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Dayal Divyanshu
• BE. Mechanical, PGDBM. Marketing and Finance.
• Certified Purchase Manager, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Govt. of India.
• NCDEX Certified Commodity Professional (Stage I), NCDEX, Mumbai, India.
• E-mail:
• Mobile: +91 9624864224

To seek an opportunity to deliver in accordance with current performance rating ‘significantly exceeding expectations’ as Purchase and Contracts professional including Inventory Management and Project Execution skills.

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  1. 1. Dayal Divyanshu • BE. Mechanical, PGDBM. Marketing and Finance. • Certified Purchase Manager, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Govt. of India. • NCDEX Certified Commodity Professional (Stage I), NCDEX, Mumbai, India. • E-mail: • Mobile: +91 9624864224 • Alternate Mobile: +91 9879107798 OBJECTIVE To seek an opportunity to deliver in accordance with current performance rating ‘significantly exceeding expectations’ as Purchase and Contracts professional including Inventory Management and Project Execution skills. SUMMARY OF PURCHASE AND CONTRACTS EXPERIENCE • Govt. Certification: Purchase Manager, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM), certified by Govt. of India and Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation, an undertaking of Govt. of NCT Delhi with 12 years of hands on experience in procurement contracts and commercial functions in India and Indonesia. • Procurement: Process requisitions for Bankable Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS), engineering consultancies, EPC contractors, construction contractors, construction materials, equipment, project stock items and site administrative activities with due considerations to the project schedule, budget, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), statutory regulations at national and international levels, Export and Import (EXIM) procedures and taxation. • Negotiation: Negotiate and record with predefined agenda, considering project schedule, techno-commercial parameters, price analysis, cost analysis, trend analysis and compliance to Quality Management System (QMS), prevailing regulations and procedures to achieve purchase and contracts management objectives. • Conditions of Contracts: Incorporate Conditions of Contracts, negotiate exceptions and ensure systematic execution of contracts as per the system of International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC “Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils”) or Clauses applicable to the types of agreements. • Cost Estimation Models: Prepare estimation models for logistics, construction and engineering services considering Capital Expenditure (CAPEX), Operating Expenditure (OPEX) for trailers, barges, maintenance, fuel consumption, fabrication, manhours and wages standards, production target, interest, depreciation etc. • Warehouse Management:  Manage project warehouse including checks on receipts of materials as per the purchase orders, arrange for quality inspection and issue of materials to internal users and contractors as per the profit/ consumption centres.  Maintain project warehouse for construction materials, globally sourced equipment, project stock items like cranes, rollers, idlers and frames for conveyors, weighbridge spares, heat exchangers, heavy duty transformers, cooling towers, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems for substation, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units, silos, commodities, fabricated items, flat products, rolled sections, pipes, culverts, scaffolding materials, fasteners, bearings, gaskets, couplings, valves, cement, sand, aggregates, paints, grouting materials, bricks, tiles, chemicals, building materials, sand blasting consumables, pumps, heavy duty cables, lightening systems, fixtures, switches, relays, air conditioning equipment, safety items, information technology hardware etc.  Coordinate with Excise and Customs officials for clearance of materials in Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Scrutinize documents like Application for Removal of Excisable Goods for Export (ARE-1) form, Bill of Entry etc.  Prepare warehouse reports on global sourcing, domestic purchase, material ageing analysis, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) specific receipts and issues etc.  Sales of scraps, damaged materials and insurance claim of transit damages. • Contracts: Contracts administration and closure. Coordinate for certification of works as laid down in Scope of Works (SOW) and terms of contracts, checks on vendor invoices as per the supplies and service line items, payment terms, lead time, follow Dayal Divyanshu: Page 1 of 9
  2. 2. up for the dispatch of materials, execution of services and sufficiency of commercial documents, timely submission of payment advises to finance, notifying contractors for additional instructions, amendments or deviations in the contracts execution. • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): Develop SOP, templates, reporting formats, general conditions of contracts for project purchase and warehouse functions. • Certified NCDEX Commodity Professional (Stage I): National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX), Mumbai, India. NCDEX Institute of Commodity Markets and Research (NICR). Understanding of investment and consumption assets. Over-the-counter (OTC) and exchange traded derivatives. Forward contracts, swap, futures and options for financial instruments like currency, interest rates, credit risk, commodities. Hedging, speculation and arbitrage. Analysis of prices. • Reporting: Organized reporting to the management and develop procurement, contractual and warehouse management skills among reporting personnel. • KRA and Respective KPIs: Commitment to the Key Performance Area (KRA) and their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to achieve targeted performance and enhancement in procurement, contractual and warehousing functions. PROJECT EXECUTION EXPERIENCE • Deputation at site to organize and administer functions of construction contractors and ensure works completion as per the scope, contractual obligations and predetermined project schedule. • Organize facilities for Greenfield and Brownfield projects at site including deputation of consultants and contractors related with land surveys, legal compliances, government liasoning, civil, mechanical works, civil surveys and administrative services. EXECUTION OF UNDERLYING ACTIVITIES IN PURCHASE AND CONTRACTS • Procurement and warehouse functions performed in SAP-MM, Ariba Sourcing (Online Auctions including Invitation to Bid (ITB)), Document Management System (DMS) (SAP and Microsoft Operated Shared Point Server MOSS- Workflow and Enterprise Document Management System). • Prepare Purchase Requisition (PR) (need based) and consolidation. • Value Analysis (VA)/ Value Engineering (VE) of requirements vide market survey, standardization, recommendations for alternative technology, elimination of redundant functions etc., for quality enhancements and cost reductions. • Source and develop vendors including their Prequalification (PQ) and registration. • Prepare Invitation to Expression of Interest (EOI), ITB, Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Quotation (RFQ), Request for Budgetary Offer, Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Advance Bank Guarantee (ABG) and Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG). • Commercial scrutiny of bids. • Organize presentation and meetings with predefined agenda with bidders and achieve the set objectives vide structured Minutes of Meeting (MOM) incepting responsibilities, follow-ups and completion time. • Communicate and integrate activities with Technical, Finance, Legal, Health Safety and Environment (HSE) and Administration functions to satisfy the objectives of project, internal customer and ensure good reputation of company among vendors and related external entities. • Prepare Quotation/Price Comparison Statements (QCS) of competitive bidding, Notes for Approval, Purchase Orders (PO), Service Agreements, Contract Agreements including Term, Unit Price, Fixed Price/Lump Sum, Fixed Price Plus Incentive, Cost Plus/Cost Reimbursable, Cost Plus Incentive, Price Redetermination (Price Variation/Adjustments) Agreements, Payment Advises, PO status reports, outstanding payment reports (aging analysis and provision of payments), Letter of Credit (LC) requests, quarterly budgets, procurement performance reports (PR to PO Lead time, cost savings, new vendor development, training, learning projects and presentations, annual performance etc.). • Prepare Goods Receipt (GR), Goods Issue (GI) notes and reports. Stock transfer to site contractors, stock in transfer, stock blocked for quality inspection and stock transfer within plants through dispatch orders and delivery notes. Execute store functions considering accounting implications. • Participate in audits of purchase and warehouse while being responsible for availability of statutory documents, inventory inspection by lenders, financial auditors, custom officials and internal auditors. Coordinate with cost accountants for statutory compliances. • Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for developing the SAP Business Process for Purchase and DMS for entire commercial department to ensure successful migration and implementation. Dayal Divyanshu: Page 2 of 9
  3. 3. JOB TRAITS • Honesty and Integrity. • Practise confidentiality where necessary. • Explore new developments in technology. • Completion of targeted task through personalized system of Daily Activity Report (DAR). • Organize activities while being flexible to the nonlinearity of the project. • Prompt reporting as per the organization structure. • Continuous learning, skills enhancement and respectful interaction with team for achieving the objectives of the department and organization. • Considerate to feedback for self improvements. • General acceptance by cultures globally. • Successful as an intermediary of executives and strategic manager. However, can be operator or reviewer as per the need. • Ensure a good image of the organization among external entities. • Update on current Information Technology (IT). PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AND EMPLOYMENT DETAILS  MEC COAL PTE LTD, Jakarta Indonesia.  Procurement Manager, June, 2011 to October, 2013.  Company Profile: MEC Coal a joint venture of Dubai based Trimex Group and Govt. of Ras Al Khaima, (United Arab Emirates) strived for development of an integrated 34MTPA coal (Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) Certified) & infrastructure project in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The current project with reduced costs and target of 1 MTPA coal concession is being planned as a revival in collaboration with an Indonesia entity to increase the probability of project realization.  URL:  Reported to: General Manager, Procurement and Material Handling.  Team: 7 Major Contract Domains • CAPEX: Mine Development & Operation (MDO), EPC contracts for Rail, Material Handling, Service Wharf, Ship Loader Jetty, Power Plant, General Infrastructure, Supply of Locomotives, Wagons and Road Construction. Inclusive of techno-commercial analysis of locomotives, wagons, rail, concrete and wooden rail sleepers, fasteners, spice bars, turnouts, ballasts, cement, rolled and flat steel products, commodities, signalling and communication, conveyors, stacker and re-claimer, hoopers, loading and unloading of materials, cranes, hydraulic excavators, dozers, dumpers, trailers, barges, transhipment, civil work, earthwork, road construction, offshore and onshore piling, concreting, grading, soil improvement, erection of structures and related services. • OPEX: Prepare budgets, process indents and agreements for hauling 4 and 6 MTPA of coal including MDO, haulage by trailer, loading on barges and transhipment. Gather market information through site visits and interaction with consultants, contractors and suppliers for preparing estimates and logistics cost models. • Service Agreements for OPEX: Negotiate and process agreements for coal sample analysis, land measurement survey for unregistered and registered land, land stakeout & ownership survey, geotechnical investigation, Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) survey, hydrology, AMDAL environmental certification, environment baseline study as per requirements of Equator Principles, project insurance consultancy, advisory services for infrastructure maintenance and operation and consultancy for preparation of Bankable Definitive Feasibility Study Report (DFS). • Purchase Orders/Work Orders: Negotiate and process agreements for land clearing, construction of roads, bridges & culverts, hiring of equipment and spares, procurement of High Speed Diesel (HSD), provision of security and medical services at site. Job Description • Provide procurement and contracts management support for all CAPEX & OPEX requirements of the project consisting of Coal Mines, Railway, Material Handling, Shiploader Jetty, Power Plant and General Infrastructure facilities. Dayal Divyanshu: Page 3 of 9
  4. 4. • Pre-qualification, registration and maintenance of the vendor database for material supply, services and consultancy contracts. • Analyse inputs from reports on Life of Mine Plan, Resources & Reserves and integrate them in RFP/ ITB for various mines development/operations contracts. • Prepare and issue ITB and addendums for EPC packages based on the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) prepared by a world class consultant. • Evaluate commercial compliance and deviations in bids for their normalization with respect to the ITB and eventual developments during communications. Organizing meetings with bidders for techno-commercial discussions. • Ensure that all contract documents comply with the current regulatory framework of Indonesia related to taxation (Tax Payer Identification Number (NPWP), Value Added Tax (VAT) (Ppn), Withholding Tax (Pph), Certificate of Domicile, PMA Companies, Faktur Pajak, Nota Retur, Nota Pembatalan, Credit Notes), HSE and statutes. Represent procurement and contracts functions in audits and due diligence activities. • Techno-commercial negotiation with predefined agenda considering VA/VE, project schedule, lead time, price analysis, cost analysis, trend analysis, terms and conditions for supplies and services. • Expedite and administer contracts, prepare chronology of pre and post contract events, PO status reports, ageing analysis of vendor payables, record MOM, systematize documents including e-mails and identify deviations/variations for corrective actions. • Handle activities related with project payment terms, implications of taxation and affecting commercial terms of agreements. • Understand strategic reports covering project plans and schedule for achieving target production, licensing matrix (IUP, Special IUP for Production Operation for Transport and Sale), CAPEX & OPEX requirements, marketing strategy, project risk assessment and major bottlenecks related to land acquisition, designs and financial arrangements. • Coordinate for the preparation of the Bankable DFS incorporating chapters on CAPEX & OPEX estimates, technical specifications, commercial conditions, HSE plan & Project Risk Register. • Prepare Annual Performance Report of the Procurement Department including Objectives, Performance Highlights, Cost Savings, Training & Development and Future Plan of Action. Achievements • Cost saving of 27% on major cost reimbursable contract of USD 6 Million for Bankable DFS preparation including CAPEX and OPEX estimates with +/- 10% accuracy for 34 MTPA coal concessions with integrated infrastructure by building negotiation strategies, detailed discussions on scope of works, tracking market data, analysing historical trends and benchmarking prices. • Negotiated and secured favourable prices & payment terms from baseline estimates for construction and administrative service agreements of Fixed Price and Cost Plus categories and consequently achieved additional cost savings of 10 to 15%. • While negotiating with vendors, both for supply and service requisitions, initiated inclusion of methods of estimation with considerations to market study on prices of materials, fabrication/processing cost and wages/man-hours in addition to the prevalent practise of historical purchase price references. • Generated checklist for approval of PO based on key criteria of approval status of vendors, tendering mode including justification for single vendor if required, identification of items from the master list for availing duty exemptions and compliance with Indonesian regulations. • Formulated procurement procedures and standardized formats like vendor PQ, EOI, vendor registration, order placement checklist, templates for tracking ongoing jobs, minutes of weekly meetings and reports like PO status, ageing analysis of payables and status of open PRs. • Developed cost estimate models for transportation of coal by trailers and barges considering various cost parameters and specifications of prime movers, trailers, barges, maintenance, utilities, fuel efficiency, man power requirement, wages, manhours and related operating expenditures. This was significant contribution in CAPEX and OPEX cost calculations. • Systematized performance appraisal of departmental staff by establishing KRA with associated KPIs.  ESSAR PROJECTS LTD (EPL), Surat, India.  Deputy Manager Commercial, December, 2006 to June, 2011.  Company Profile: EPL is a leading EPC contractor executing project for Steel, Oil, Power Plant, Minerals, Shipping and Realty sectors. EPL has successfully completed EPC delivery of 10 MTPA integrated steel plant to its parent Essar Group.  URL:  Reported to: General Manager, Procurement  Team: 14 Job Description Dayal Divyanshu: Page 4 of 9
  5. 5. • Procurement of equipment especially cranes, weighbridge, condensation pots, forklifts, welding machines, pumps, safety equipment, QC lab equipment etc. Civil and mechanical construction items, building materials like scaffolding, fasteners, cement, flat and rolled products, commodities, industrial pipes, earthing strips, valves, fenders and moorings, bricks, fabrication and machined items as per drawings, heavy duty cables, lightening systems, etc. for several expansion projects being executed by Essar Group at Surat. • Procurement of cement & steel commodities for all Essar group companies in India with orders approximating to around 3000 to 4000 Tonne per month. Follow ups for timely dispatch of materials from multiple suppliers referring to internally prepared dispatch plans based on average daily consumption at sites to cover risk of delay in deliveries. Emphasize to vendors regarding rolling priorities of sizes as per the requirements at various sites. To execute procurement cycle by analyzing and consolidation of PRs, identifying vendors, tendering & bid evaluation, negotiating to finalize prices & terms, conducting reverse auctions, obtaining approval of the apex committee and processing POs. • Procurement of engineering software like AutoCAD, StruCAD, Piping Software etc., including their annual maintenance. • Prepare engineering contracts including assigning job codes, issuing job offers and processing for approval. Collate manhours data for engineering jobs in order to raise invoices on clients. • Negotiate with vendor, bilateral contracts of unit price, fixed price, cost plus and price adjustment/variation categories. • Finalize payment terms and modalities of ABG, PBG, pro-rata payments and LC. • Implement a combination of procurement methodologies including online auctions through Ariba Sourcing, e-bidding and tendering. • Ensure compliance to Indian taxation and its relevance with project based organization, inclusive of Excise Duty from Chapter ID, VAT, Service Tax, Central Sales Tax (CST), Entry Tax, ARE-1, Customs Duty (on assessable value), Offsets and rebates of and between taxes. • Perform checks on vendor’s import/domestic documents for compliance to parent, irrevocable, usance, at sight LCs and credit note transactions. • Negotiate while considering the logistics and cost implication of several Inco-terms mainly Ex-Works (EXW), Free On Board (FOB), Cost Insurance Freight (CIF), Delivery at Terminal (DAT)/ Free On Road/Rail (FOR) etc. • Compliance with procurement and store SOPs, ISO 9001:2008 requirements, SAP-MM and DMS processes. • Raise PR through SAP for replenishing project stock items based on reorder levels. • Ensure timely posting of Goods Received Notes (GRN), issue materials and reconciliation considering proper storage, quality and quantity checks. • Scrutinise import documents for sales to consignees in Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and resolve issues by troubleshooting including creating awareness among vendors. Coordinate with the Customs officials at the materials gate of the SEZ for clearance of all materials & commercial documents. • Coordinate processing of insurance claims for materials damaged in transit. Interface with clients & vendors for repairs/replacement of materials and settling of repair & transportation costs. • Generate warehousing reports such as daily reports on materials received from global sourcing orders, material issued, weighbridge tonnage report (tare weight check, analysis of in, waiting and out time of the trailers) and ageing analysis of materials. • Monthly interactions with supervisor on status of performance related with KRA and KPIs. Achievements • Cost savings of 10 to 15% in general, achieved by well implemented negotiation strategies. • Supervised and streamlined migration to SAP 6.0 and smooth transition of all POs to the new system. • Implemented Document Management System (DMS) through MOSS- Workflow and Enterprise Document Management System and SAP based DMS when appointed as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for Commercial Department. Received appreciation from Vice President Commercial for successful implementations. • Performance rated as significantly exceeding expectations by CEO Essar Projects Ltd, Mumbai. • Notified management on errors related with mismatch of orders for fasteners with WBS, thus enabling the planning department to incorporate rectifications in WBS assignments and eventually affecting the calculations on consumption of project specific budget. • Redeveloped the Quotation/Price Comparison Statement (QCS) to include all relevant commercial details for improved procurement decisions. • Reorganized project store/warehouse ensuring proper stacking, labelling & categorization of materials. Improved workflows by segregating materials according to project and layout for better access through machines & labour for quicker turnaround. Ensured compliance with regulations of hazardous materials storage and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).  EXPRESSIONS, Mangalore India, AutoCAD Software & Services.  Commercial & Sales Manager, 2000 to 2006. Dayal Divyanshu: Page 5 of 9
  6. 6. Job Description Engineering consultancy software contracts management, maintenance contracts, business development including development of dealers network, procurement of materials related to SOW in the contract, responsibility of accounts receivable & payable, administering tax rebates, maintenance of equipment and general administration.  SIKKIM MANIPAL UNIVERSITY, Mangalore India.  Visiting Faculty, 2004 to 2006. Job Description Deliver lectures on Project Management, Decision Support System, and Infrastructure Management as a visiting faculty to professionals from ONGC-MRPL, IndusInd Bank, ABN Amro & Aviva Life Insurance pursuing MBA.  KEC INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD, Nagpur, India.  Quality Control Officer, 1996 to 1997. Job Description Quality control and inspection of fabricated parts of Transmission Towers including observation of visual defects, dimensional measurements and galvanising thickness. Coordinate with client’s QC inspector for quality acceptance of material. Deputed at subcontractor’s fabrication facilities for quality checks. Prepare ISO documentation. EDUCATION • PG Diploma in Business Management, Marketing & Finance, Maharishi Arvind Institute of Science & Management, Jaipur, 1999, Distinction 74%. Academic topper in 1 st & 4th Semesters. • BE Mechanical Engineering, Visvesvaraya Regional College of Engineering now Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNITK), Nagpur University, 1996, First Class, 61%. CERTIFICATION • Certified Purchase Manager, Logistics and SCM: Govt. of India and Delhi State Infrastructure and Industrial Development Corporation an undertaking of Govt. of NCT Delhi, October, 2013. • Certified NCDEX Commodity Professional: (Stage-I), National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX), Mumbai, India. November, 2013. NCDEX Institute of Commodity Markets and Research (NICR). PROFESSIONAL APTITUDE • Software Knowledge: SAP-MM, Ariba Sourcing, MOSS-DMS, SAP-DMS, MS Advanced Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Word. • Languages: English, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia/ Malaysia and Gujarati. • Portfolio: • Video Profile: • Linked in Profile: TRAINING • Bid Management – Developing the Procurement Process, Trueventus, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. • Project Risk Management, Marcus Evans, Singapore. • Supply Chain Management, Essar Learning Centre, India. • Inventory & Materials Management, Essar Learning Centre, India. • Coaching & Mentoring, Essar Learning Centre, India. • Business Communication, Essar Learning Centre, India. • Advanced Excel, Essar Learning Centre, India. • Indirect Taxation, Essar Learning Centre, India. Dayal Divyanshu: Page 6 of 9
  7. 7. PROJECTS HANDLED Sn. 1 Project Title 3.9 MTPA Steel Plant 2 0.6 MTPA Pipe Mill 3 4 1.5 MTPA Plate Production Plant Cement and Steel Commodities, Rolled Sections and Flat Products for Oil, Steel, Power, Real Estate, Minerals and Fertilizers Projects Expansion of Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) and Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU) in Oil Refinery Railway, 34 MTPA Coal Concessions, East Kalimantan Material Handling including Stacker and Re-claimer at Coal Mines and Port, 34 MTPA Coal Concessions, East Kalimantan Shiploader Jetty at Bengalon Port, 34 MTPA Coal Concessions, East Kalimantan Service Wharf at Bengalon Port, 34 MTPA Coal Concessions, East Kalimantan Mine Development and Operations (MDO), 34 MTPA Coal Concessions, East Kalimantan 4 MTPA and 6 MTPA Coal Hauling by Trailers and Barges respectively and Transhipment, 34 MTPA Coal Concessions, East Kalimantan 130 Km, Service Road Construction, 34 MTPA Coal Concessions, East Kalimantan Bankable Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) Report with Material Take Off (MTO) and CAPEX estimates, 34 MTPA Coal Concessions with Integrated Infrastructure, East Kalimantan Infrastructure Advisory Services with OPEX estimates, 34 MTPA Coal Concessions with Integrated Infrastructure, East Kalimantan 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Client Essar Steel Hazira Limited Hazira Pipe Mill Limited Hazira Plate Limited Essar Group Location Surat, India Contract EPC Surat, India EPC Surat, India National, India EPC Procurement Essar Oil Limited Vadinar, India Engineering Services MEC Coal Pte. Ltd. Jakarta, Indonesia EPC MEC Coal Pte. Ltd. Jakarta, Indonesia EPC MEC Coal Pte. Ltd. Jakarta, Indonesia EPC MEC Coal Pte. Ltd. Jakarta, Indonesia EPC MEC Coal Pte. Ltd. Jakarta, Indonesia Mining Services MEC Coal Pte. Ltd. Jakarta, Indonesia Mining and Logistics Services MEC Coal Pte. Ltd. Jakarta, Indonesia MEC Coal Pte. Ltd. Jakarta, Indonesia Procurement and Construction Engineering Services and Consultancy MEC Coal Pte. Ltd. Jakarta, Indonesia Engineering Services and Consultancy SIGNIFICANT VENDOR DEALINGS • ACC Limited, India. Cement. • Afcons Infrastructures Limited, India. EPC Infrastructure. • Alun, Indonesia. Coal Hauling by Truck. • Ambuja Cement Limited, India. Cement. • Associated Road Carriers, India. Transportation of Materials by Road. • Bajaj Electricals, India. Lightening, Fixtures and Fans. • Benline Agencies, Indonesia. Shipping of Equipments. • Bevconwayors, India. Conveyors. • Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, India. Locomotives. • Bita Bena Semista, Indonesia. EPCM, Civil Surveys. • Borneo Lestari, Indonesia. AMDAL Certification. • Chettinad Cement, India. Cement. • China Harbour Engineering Company, CHEC, China. EPC Infrastructure. • CSL Asia Shipping, Indonesia. Barging and Transshipment. • Dastur and Company (P) Limited, India. Vetting/ Preparation of Techno Economic Feasibility Reports for Steel Plant. • Electrotherm (India) Limited, India. TMT. Dayal Divyanshu: Page 7 of 9
  8. 8. • Environment Resource Management, ERM, Indonesia. Environment Base Line Study for Compliance to Equator Principle. • FLSmidth, Indonesia. Material Handling Equipment. • GE Transportation, America. Locomotive and Wagon. • Global Trans Energy International, Indonesia. Barging. • Golder Associates, PT Geotechnical and Environmental Services Limited, Indonesia. Geotechnical Investigation, Hydrology. • Gujarat NRE Coke, India. Secondary Roller for TMT, Rolled Sections. • Harita Pancha Utama Mining Services, Indonesia. Mine Development and Operations. • Hathfield, Indonesia. Environment Base Line Study for Compliance to Equator Principle. • Hilti India Pvt. Limited. Anchor Systems. • IOT Infrastructure and Energy Services Limited, Indonesia. EPC Power Plant. • Jindal Stainless Limited, India. Primary Roller for TMT, Rail, Rolled Section. • Jotun India Private Limited, India. Industrial Paints. • Kartika Bina Medikatma, Indonesia. Industrial Medical Services. • Leighton Asia, Indonesia. EPC Infrastructure and Mining. • Tech Mahindra Satyam Limited, India. SAP implementation. • Man Truck and Bus Asia Pacific, Australia. Trailers and Dump Trucks. • Marsh, Indonesia. Project Insurance. • MECON Limited, India. Vetting/ Preparation of Techno Economic Feasibility Reports for Steel Plant. • Motorola, Indonesia. Wireless communication at Site. • North American Coal Corporation (NACC), North America. Mine Development and Operations. • Orica Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore. Mine Development and Operations, Blasting. • Orissa Cement Limited, India. Slag Cement. • Paharpur Cooling Towers Limited, India. Cooling Towers for Steel Plants. • Pandrol, Indonesia. Rail, Clamps/Clips, Turnouts, Sleepers. • Ramco Systems, Indonesia, SAP implementation. • Rashtriya Ispat Nigam, India. Primary Roller for TMT, Rail, Rolled Sections. • Roberts and Schaefer, Indonesia. Material Handling Equipment and EPC Infrastructure. •, Indonesia. IT Networking and internet services. • Savage Canac, Canada. Infrastructure operator rail/road/material handling. • SMGC Consultant, Indonesia. Life of Mine Plan, Reserves and Resources, JORC certification. • SNC Lavalin, Indonesia. EPCM and Bankable DFS study. • Steel Authority of India Limited, India. Primary Roller for TMT, Rolled Section. • Sumitomo, Indonesia. Rolled Section, Flat Products, Rail. • Sun Hong Electrical and Mechanical Machinery Limited, China. Material Handling Equipment, Trailers and Dump Trucks. • Surtech Prima, Indonesia. LIDAR Survey. • Tata Steel, India. Primary Roller for TMT. • Technip, India, Indonesia. Engineering services CDU and VDU expansion for Oil refinery and EPC Power Plant. • Theiss Contractors, Indonesia. EPC Infrastructure, Mining Services. • Toll logistics, Indonesia. Coal Hauling by Truck. • Trans Pacific Jaya, Indonesia. Barging and Transshipment. • Ultratech Cement Limited, India. Cement. • Volvo, Indonesia. Trailers. • Waskita Karya, Indonesia. EPC Infrastructure. EXTRA-CURRICULAR RECORDS • President, Rotract Club of MAISM Jaipur, Dec 1997-Dec 1998. An inclination to social service above self development. • Best Cartoonist (Drawing), Neev 1998 – Management Fest at SCMHRD, Pune Judged by Mr. Sudhir Tailang of Hindustan Times; Dramatics, Body building, Fabric painting, Reading. • Article published in regional newspaper in the year 1997, titled ‘A Tribute To My Country’. Dayal Divyanshu: Page 8 of 9
  9. 9. PERSONAL PROFILE • Date of Birth: 10 May, 1974. • Nationality: Indian • Driving License: 4/2 wheeler, India and Indonesia • Address of MEC Coal: Plaza Marein Tower, 20 th Floor, Sudirman Plaza, Jl Jend, Sudirman, Kav 76-78, Jakarta, 12910 Indonesia. • Address of current availability: A-5,102, Green Avenue Apartments, Near The Grand Bhagwati Restaurant, L P Savani Road, Adajan, Surat, Gujarat, 395009, India. • Phone Numbers: +91 9624864224, +91 9879107798, 0261 2731842 I certify and promise that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this data correctly describes my skills, experience and qualification. Dayal Divyanshu Dayal Divyanshu: Page 9 of 9
  10. 10. PERSONAL PROFILE • Date of Birth: 10 May, 1974. • Nationality: Indian • Driving License: 4/2 wheeler, India and Indonesia • Address of MEC Coal: Plaza Marein Tower, 20 th Floor, Sudirman Plaza, Jl Jend, Sudirman, Kav 76-78, Jakarta, 12910 Indonesia. • Address of current availability: A-5,102, Green Avenue Apartments, Near The Grand Bhagwati Restaurant, L P Savani Road, Adajan, Surat, Gujarat, 395009, India. • Phone Numbers: +91 9624864224, +91 9879107798, 0261 2731842 I certify and promise that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this data correctly describes my skills, experience and qualification. Dayal Divyanshu Dayal Divyanshu: Page 9 of 9