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Hnc p n_d_health_&_safety_risk_assessment


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Hnc p n_d_health_&_safety_risk_assessment

  1. 1. RISK ASSESSMENT Ron Gatepain constructionsite
  2. 2. Employers duty to provide • A safe place of work • Safe access and egress to and from that place of work • A safe system of work • Safe plant and equipment. constructionsite
  3. 3. Employers must: • Identify hazards within the work activity, including the likelihood of hazardous events • Assess health and safety risks arising from the work activity, including the consequences and probability of the occurrence of events • Identify appropriate control measures to eliminate or control the risk • Effectively monitor and review the control measures established for the work activity. constructionsite
  4. 4. Risk Assessment • The purpose of the risk assessment is to enable the employer (or self employed) to determine what measures or precautions are needed to allow them to comply with the duties imposed on them by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. constructionsite
  5. 5. The assessment will consider the following: • The work method being used • The place where the work is being carried out • The persons carrying out the work constructionsite
  6. 6. The Process of Risk Assessment The process used will depend on the following factors: – Complexity of the activity – Number of persons involved or affected – Plant or equipment being used – Type and nature of materials involved. constructionsite
  7. 7. The process can be considered in five steps: 1. Look for the hazards that could cause harm 2. Decide who might be harmed, how, why, when and by what 3. Evaluate the risks and decide whether the existing controls and precautions are adequate, or if more could be done 4. Record the findings 5. Review the assessment and revise if necessary. constructionsite
  8. 8. The process should address the following: • What is to be done - including plant, equipment, people, materials and in what working environment • How exactly is the activity to be carried out • Where is the work to be done • How will this affect the employees, plant, equipment, other people and the materials in the working environment. constructionsite
  9. 9. This will address: • The likelihood of injury or harm arising to employees and others who may be affected by the work • Any other specific legal requirements • All of the risks • The necessary control measures to eliminate or reduce health and safety risks associated with the work • The information required by those involved or affected by the work. constructionsite