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  1. 1. Guide Introduction:Listen2myradio is a service, which allows people or organization to broadcast over theInternet for free. There is a limit on amount of listeners that can listen to your broadcast. Thatlimit is 500 listeners at one time. If you broadcast copyrighted material you have to payroyalties. The administrator of this service said that the limit of the listeners could beincreased if requested. Your radio station can be listened through the listen2myradio website.If you would like to broadcast from your personal website you would have to pay fee for thisservice ( This is because the listen2myradio is fundedthrough the advertisements that are seen on the listen2myradio website while your listenerslisten to your radio station.The server of listen2myradio is located in Israel. The following part of this tutorial willexplain to you how to start broadcasting via using listen2myradio site.Sign up and installation:Signing upIn order to broadcast through listen2myradio you need to create an account withlisten2myradio.Go to and click on “terms of use” link. Review the terms of useterms and conditions. If you agree with those terms click on the sign up” link. Fill in the fieldsas required.First choose your username. Your user name will allow you to log in to your administrativepanel for your radio station. Your user name does not have to correspond to the name of yourradio station. For instance your user name can be ab. This is the user name that we are goingto use in this tutorial of course you can choose any user name that you wish.Then you have to choose your password that allows you to log in into your administrativepanel, let us say that your password will be 1234. This is the password that we are going touse in this tutorial of course you can choose any password you wish.In the next field retype your chosen passwordIn the next field provide your working email address. Note it is essential to provide yourworking email address because this email address will be used to send you importantinstructions dealing with your radio station.In the next field retype your working email address.In the next field type the name of the country from which you are broadcasting.Next select your gender from the combo box
  2. 2. Next check the radio button indicating that you read the terms of use for this service.Next press the sign up button Note that you have to fill out all the fields of the sign up formbefore proceeding any further. Next wait for the email with the further instructions. Theemail should arrive instantaneously. Please click on the link to confirm your sign up process.Next go to and click on the “login” link.Then enter your username that you choose when you signed up for listen2myradio. In ourcase enter ab Of course substituted the as username used in this tutorial with your real username that you choose.Then enter your password that you choose when signing up for listen2myradio in our case thepassword was 1234. Of course substitute the password used in this tutorial with your realpassword that you choose when signing up for the listen2myradio account.Then press the login button.Now click on the link “radio installation”Now you have to fill out further details about your radio station. First enter your broadcasterpassword for our purposes the broadcaster password will be the same as your password to login to your account “1234” of course you can select any password you want.Next select your admin password. For our purposes the admin password will be the samepassword as the broadcaster password “1234” of course you can select any password youwish.Next select the radio name, for our purposes your radio name will be abc. Of course you canselect any radio name you want.Next leave the port suggested at 2001.Next select the url for your radio station. Let us say that your radio station is called abc thanyou can enter abc into this box. Your actual url will be note thatyou do not have to the .listen2myradio suffix because it will be generated automatically foryou.Then press the install buttonYou see a message telling you that the port 2001 is taken. Then you will see list of availableports, decide on one and click on the “radio installation” link. Fill out the informationmentioned above. In the combo box select the port that you chose. For the purpose of thistutorial the port that we selected is the port 6000 note that you have to select the port that youchose from the available ports.After filling out all information correctly press the install button.Within two hours you should receive an email with the details for your radio station.
  3. 3. This email will confirm that the installation was successful, telling you that the link to listento your radio is of course the link will correspond to the linkthat you typed in when you filled out the radio installation form.The email will give you the ip address from which you can broadcast. Unfortunately this ipaddress is incorrect so please disregard the ip address mentioned in the email.In order to broadcast you need to download certain components from the internet. Firstly, youneed to download winamp application; on some computers winamp 2.9 can be used. Onothers you can use winamp version 5.To download winamp 2.9 go to click on the link “To download winamp version 2.9 press here” then click on the openbutton, then wait for the winamp application to download, and follow the instructions in theset up install shield wizardTo download winamp version 5 basic click on the link click on “full” link. Click on open button then wait for your download to finish andfollow the instructions in the set up install shield wizardNow download the shoutcast plug-in that will be used by the winamp program. In order toaccomplish this task go to on the link “Press here to download the plug-in” then press the open button and followthe instructions in the set up install shield wizardNow open the winamp program you can do so by hitting the windows key then hit p forprograms and then hit the letter w until you see that you landed on the winamp applicationthen press enterThan use your up and down arrow keys until you see that the winamp application ishighlighted and then press enter.You will be prompted to enter your email address and other information; you can enter themnow or choose to enter them laterNow you need to configure your winamp player pres the keys control p at onceNow you should see a tree view use your up and down arrow to scroll through the tree viewuntil you highlight the item “dsp/effect” press enter or your right error to open this tree viewuse your up and down errors until you highlight the item "Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSPv1.8.2b"Now press the right arrow or enter on this itemNow the broadcast window will open.In that window youll need to input a few details about your server host.
  4. 4. Lets start inputting the server details, for that go to Output tab. A. In the "Address" field delete the written line (localhost) and write the address of yourserver, for example: order to right down a correct ip address go towww.listen2myradio.comLogin to your accountThen click on the link “preferences”. Then find what ip address you were given and input thisip address into the “address field” in the output tab of your winamp application In the "Port" field write the port of your radios server, that you received from the site. Thisis the port that you selected when you were filling out the information in the radio installationform. In our example it was a port 6000, of course your write the port that you have chosenwhile filling out the radio installation form. If you do not remember what port you selected gotowww.listen2myradio.comm.Then click on the link “login” to login into your account. Use your user name and password tologin into your account. Then click again on the “preferences” link, scroll down to the buttonof the screen to find your port number. Then input this port number into your “port field” inthe winamp output tab.In the "Password" field in the winamp output tab write your broadcast password.Notice there are 2 passwords, one for Admin and one for broadcast, here you write only thebroadcast password.In our example the broadcast password was 1234 of course you use the broadcast passwordthat you selected in the radio installation formNext go to "Encoder" tab, in the winamp application and choose the quality of the broadcast. The quality of the broadcast that is suggested in fast internet servers is not more than 64kbps. Because a common upload speed is 14kbps, and if the quality will be higher than 64, thesongs will jump and ruin the whole broadcast.To start the broadcast go to the click on the link “login” and useryour user name and password to login to your account.Then click on the link “turn on/off”Then click on the link “turn on”Then go back to the Output tab in the winamp application and press "Connect", naturally thesongs must be played from your winamp Play list.Tips:To check the current number of your radios’ listeners goes tohttp://ip:portInstead of the "ip" write your ip that you can find when you log in into your account under the “preferences” link. Then type the punctuation ":", and Then type the port number that you selected while filling the radio installation form. You can also see the number of listeners on the main page of the www.listen2myradio.comsite.If you cant connect to the server after you followed the instructions given above and filled
  5. 5. Everything needed to be filled and did everything in order, check if there is a Firewall or Router that blocks your connection to the server. Also its suggested to turn p2pprograms (such as e- mule) off.If you have any further question or need further assistant you canGo tohttp://forum.listen2myradio.comClick on the link “register”Read the registration agreement terms and than click on an appropriate link below.Then enter your user name. For our example the user name is the same as the user name thatwe selected for our listen2myradio account “ab” of course you can choose any user name thatyou wish.Then enter your working email address.Then choose your password, in our case the password is the same as the password that weselected when we registered for our listen2myradio account “1234” of course you can chooseany password that you wish.Then retype your password.You can decide whether you want to fill out the additional information or not. When you fillout all necessary information press the “submit” button.Shortly, you will receive an email from the listen2myradio administratorThis email will contain your user name and your password that you selected when registeringfor your account. Now you can login into your account by using your user name and password and postyour questions or reply to other posts.