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EPF Calculator, a complete remedy for all your queries and stress in your Employee PF management. Itsan open source software developed with Latest technology. With EPF calculator, you need not worry about EPF rules and procedures or calculation errors ever again! It computes the provident funds of all the employees in your organization.

Generate member wise information and reports in a single click. We provide exceptional quality assurance in PF calculations. It facilitates PF calculation very simple and this will allow user to reap the benefit of time and cost. It provides easy entry of data with quick generation of reports. Hence, anyone can use it for their own purposes, without legal hassles, as spread free software. By entering the establishment and employee details the software will calculate the provident fund contributions correctly as per EPFO rules and will generate the annual and monthly return forms as per your requirements

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Epf calculator

  1. 1. EPF CALCULATOR - OVERVIEW  Now a days all establishments does the PF calculations manually and  the ignorance in the procedures had brought a lot of errors in the PF submissions  At present there is no such a single complete software for PF calculations, So hereby we are presenting our new spread free software EPF Calculator  Its  First time in India  introducing  a complete EPF management Open source software.   We don't have any financial benefit from this and we are looking forward on social benefits.
  2. 2. EPF CALCULATOR - OVERVIEW  User can generate all important PF Forms including annual and monthly returns from EPF Calculator and also can generate their reports  User can change settings according to the EPFO rules  EPF Calculator is simple and a complete user friendly Software  EPF Calculator has been developed by a group of trainees in Cybrosys Technologies, using user’s observation over a period of time in the various situations. EPF Calculator follows the complete concept of open source
  3. 3. WHY WE PREFER EPF CALCULATOR ?  We found that manual PF submissions has a lot of error’s due to ignorance in PF procedures  According to an establishment PF management is more time consuming and it requires more man power for PF submission perfectly  EPF Calculator is entirely new and flashing way of solving Employee PF tedious work
  4. 4. FEATURES OF EPF CALCULATOR  We provide exceptional quality assurance in PF calculations.  It is designed in a way to use all over in India  Once EPF Calculator is installed, it is simple even for non-technical users to use.  It facilitates PF calculation very simple and this will allow user to reap the benefit of time and cost.
  5. 5. FEATURES OF EPF CALCULATOR   Simple PF  Calculations for multiple companies   Display details of any financial year   Generate all PF  Forms for  monthly and annual submission   View details of employees who are leaving   Employee nomination details  Calculate PF for direct, contract or international employees   Assign user privilege settings to users  Take backups of filled data and restore it in the event of data corruption
  6. 6. EPF CALCULATOR ENABLING EASY ENTRY OF DATA  Easy to calculate  User friendly  Easy entry of data  Entry within a single step
  7. 7. FORMS GENERATED BY EPF CALCULATOR  FORM 12 A Details of amounts recovered from the employees and the employer’s contribution towards the Provident Fund  FORM 5 Information about the newly enrolled employees  FORM 10 Details of employees moving out of the organization during the month  CHALLAN Challan in triplicate as a proof of the money being deposited in the bank as a remittance to the Provident Fund office
  8. 8. FORMS GENERATED BY EPF CALCULATOR  FORM 2 (revised) A nomination form  FORM 3A Projected yearly details of wages and deductions from the employees towards the Provident Fund  FORM 6A Actual deductions from employees yearly statement  FORM 5A Change in owner ship of the organization
  9. 9. FORMS GENERATED BY EPF CALCULATOR  FORM 13 To Transfer the Provident Fund from one employer to another  FORM 19 For the purpose of final settlement against the Provident Fund account  FORM 10C For the purpose of claiming withdrawal benefit or scheme certificate.  BREAK CERTIFICATE For the purpose of calculating the service of an employee for pension scheme.
  10. 10. FORMS GENERATED BY EPF CALCULATOR  INTERNATIONAL WORKER RETURN Details of international employees in an establishment  MEMBERS OF 58 YEARS Details of employee who passed 58 years of age in an establishment  DISABLED WORKER RETURN Details of disabled employees in an establishment  MEMBERS CONTRIBUTING ON HIGHERWAGES • Contributing more in EPF members • Contributing more in EPS members • Contributing more both in EPF and EPS members
  11. 11. DEVELOPED BY We, a group of  trainees named Mohammed Shahid, Prajil, Anoop, Mohammed Roufal, Megha, Sameena and Fousiya with Nidhin of Cybrosys Technologies, thought of establishing an open source software. As a result of our case study we came to know that there is no yet another beneficial software for calculating provident fund in India. It is very difficult for the establishment of provident fund calculation. Then we went to Provident fund Office and met authorities and with their valuable advices we build PF software and titled it as EPF Calculator. Our website : www.epfcalculator.com
  12. 12. CONTACT US Cybrosys Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Neospace, Kinfra Techno Park, Kakkancherry, Chelembra P.O, Kerala,India-673634 Ph : +91 494 3015006 E-mail : info@cybrosys.com www.cybrosys.com