron talked about their intranet work project for Omron Europe – for over 2200 employees. The project included using Portal to bring together content and services from Cognos, WCM, Google, and Lotus Notes with some collaboration services (instant messaging and discussion forums), content and people search capabilities. They used Portal to deliver a highly personalized intranet with a completely different look and feel – it mattered a lot to them what the user experience and visual impacts were. The solution is called Ozone and its key components are: WCM, Portlet Factory, Personalization, Search, Custom SSO, and overall customization. Objectives – in 2009: Strengthen European Communication and Collaboration (Keen)through knowledge management: easy sharing of technical, application and business knowledge and experiences through improved collaboration throughout the whole organization Improve operational synergies and unlock efficiencies through European sharing of information, tools and processes (Lean) through operational efficiency in high-value business process areas with more streamlined access to the tools, information, self-service, and people they need to do their job Their partner is Portico Consultancy. This project won an award “ 2010 Intranet Innovation Award, Step two Designs (Gold award: Frontline Delivery)”
  • Keep the File in one location and reference in several Communities Easily manage the members of a Community
  • Last year we introduced our downloadable mobile app from the various app stores in the summer release. We followed this release with our iPad release in the fall..
  • Websphere Portal Social Entitlements

    1. 1. ICS SalesTalkExciting new Social Entitlements forWebSphere Portal Customers!Djalma Brittodjalmab@br.ibm.com ©2011 IBM Corporation
    2. 2. AgendaEntitlement DetailsSelling the Social PortalSelling the full value of IBM ConnectionsSummary, Call to Action and Resources
    3. 3. Overview What? IBM WebSphere Portal Server, Enable, Extend customers on active maintenance are now entitled to use two key IBM Connections social services - Files and Profiles. WebSphere Portal customers will now be able to deploy and access the Files and Profiles services of IBM Connections at no additional charge. When? Announce and eGA on 2/21/2012
    4. 4. Entitlement does NOT include these IBM Connections SocialServices © 2011 IBM Corporation
    5. 5. Which customers are eligible for this entitlement? Entitlement includes the use of Files and Profiles features of IBM Connections 3.0.1 to clients with active maintenance agreements of these licenses : WebSphere Portal Server WebSphere Portal Enable WebSphere Portal Extend Accelerators with WebSphere Portal Sever (IBM Content Accelerator with Portal Server) These customers will now be able to deploy and access the Files and Profiles features of IBM Connections at no additional charge.How is the entitlement being provided?Customers will not need to do anything to activate this entitlement - the downloadpackage will be available to them under their Passport Advantage downloads. There will be a 1:1 mapping for the entitlement for every PVU of Server, Enable, and ExtendHow does a customer move to full IBM Connections?The path for customers to upgrade to full IBM Connections services will require using theexisting per user IBM Connections part number.
    6. 6. Are there restrictions on how the social entitlementcan be used with Portal? No! This entitlement allows for integrated, hybrid, or side by side deployment of Files and Profiles for internal and external solutions Integration may include existing and upcoming social portlets , Web Application Bridge or simply a link that brings together Portal and Connections Files and Profiles For customized integration ISSL and IBM Business Partners can provide services to meet a customers specific needs Entitlement includes Mobile use of IBM Connections Files and Profiles
    7. 7. Why are we doing this? Drive NorthStar VisionContinue to drive social business and social portal messaging by providing key IBM Connectionsservices within WebSphere Portal offeringsShowing how are products can be used together to provide a overall exceptional web experiencesolution New Opportunities Improve Connections penetration into our 2,900 + active Portal Customers; the top 300 of which without IBM Connections have invested over $629M in Portal Give Portal customers a “taste” of social services from IBM Adoption of IBM Files and Profiles services will help provide an avenue to make every current Server, Enable and Extend customer a sales opportunity for full Connections Protect and drive S&S renewals and reinstatements throughout the year Profiles becoming a new control point as companies are looking at external and internal “portal refreshes” Competition Other social and portal platforms are beginning to or already provide social capabilities. The adoption of IBM social capabilities through the entitlement will help lock potential competition out
    8. 8. Next Generation Web Experiencesthe infusion of social media/services in context to a users Web experience Social + Portal speed integration & facilitate contextual collaboration... Social providing the foundation Intranet for a Social Business Social Portal Social Social Extranet Web © 2011 IBM Corporation
    9. 9. Best-of-Breed Web Experience & Market-leading Social Software al Soci al Port IBM ons i n ect Con h er e W ebSp al Port WebSphere Portal Server has the broadest set IDC ranked IBM as the worldwide of portal capabilities of all the portal product market share leader in the social vendors products. There is little that platform software segment, based on organizations cant do vis-a-vis portals with total worldwide revenue for 2010. this product. (IDC, "Worldwide Social Platforms 2010 Vendor Shares", Doc#228808, June 2011) (Gartner, "Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals", ID Number: G00206214, September 2010) © 2011 IBM Corporation
    10. 10. Delivering Productivity with Social + Portalation and business knowledge and experiences mation, self-service, and peoplestomersranet that facilitates all information about products, internal and external company news, marketing material. CONCLUSION - Socialize Your Portal! Avoid two separate platforms. Inject Social Data where it matters based on: only RELEVANT Social Data only where it matters, i.e. in the RIGHT BUSINESS CONTEXT © 2011 IBM Corporation
    11. 11. SellingSocially Infused Web ExperiencesEach feature carries a unique value proposition improving productivity and efficiency:Wikis become living documents, documenting and capturing employee knowledge;Blogs capture worker discussions and interactions, preserving knowledge and conclusioFiles allow documents to be managed and shared quickly and easily as their owner seesProfiles socialize contact information, job roles, and assist in expertise location.When aggregated, social portals enable high-value business functions such as new prod © 2011 IBM Corporation
    12. 12. New Social Entitlement for WebSphere Portal Cus NEW Files: Post, Share, Discover Business Value of Files Keeping files server-side is more secure than on the client (better security, regular backups, fewer concerns about viruses, disk corruption, etc.) “Single version of the truth” through version control, use and update single versions of the document. Lower bandwidth/disk usage/consumption of e-mail servers Profiles: Find the people you need Business Value of Profiles Enables widely separated workforces to work efficiently Provides expertise location capabilities to enable teaming and a more productive working environment Online contact information improves efficiency © 2011 IBM Corporation
    13. 13. Upsell the full value of IBM Connections Improve Employee Productivity Share ideas and learn from others in vibrant social Communities of practice Experts share experience and insight via Blogs, Bookmarks and active Forums participation Collective Intelligence and Reuse Leverage best practice materials and tap your growing social network to get important work done via Activities Stay informed and discover who and what you dont know via Social Analytics Home Page search to quickly find relevant content vetted by others Co-create and share collective knowledge via enterprise Wikis Facilitate Innovation Generation and filtering of the best ideas via Ideablog
    14. 14. Social Communities within Portal The power of collective intelligence The new paradigm of teaming, problem solving,reflection, exploration and sharing Grow revenue through soliciting innovative ideasfrom employees, partners, and customersIncrease organizational productivity – bycollaborating across the silo’d walls of theenterprise.Improve customer relations or expedite self-service with customer communities Lowes Store Clerk used Connections to share her retail experience with HQ to save a failing product and launch a highly successful paints department promotional campaign. Harvesting knowledge from the store turned experience into product revenuerve. revenuerve © 2011 IBM Corporation
    15. 15. Ideation Blogs promote Idea Generation Gather structured feedback throughIdeation Blogs from customers,partners and employees Generation and filtering of the bestideas Allow voting and comments fromothers to bring popular ideas tosurface Move the best ideas into actionleveraging your extended socialnetwork via Activities “The IBM solution enables us to deliver exciting products to the © 2011 IBM Corporation
    16. 16. Social AnalyticsAutomatically recommending Content and PeopleStay informed and discover whoand what you need to knowAutomatically recommends People,Communities and Content Based on user Profiles – tags,social network and actions IBM is the industry leader and firstto provide this capability Sogeti empowers 20K professionals in 15 countries. Reducing search time for finding staff expertise and speeding the formation of consulting teams for engagements helping enter new markets. The unified markets platform breaks down silos and promotes a culture of sharing. © 2011 IBM Corporation
    17. 17. Social EverywhereNew Mobile Apps to Access Data Anywhere / AnytimeAccess all of your Connections data from mobile browsers or free native appsNew Capabilities Media Gallery – upload photos/videos from your phone Access Ideation Blogs Hyperlinks in Status Updates Full iPad Support Improved Home screen navigation style Saved login information in native appDownload native app from major app stores: iTunes, Android Market, Blackberry App Worlds © 2011 IBM Corporation
    18. 18. IBM Connections Mobile Winter 11 Updated BlackBerry app Fall 11 ® Universal Apple app Added iPad and iPhone 4S supportSummer 11 Added iOS 5 supportUpdated microbrowser experience Updated UX Media Gallery Ideation Blogs Round trip editing Improved Home screen navigation style Additional App features BlackBerry® app Added OS7 support Launch from icon on device home screens Upload picture from camera/gallery to Media Gallery, Files, or Profiles Download/view files Saved account information © 2011 IBM Corporation
    19. 19. Empower users to socializewith WebSphere Portal and IBM Connections Drive innovation and improve Available collaboration through socially- today infused experiences Allow users to find the right people Enable customers to provide feedback Download today - IBM Connections Portlets for Websphere Portal https://greenhouse.lotus.com/plugins/plugincatalog.nsf/assetDetails.xsp? action=editDocument&documentId=511C128045FCD5D1852577B60055AD 81 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    20. 20. Empower users to socializewith WebSphere Portal and IBM Connections - continued AvailableDrive innovation by supporting idea contribution todayEnable customers to get problems resolved quicklyShare files and ideasIncorporate Connections Apps Activities, Blogs, Bookmarks, Profiles, Wikis, Tag Cloud © 2011 IBM Corporation
    21. 21. Community PagesWebSphere Portal as central entry point for users into the web experiencePortal sits in front of Connections, so users go through the portal UIPortal provides access control, common navigation and consistent look and feelConnections integrated into Portal at multiple levels:Connections Portlets may be integrated individually into portal pagesCommunity Pages enable the linking of a portal page to a Connections Community and automatic scoping of portlets to relBusiness Cards link to Connections Profiles and surface user profiles in the websiteCustomer-extensible with Web Experience Factory © 2011 IBM Corporation
    22. 22. Community Pages Example Combine Social Portlets alongside web content and applications Participate in Community Blogs Browse through Community Media Gallery Wire in tags for quick search links Include existing additional resources © 2011 IBM Corporation
    23. 23. Planned Roadmap for IBM Connections and WebSphere Portal Integration Connections PortletsConnections 3.0.1 Portlets Stand alone Forums Portlet Portlets Tech Preview (beta) Connections 4.0 Portlets Community Page Portlets Community Page PortletsPortal Person Card Integration Extended Community Page Integration (Activity Streams, Wiki SummarAuthentication Proxy support Blogs, Profiles Blogs, Profiles, Forum Portal Tag Cloud/Center Integration (Aggregation)Ideation Blogs support Configuration Enhancements Configuration enhancements Quality & User Experience Improvements Connections/Portal search integrationConnections Portlets RefreshEnhanced Performance Support Portal 7 and tolerate Portal 8 Beta via Portal Search Connections 4, Portal 8Support Portal 7  Connections, Portal 7 Support Portal 8  Q2 Q3 Q1 Q2 Q3 201 2012 2013 1 Note: Exact dates are not yet available and plans are subject to change.
    24. 24. The IBM Social Business FastTrack solutions each include a well- defined services process and custom built, single environment, social software installation on VMware.These solutions are delivered by ISSL production-ready and typically within a week.IBM Connections FastTrack Highlights:IBM Collaboration Center FastTrack Flexible deployment options with both An integrated solution can be delivered with on-site and cloud solutions any combination of the following products: IBM WebSphere Portal Fastest deployment methods available IBM Web Content Manager Lowest deployment cost IBM Connections IBM Lotus Quickr Lowest deployment complexity IBM Sametime Proven installation and upgrade processes © 2011 IBM Corporation Contact your local ISSL sales rep for more information.
    25. 25. What to do NOW!Start the Drumbeat by talking Social Portals:Make a call on your existing customers to inform them about the socialentitlement, existing social features, and the benefits of social portalsFor your major customers (and others if extremely interested) consider aLunch and Learn to discuss the new features and social portalsLearn to discuss and present the Social Portal concept © 2011 IBM Corporation
    26. 26. Resources and ContactsSales Talk - Overview of entitlements, selling and positioning This presentation is available in the SSA CommunityUpdate Sales Kit Slides covering social portal and new entitlements FAQ Link - http://w3-103.ibm.com/software/xl/portal/content? synKey=E640048A37508M79#assetsKey Contacts Djalma Britto – Latin America Sales Manager Flavio Mendes – LA Tiger Team Alejandro Ladeveze – LA ICS Channels
    27. 27. Thank You