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Decorating Ideas for Dining Room Ceiling


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Decorating Ideas for Dining Room ceiling from Newmat

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Decorating Ideas for Dining Room Ceiling

  1. 1. Decorating Ideas forDining Room ceilingCeiling Technology at Its Best
  2. 2. Dining room ceiling completely alter overall look of yourdining room. Newmat Ceiling Designs and color patternscan be the feature of your dining room. We have a hugecollection of stretch ceiling design ideas that may help youto design your room and also you can add more elegance toyour dining room.
  3. 3. POP CeilingPOP Ceiling (Plaster of Paris ceiling) designs can beapplied onhomes, offices, restaurants, hotels, malls, hospitals – inshort they are suited to all building types. Theadvantage of POP ceiling is that, they can be easilymolded into any custom shape
  4. 4. Tray CeilingTray ceiling with medallions add an elegant look toyour dining room.
  5. 5. Coffered CeilingCoffered ceilings add traditional or contemporarylook to your room. It combines the best of customdesign and make the ceiling more stylish.
  6. 6. Dome CeilingDome Ceiling is a great alternative to any room.These ceiling domes made of fiberglass, gypsumand polyurethane as well as ceiling medallions.
  7. 7. Wood Plank CeilingWood Plank Ceiling design provide a warm look toyour ceiling. Wood ceiling also gives the right kind ofrichness to your room.
  8. 8. False Ceiling DesignFalse Ceilings are more suitable for dining room. It isthe most suitable option for decorating dining roomwhere most vistors viewed. False ceilings aredurable, beautiful and clean ceilings.
  9. 9. Newmat offer a number of design possibilities fromcreating added visual interest to the ceiling to uniqueinterior and exterior flourishes
  10. 10. NEWMAT INDIA Ceiling Technology at Its Best