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Medical Billing


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Medical Billing

  2. 2. Technomine – An Introduction  Founded in 2008, Technomine is one of the leading ISO 9001:2008 certified Outsourcing Company, serving clients for USA, UK and other European and Middle East Countries. We help our clients in staying focused on their core business while we take care of the entire non-core activities of their organization. Our commitment towards quality and consistent performance has helped us create value for our clients and become an integral part of their business process.  Technomine is a ONE STOP SOLUTION for outsourcing business. We primarily service the Health care domain for Medical Billing/Coding, Revenue Cycle Management, Claims & A/R Management.  Technomine also renders services for Permanent and Temporary placements of Doctors, Nurses and other Health Care Professionals.  Accounting and Finance process outsourcing, Recruitment for varied industries inclusive of construction, Energy, Contracting, Engineering & Manufacturing and IT. We also provide state of art IT based enterprise solutions to our clients.  With almost a decade of experience and excellence in services, we have successfully emerged a trusted partner to our clients.
  3. 3. Health Care Domain Technomine is committed to provide professional and State of Art Medical Billing & Coding and Revenue Management Services to Hospitals, Clinics and other healthcare providers to navigate and succeed in an increasingly complex reimbursement environment.  Since inception, Technomine has grown as a company with an integrated portfolio of leading information technology, process, and domain expertise solutions to address the wide array of threats to the financial health of medical practioners, clinics, hospitals, and other essential providers. Our approach to Medical Billing/Coding ,Revenue Cycle Management, and Reimbursement is comprehensive, practical and innovative. We leverage people, processes, information technology, and services to maximize the financial and operational performance, and ultimately the clinical performance, of our clients.
  4. 4. We ensure you assistance in your odds……..
  5. 5. To Help You be YOURSELF……..
  6. 6. Our Services Medical Billing Services Medical Coding Services Medical Claims Services Revenue Cycle Management Denials & A/R Management
  7. 7. Business Model Business Model Value Chain
  8. 8. Medical Billing Services
  9. 9. Medical Billing Services - Process Technomine
  10. 10. Complete Medical Billing Cycle Management
  11. 11. Accounts Receivable Management
  12. 12. Client Details Documentation Invoicing/Posting Process Gap Followup Lags Resolutions/Aging Challenges
  13. 13. Claim Lifecycle - Overview
  14. 14. Service Approach AR Denial Management Integrated AR Management
  15. 15. Accounts Receivable Redefined
  16. 16. Managed Revenue Cycle
  17. 17. Streamline your Operations and Workflow Cash flow increase Save on the high cost of equipment and software as rapidly changing technology translates into extra expenses Reduce staff size and employees expenses Eliminate sick pay, vacation pay, insurance benefits, workers compensation, etc. Eliminate training costs Reduce call volume Focus on patient care instead of billing No cash-flow interruptions due to staff turnover Reduce costs Eliminate “non-medical” business office space Reduce record storage space Receive detailed reports Eliminate provider/patient payment discussion What Difference We Create…..
  18. 18. Human Resources Quality Management , Audits And Reporting Infrastructure &Technology Excellence, Training, Process and Regulatory Compliance Management Experts Our Synergy Process Optimization and Business Intelligence
  19. 19. Our integrated back office solution provider Team consists of : A management and operations team with billing and coding expertise Practice Management Software Strong Audit and Control processes enforced by customized software Experienced and Certified Coders Adherence to Compliance and Regulations (HIPAA and Others) Insurance verification and pre-certification “Smart” payment posting techniques  Aggressive denial management Up to date and valid CPT, ICD, and HCPCS codes ensuring proper reimbursement This nullify the reason for delayed and denied Payments 24/7 Client Support Human Resource
  20. 20. INFRASTRUCTURE Technomine has a very well developed infrastructure. We leave no stone unturned and below are some salient features of our infrastructure which reflects our commitment to provide a seamless quality of service and provide a healthy working environment for our employees. •6000 sq. ft. of operational area •Certified as a zone 4 earthquake resistant office •Fire alarm and safety across the entire office •24 X 7 power supply with back up UPS and generators •100 Mbps intelligent network powered by Nortel Switch •Fiber optic based leased line for high speed internet connection •Recreation facilities •Separate dining area for the employees
  21. 21. SECURITY AND QUALITY Technomine is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We implement the latest and the best practice followed in the industry to provide a high quality of service and protect the interests of our clients. •Secure VPN protected by Sonic WALL TZ 210 firewall •Digital ID card for all employees to access the office premises •Restriction on the usage of personal devices (i.e. cell phones, PDAs, Tablets etc.) in the building •Restricted access of employees to servers •Separate area for visitors •Limited access of the internet to prevent unauthorized usage •Centrally managed anti-virus for data protection and theft •Passwords and access control across the organization •SSL protection of servers •File encryption to prevent data theft •Non Disclosure Agreement signed by every employee •Destruction or returning of all data (digital or physical) to the client upon request
  22. 22. Technomine Quality Monitoring Services  Technomine offers a complete end to end solution to help you develop the contact center and its quality monitoring service model for your organization  Quality Assurance is a must for measuring efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. We at Technomine assist companies in identifying opportunities and deriving actions to improve their processes, sales conversion and customer satisfaction.  We also provide intelligent data with the help of our Contact Center Quality Monitoring program that produces insight which will drive business improvements.  An effective quality assurance model and plan help us deliver better sales results, improve customer experience and also ensure all regulatory and compliance requirements defined by the clients are met consistently.  360 Degree Quality monitoring Services for Contact Centers and Captives (Quality monitoring of Inbound/Outbound interaction)  Voice  Web Interaction
  23. 23.  Transactional Monitoring & Teams compliance to GDS/CRM, sales, and service policies  Customer Service Improvisation  Customer Experience Survey scrub  Customized Agent level Coaching and Feedbacks  Market intelligence based on chats, calls and emails from customers  Process compliance audits  Sales Verification & Sentiment Analysis  TQMS online platform for quality monitoring and data analytics to ensure Real time Reports  Socially Enabled Center Technomine Quality Monitoring Services
  24. 24. QC •Interactions will be monitored by QCs •Direct feedback of each interaction will be sent to particular agent QA •Weekly interactions will be checked and analyzed by QA for the agents and team •Weekly/monthly generalized feedback will be sent to clients for the teams and agents ATA •Sample Interactions checked by QCs and QAs will be checked by ATAs to maintain QC’s Quality •All the analytical reports and disputes will be rechecked by ATAs and then only sent to Quality Leaders Quality Leaders •All the reports and analytics will be finally checked by Quality Leaders •Then Quality Leaders will send those reports, QBR and analytics to the end Clients Multi Layer QMS Integration
  25. 25. Quality Assurance and Six Sigma • Collection of data: Check and gather data from the outcome of implementation, whether it is helping clients to improve their customer satisfaction level • Evaluate and Review: Take the outcomes from the data and implement the positive one and work on the negative one in next planning • Develop and pilot plans: Training agents according to that SOPs and policies so that they follow it properly • Create possible solutions and selection of solution: Designing of the quality parameter, scorecard , SOPs, and policies Plan Do CheckAct
  26. 26. 2 3 4 5 6 1 Deep expertise and experience in serving the healthcare industry Passion for achieving the highest level of quality Broad understanding of clients’ long and short term goals Focus on building partner relationships Emphasis on ingenuity to achieve maximum cost savings Documented ability to deliver on time and according to specifications Differentiator
  27. 27. Our Global Memberships
  28. 28. LET’S PARTNER……………………..