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Ms sql online training

  1. 1. United Global SoftCall : +91 8099902123(IND)+1-201-710-8393(USA)United Global SoftCall : +91 8099902123(IND)+1-201-710-8393(USA)Email :
  2. 2.  United Global Soft, We are into corporate trainings. Withour Expertise, we are helping many professionals togroom themselves in their concerning areas so that theyperform and will become a key resource to theircompany. We conduct Training Programs to skyrocketyour career in IT Industry. Workshop will be conductedby the industry experts who worked across the globe toshare their valuable experiences using real-time casestudies, current industry technologies, tools,techniques, methodologies and models.United Global SoftCall : +91 8099902123(IND)+1-201-710-8393(USA)Email :
  3. 3. Course Content :INTRODUCTION: What is Teradata? Teradatav12 & versions Other versions Overview OF Teradata Teradata warehouse Teradata in the Enterprise Teradata Users & Scalability interview Q&A and Certification queriesTERADATA ARCHITECTURE AND COMPONENTS: Teradata Architecture SMP Architecture MPP ArchitectureUnited Global Soft Call: +91 8099902123(IND)+1-201-710-8393(USA)Email :
  4. 4. Course Content : AMP(Access Module Processing) TDP(Teradata Directory Program) CLI(Call Level Interface) TPA(Trusted Parallel Application) Parallelism Architecture Benefits and TypesDATA RECOVERY AND SECURITY: Why for locks & how to release Various locks for simultaneous access RAID1 & RAID5 Disk Arrays Fall Back CliqueUnited Global SoftCall : +91 8099902123(IND)+1-201-710-8393(USA)Email :
  5. 5. Course Content : AMP Clustering Types OF Journals Recovery Journal Trasient Journal Permanent Journal Before Journal After Journal How & where is used journals Answering various recovery questionsTERADATA INDEXES: Primary Index Unique Non unique PartitionedUnited Global SoftCall : +91 8099902123(IND)+1-201-710-8393(USA)Email :
  6. 6. Course Content : Secondary Index Unique NonUnique Hash, Join, Value Ordered Skewness Secondary Index Sub table Accessing Records via Primary Index Accessing records via Secondary Index Keys Vs Indexes Full Real time scenarios and explaining TERADATA SQL REFERENCE: SQL Fundamentals Data Types and LiteralsUnited Global SoftCall : +91 8099902123(IND)+1-201-710-8393(USA)Email :
  7. 7. Course Content : Data Definition Statements(DDL) Data Manipulation Statements(DML) Explaining with proper examplesTERADATA FUNCTIONS AND OPERATORS: String Functions Format Function Cast Functions Group & Aggregate Functions With & with by clauses Practices of this sectionTERADATA TRANSACTIONSIMPLICIT TRANSACTIONUnited Global SoftCall : +91 8099902123(IND)+1-201-710-8393(USA)Email :
  8. 8. Course Content :EXPLICIT TRANSACTION Performance Tuning and Explain Utility Explain Usage Collecting Statistics Tuning SQL Performance Usage of PMON Explaining various SQL statements Joins and Unions Inner Join Left Outer Join Right Outer JoinUnited Global SoftCall : +91 8099902123(IND)+1-201-710-8393(USA)Email :
  9. 9. Course Content : Full Outer Join Detailed explanation Join Strategies Product Join Merge Join Hash Join Nested Join Questions of this sectionTERADATA BASIC COMMAN: HELP SHOW EXPLAIN COLLECT STATISTICSUnited Global SoftCall : +91 8099902123(IND)+1-201-710-8393(USA)Email :
  10. 10. Course Content :TERADATA OBJECTS: Tables SET table Multi Set table Volatile tables Global Temporary tables Derived tables Views Macros Stored Procedures Triggers Practices and FAQs of this sessionTERADATA SPACES: PERM space SPOOL spaceUnited Global SoftCall : +91 8099902123(IND)+1-201-710-8393(USA)Email :
  11. 11. Course Content : TEMPORARY space Teradata User and managing Practical ExamplesTERADATA TRANSACTION MODES: BTET ANSI Interactive BatchTERADATA SQL ASSISTANT(QUERYMAN): Teradata Performance Monitor Teradata BTEQ Batch Scripts with samples Branching and Looping Importing data through scripts Exporting data through scripts Error handlingUnited Global SoftCall : +91 8099902123(IND)+1-201-710-8393(USA)Email :
  12. 12. Course Content : Explanation with proper debugging Teradata Fast Load Various Phases of Fast Load Advantages and Process Limitations of Fast Load Sample ScriptsREAL TIME ISSUES AND RESOLVING IT: Teradata Multi Load Various Phases of Multi Load Limitations of Multi Load Working with multiple tables Applying various operations Sample ScriptsUnited Global SoftCall : +91 8099902123(IND)+1-201-710-8393(USA)Email :
  13. 13. Course Content :REAL TIME ISSUES AND SOLVING IT: Teradata Parallel Data Pump Limitations of TPump Overview of TPump Sample Scripts Teradata Fast Export Exporting Data Passing Parameters OUTMODS Sample Scripts Utility Vs ParallelismUnited Global SoftCall : +91 8099902123(IND)+1-201-710-8393(USA)Email :
  14. 14. Our Training Features : Job oriented real time Training. Exercise Real time project explanation & Practical Training material provided (Soft copy also provided). Personal care for each Trainee. Resume preparation & Placement Assistance. Interview Preparation Tips & Sample Interview Questions.United Global SoftCall : +91 8099902123(IND)+1-201-710-8393(USA)Email :