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Sales force admin online training


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Sales force admin online training

  1. 1. United Global SoftCall : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) United Global Soft Call : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) Email :
  2. 2.  United Global Soft, We are into corporate trainings. With our Expertise, we are helping many professionals to groom themselves in their concerning areas so that they perform and will become a key resource to their company. We conduct Training Programs to skyrocket your career in IT Industry. Workshop will be conducted by the industry experts who worked across the globe to share their valuable experiences using real-time case studies, current industry technologies, tools, techniques, methodologies and models. United Global Soft Call : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) Email :
  3. 3. Course Content :SALES FORCE ADMIN Unlock the power of your Salesforce investment and develop knowledge and skills with Salesforce Training. Administration Essentials is the core training required to ensure your customer relationship management (CRM) success - and the first step in building your Salesforce knowledgebase. Knowledge is power. In this comprehensive, hands-on, four-day training program, you gain that power by learning and practicing how to set up, configure and maintain your Salesforce applications (Enterprise or Unlimited Edition) for optimal results.SALESFORCE ADMIN COURSE CONTENT Introduction to SalesForce Security and Identity Confirmation United Global Soft Call : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) Email :
  4. 4. Course Content : Salesforce CRM Ideas Customizing Your Display Customizing Salesforce CRM Ideas Enabling Custom Fiscal Years Managing Salesforce CRM Ideas Managing Email Templates Salesforce CRM Content Managing Record Types Uploading and Publishing Content Setting Field-Level Security Customizing Salesforce CRM Content Custom Field Types Custom Button Considerations Mapping Custom Lead Fields Managing Workflow Rules United Global Soft Call : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) Email :
  5. 5. Course Content : Labeling of a Standard Object About Archived ActivitiesUser Fields Defining Custom Report Types Transferring Records Setting Up Custom Report Types Setting Up Web-to-Lead Salesforce Connect for Microsoft Outlook Exporting Backup Data Installing Salesforce Offline Refreshing Dashboard Data Managing Your Developer Sandboxes Scheduling a Dashboard Refresh Development as a Service General Permissions Updating Campaign History Search Fields United Global Soft Call : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) Email :
  6. 6. Course Content : Defining Custom Report Types Displaying and Editing Campaigns Deleting Cases Categorizing Solutions Creating Custom Object Tabs Creating Events Creating Custom List Views Enabling Territory Management Google AdWords Creating and Modifying Presentations in Salesforce CRM Content United Global Soft Call : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) Email :
  7. 7. Our Training Features : Job oriented real time Training. Exercise Real time project explanation & Practical Training material provided (Soft copy also provided). Personal care for each Trainee. Resume preparation & Placement Assistance. Interview Preparation Tips & Sample Interview Questions. United Global Soft Call : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) Email :